a spread for whether to buy a deck


Decision spreads that treat it as a yes/no question don't work well for me - yes/no questions don't work for me. I also have trouble with those of a mirror structure, half the spread for one option and half for the other, both halves addressing the same factors. The crossroads approach.

For whether-or-not questions, until now I have used something like a past-present-future spread, but often find the readinds confusing. These have three cards and may:

(A) look at the purchase as an action (which may or may not be taken):
1. thoughts around buying (before I buy);
2. energies around making the purchase;
3. feelings after it becomes mine.

(B) look at the decision itself:
1. factors affecting the decision (before the decision's made);
2. the making of the decision;
3. after I've decided.

As I say, so far I hadn't found a satisfactory way of asking the cards when I'm torn over whether to do something or not. If I have someone else read for me, they do a yes/no, either/or thing and (for me) that's no better. But today I thought of a new way.

I've been debating whether I can justify a particular new deck. I'm not a collector and I have a few decks already, two or three that I'm comfortable using for any question. I don't "need" another. But I was drawn to this one from the first and the feeling hasn't worn off. I can afford it, especially as I have a 25% off code. My fear of being greedy, or wasting the money on something I fall out of love with too soon, is balanced by understanding that a little waste, a little luxury, should be allowed to everyone... including me. Here's the spread that finally came out of this dilemma. (You can see this spread is of kind (A).)


Four cards in a row: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
1. What the deck represents to you before buying it; what the decision process is doing to you; this card sums up where you're at now.
2. Feelings about it when it's brand new.
3. Feelings about it after it has become familiar.
4. Feelings about the purchase when it's well in the past = what hindsight will say; your higher self already knows this.

Alternatively the cards could be placed in a circle:
- - 4 - -
3 - - - 1
- - 2 - -

(I'm seeing the compass points:
1. East, Air, thoughts;
2. South, Fire, beginning;
3. West, Water, feeling at home with it;
4. North, Earth, history.
You could add a card in the centre as position 5 or 0: the decision itself, or the deck, or your own significator if you use significators.)

In essence, I suppose this is in fact a relationship spread...
1. What the person stands for in your mind, where you're at now.
2. A he relationship's beginning.
3. The long-term relationship.
4. Hindsight's wisdom.

The first reading I did with this spread seemed to give me a loud YES!
4 of Cups - Knight of Pentacles - 2 of Cups - 8 of Pentacles
and the Empress on the base of the deck. :D


Thanks MandMaud. I like this spread and I´ll have to try this out next weekend.
Although I´d use it for other questions than buying a deck because for that question my standard answer is always YES }) :D


Thanks MandMaud. I like this spread and I´ll have to try this out next weekend.
Although I´d use it for other questions than buying a deck because for that question my standard answer is always YES }) :D

Heh heh heh. :D

Funny that everything I find myself thinking about, I end up thinking "You'd word it the same if you were talking about a relationship..." whether it's a purchase, a job, how to decorate a room...


What a cool spread! I think I'll have to use it, my wishlist is getting too long >_< I like the circle and the explanation, very well thought!

The wording... well, in the end you're evaluating time vs. interest, it can affect a lot of our daily struggles :)


@ Hemera. If you try it out, tell me if it helps!

@ saricchella :) yes, I hate that thing where you "must" have, and afterwards when you do have, you feel meh. It's hard to feel for the afterwards feeling, before the event - that's what I was trying to get to with this.

Essence of Winter

Trying the spread and seeing how it goes could be a good excuse to buy a new deck :)