A spread with all 78 cards


In the old days when Aeclectic had the former server, someone mentioned a spread in which one could use all 78 cards. ???

I'd be curios to know something more!
It was somethinig like, Rabduele Wheel... BO!?

THANX in anticipation!


There is a spread which uses all 78 cards in the book "tarot made easy" (sorry, the author's name escapes me).

I did a search on google, and there is a website which has a 78 card spread based on the tree of life.


I'm sure if you searched a bit harder than I did you could find others too.



shoot. I too remember a 78 card spread. one that involved lining all cards up in two upside down u's. one u inside the other.

i remember that me and a boyfriend attempted this spread. i say attempted because it was gonna take 2 hours just to get the cards layed out in order and another 12 to decipher the cards and their interconnections.

i know the book only recommended querents doing this once in their lifetime but for the life of me i cannot remember what the book's name was.

good luck...


Well, I really didn't think of searching the Web... what an idiot!

Thanks for the input!


Hi there,

Rachel Pollack explains a tree of life spread which involves all 78 cards in "78 Degrees of Wisdom". It sounds like a fantastic spread but she only explains it briefly and I think you have to be really experienced to attempt it. Maybe it's worth trying.