A spread for recurring cards


Over the past week or so, I have had a couple of cards - the Empress and the Five of Pentacles - making repeat appearances in my readings, in both positive and negative positions. So, I decided to make a little spread to look at why these cards have been appearing so regularly, and how I can best make use of their energies in my life.


1. Why has this card appeared?
2. Where has it manifested in my life?
3. Where is its energy lacking?
4. What lesson does it wish to teach me?
5. What actions can I take to resolve this card's message and balance its energy in my life?

If you wish, you can place the recurring card in the centre of the spread to further focus its energy.

Let me know if you have any suggestions! I'd love to see if anyone tries it :)


This one looks great. Thank you astronautica. (I´ll probably add this to the index later.)
I´ve seen the Temperance a lot lately so I will try this spread soon to find out why.

There are a few more spreads for recurring cards in an old thread HERE in our Tarot Spreads Index (in Decks and Techniques).


I've just tried it - very illuminating! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for trying this dancing_moon, and I hope you have some success with it, Hemera! And thank you for the links - I have used that spread before to some success, but quite often I find my readings a little more specific/ clearer if I put my own turn-of-phrase on my spreads ;) I'm hoping it addresses a slightly different focus just to add a little variation :)


I just tried it and got some very interesting and appropriate responses about a personal situation from the cards. Can't wait to do a reading using this spread for someone else!

Thank you for sharing this!


I've tried this a few times now. Great spread, answers I got were straightforward and relevant :)


Thank you for sharing this spread! I can't wait to go home and try as I've been haunted this past week with the same card day in and day out. I'll let you know how it goes!