A relationship spread?


I just wanted to get some thoughts on a relationship spread that someone showed me resently. It is a PPF with one card above to signify the thoughts and feelings of the other person to the querie, and one card below to signify the thoughts and feelings of the querie to the other person. I had never seen it before (and I must be really out of the loop 'cause the person who showed it to me was like "DUH!") Any one have any thoughts on using this spread?


A relationship is a very complex and multi-layered thing. As such, three cards just aren't enough, IMHO.


In one of my books I have a relationship spread that uses 15 cards, I haven't used it yet :)


I agree with arizonagirl and EveAnna. A relationship spread that simple likely wouldn't be enough. Having said that, the Osho Zen Tarot book has an even shorter one. Just four cards:

1 2
3 4
1: you and what you are contributing to the relationship
2. The other person, and what s/he is contributing
3. the composite energies, and
4. The insight.

I have used it a couple of times, but I cannot say that i got a whole lot out of it.
Sorry, I am actually trying to be helpful here. :)


I have been known to use that 4 card spread, but I find I can get more from a celtic cross.


I use a 7 card spread for these things. sorta a combo 3 card for each person/cause-effect of the energies coming together.

1 2
5 6

cards 1-3 = person #1, and where they are at
cards 4-6= person #2, and their current stuff
card 7= final outcome, what effect would the energies have of joining the two together

hope this helps!
blessed be,


I have always used what is known by me as the Kiss Spread, cuz it is shaped like a kiss....

Card 1 is a significator, sometimes chosen by the person, sometimes by the deck...


It is useful when asking about a specific relationship. Card two is the querents past love life, card three their present, card 4, their future, card 4, how they see their lover, and card 5 is how the lover ses them. Card 6 is the outcome.

Fairly base and simple, but works.




I prefer using the "H" spread


cards 1 and 2 are the past, cards 3 and 4 are the present, cards 5 and 6 are the future and card 7 is what holds the couple together.


The following spread I have used for others and myself:


1, 3 & 5 signify the querant
2, 4 & 6 signify the partner
1 & 2: the respective position in the relation as it is at the moment
3 & 4: What can be learned/achieved in the relationship
5 & 6: Possibilities for improovement and growth
7: outcome in present situation

This spread should work for all kinds of relationships... from professional to very personal.

But the one time I wanted to use this spreak for my relationship with the person who I now may call my lover, I was surprised with a quartet of falling cards that made reading the spread a little redundant.

Hope this may be useful.


The relationship spread I use is this one:


1 is how querent views partner. 2 is how partner views querent. 3 is how querent views relationship (where it's at, where it's going, good/bad in it). 4 is how partner views relationship. 5 is what they BOTH need to know (an objective truth) in order for things to work--usually it's something they both don't know, or only one knows (like, they've got to start listening to each other more, something like that).