A reading on what will Comey say about President Trump tomorrow


So, I was curious to see what Mr. Comey is going to say about President Trump in tomorrows hearings. I pulled 3 cards and this is what I got:

Q: What will Mr. Comey have to say about President Trump tomorrow at the hearings?


The Bear/Snake combination seems to indicate some financial problems
The Snake/Fox combinations would also point to some dishonesty here being pulled off by the fox, (a really slick and smooth person who will be dishonest to get what they want)
The Bear/Fox combination would point to some sly dealings and dishonesty with finances.

So, I think the 3 cards together are saying that Mr. Comey will be saying that President Trump is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes and is as dishonest as they come about his finances. Now, while it doesn't prove yet any dealings with the Russian government, its also very interesting that the Bear is a symbol of Russia and so with THAT in mind, I can even see where it would be that:

The Bear/Snake combination is the Russian governement helping President Trump out financially through dishonest means.

The Snake/Fox combination is that they (The Russians & Pres. Trump) think they are doing this rather well and will get away with it. Out foxing the U.S.

The Bear/Fox combination is that maybe, just maybe the Russians are outfoxing the fox! (Donald Trump).

What do you think?


Lol looks like our mind was on the same wave length. I just did a huge gt layout to look at the court case between Trump and Comey.

I'll be back to give my view on the cards you pulled.


oh good, and thank you, CB! :thumbsup:

I'll go and read yours in a bit. I did do a G.T. for Donald Trump and it doesn't look good for him, unless I am reading more into the cards I laid out and the way I WANT to see it. time will tell. I will have to post that here too perhaps. :)



Bear can mean bully and can mean boss

snake is deceit, lying, problems, (snake in the grass)

Fox and snake is a blah combination....this fox is not doing trickery for any good reason. Sometimes the fox does what it has to to protect and feed the family. So fox is not always bad...but with snake near by....I think this fox is a trick for no other reason than to deceive.

Boss - problem - worker

maybe this is all he has to say....there was a problem working for this leader.

36 = cross
cross is burdens and hardships.


Q: What will Mr. Comey have to say about President Trump tomorrow at the hearings?

I would say that Mr Comey is in a strong position (Bear) to do a lot of damage and embarrassing revelations (Snake + Fox) šŸ˜ˆ


Thank you, CB and Decan for your posts. Yes, Bear can indicate boss, and bully too. I am glad, CB you added the cards up and I also agree that the cross doesn't seem to help D.T. any here.

Decan, if Mr. Comey is represented by the Bear (and I can see that he would be, yes), he will be doing a lot of damage, yes.

They are already talking about it and the hearing has yet to really begin, on the news and I have to get showered and dressed yet. I won't have time to sit and watch it all day, sadly--but I am hoping to catch a few snippets from the trial and I will definitely be glued to the news tonight to learn all that we can about it.

thank you again for your thoughts, anyone else?