A strange dream


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I had a a very strange dream this morning. It started off as a typical zombie apocalypse people biting people, the people that were bitten turning into zombies, attacking more people, you know how it goes.

I discovered that there was a group of people but it started the entire thing, and also had the ability to fix it, the cure. So I went out to find them and put a stop to it. The place that I traced them to was huge fortress. I fought with them, but was easily overwhelmed, they not something that could be defeated alone.

So I ran, I ran until I was exhausted. I ended up near a house in the country that seemed familiar to me. I entered the house, found a quiet safe spot and say down to rest. I was so tired from trying to fight against such a powerful force, I did not notice the zombie until it was too late.

She bit me, on my index finger, a light bite, she did not rip or tear at my finger, just hard enough to draw blood. I broke free and ran, searching for something to use as a weapon. I could tell there were zombies all around this house and the surrounding area.

I found 2 weapon, a light blue and white katana that I personally own irl, and a katana in a wooden case painted black. I grabbed both and set out to eliminate all the zombies. Try to acomplish something good before I turn.

I cut down the first few zombies with ease. Then, it got harder, the zombies wer'nt going down in single strikes, some would not go down at all no matter how many strikes.

Right when I I was about to be overwhelmed, I felt a hand grab me and pull me out of danger. I remember being led by someone I couldn't quite make out in the darkness. They led me to an open field nearby and the moonlight shone upon them.

It was a young woman, fairly short dark hair, eyes full of life. She reassures me that we are safe for now, and after talking for a bit (I don't remember what about, sorry) I gave her the katana with the black case.

We could see a huge horde of zombies headed our way, so we made our way back into the house. After a little bit of intense fighting, I noticed the feeling around the house was completely different from before. It didn't seem like the zombies were actually after earth anymore.

The girl and I found a safe place to rest. It was here that I decided to tell her that I had already been bitten. When I told her, she turned to me, smiled, and said, I know I'm the one that bit you.

She went on to explain that something is completely change when she bit me, she filled all of her senses returning, she felt human again, and for some reason it was spreading to all the other zombies. They were waking up.

The zombies were all returning to human or something close anyways. After peace was settled in the house a truck came up the driveway. Out of the truck step to good friend of mine, loyal, if a little bit hot headed. He berated me for running off on my own, and after I explained the situation and everything that had happened, the girl gave him the katana that I had given her. She said that she would remain behind, and make sure that we had a safe place to come back to. My friend and I set how to fix everything.

And that is all I remember, sorry if it is too long. Does anyone have any insights as to what this dream could mean, or was it just a random action sequence dream?


Wow what a very cool dream.

My sense is that it speaks to laying down your sword (metaphorically) and using other tools within you to approach problems.

You gave up your katana to her -- your physical power in overcoming the problem -- but what "cured" her came from within you, which you gave unknowingly. It came simply from who you are, within.

This dream has the roots of a classic hero's journey, the call to arms, running away, meeting a teacher, giving up something of great value, self-discovery, homecoming. Fascinating.


I don't really feel like much of a hero in that story. I was driven by fear for survival for most of it, and when I first tried to stop things it wasn't to help anyone, it was because I believed I was the only one who could stop it, my pride.

I really like your interpretation, but a little bit of feedback, I had 2 katana, I didn't mention the first one much because I carried it with me, the katana I gave to her was the second one.


I was referring to the literary structure of a hero's journey portrayed in the dream, which is interesting. By the way, in literature, heros never feel like heros. They are almost always driven by dire necessity, fear, calamity. But that was an aside (it's interesting to see this classic literary structure in the subconscious).

What do you make of the dream? Do you think that surrendering your sword, and curing the young woman by what is within you, rather than by force, has any correspondence to your waking life?


Recently i've been trying to figure out some personal issues, things that i have been running away from. I have tried to figure things out on my own, but it hasn't worked out. Why i surrendered my sword, i dont know, but curing her from what is inside? That reminds me of what people tell me, that i bring happiness to those around me, even without doing anything. Which is something that confuses me to no end. Shouldn't i have to be doing something to have a positive effect on people?

Upon reflection, maybe the zombies, the entire state of the dream is the state that i have been in the last few months, or even years. Meeting her, curing her, has started a chain reaction. My world is being reborn. Though, i have no idea whether she is someone i know, or will meet, or if she is an aspect of myself.


You are probably "doing something" that seems so natural to you that it doesn't seem like you are doing anything, i.e. a positive, kind attitude, being empathetic, etc.

Zombies may be a metaphor for the personal issues you've been trying to figure out.

It's interesting that you mention running away from these personal issues irl. You've tried to work them out alone, unsuccessfully.

In the dream, when you first tried to overcome the zombies with force/on your own -- thinking in your pride that only you could stop them -- you were unable to do so and ran away.

When you were so exhausted from fighting/running that you couldn't run any more, you (unwittingly) faced the problem, faced it so head-on that it literally bit you.

When I first read through the dream, I missed that you had 2 katanas and gave her one. That's interesting. When you fought together, you were more successful together against the zombies than you had been alone. This helped but did not resolve the problem.

Then, having developed some trust with her, you decided to come clean and tell her you were bitten. Only when you stopped fighting and started opening up did you find the solution to the problem -- it was already within you.

Very much like Dorothy having the power to get back to Kansas all along.


Sorry for not getting back to you, your last interpretation was really good. i would like to go more into that one but i have to share a new one i just had.

I had driven myself to an old restaurant in my home town, one that i had never liked when growing up. I parked, went inside, and sat down to eat. There were several people there, most of them had little oddities, some spoke in weird ways, or focused too much on one thing. I ignored them for the most part, and went about eating. Then i noticed someone i recognized, Robin Williams, he walked up to me, sat down in front of me, and began to talk to me. We had such good light hearted conversation, he made jokes and we laughed, like old friends.

After spending a fair amount of time talking about all the little things, he asked me if i would come with him to another place (another restaurant i think). I said yes, and he and i hopped on a bus, leaving my car at that first restaurant. When we got to the new restaurant, he sat across from me, at a table with other people, and asked me, "so, whats bothering you?". I told him that i didnt feel comfortable talking about it in front of all these people. he replied with a smile on his face, "then speak softly, im the only one that will be able to hear you." So i started to explain everything that i have been dealing with, all of my personal problems and issues, and before i could get even a fraction into it, he handed me a note.

Disclaimer, this is not what the note said, this is all i can remember about what the note said, the actual not was much more beautiful and elegant.

How noble is the music, it show the deepest parts of someones soul and lights the world with boundless joy. Although music was never a huge area of study for me, i know that like life, it has its ups and downs, sudden changes, and off key moments, but one thing i know for a fact, is that every decrescendo, will be followed by a crescendo. It is because of the extremes of the low soft times and the really high loud that the true beauty of life is allowed to shine forth.

I looked up, from the note, tears in my eyes, and Robin Williams had a huge smile on his face, with eyes that said everything is ok. I woke up crying.

sorry, i ended that abruptly. There is more to the dream, more happened before that scene, but i dont remember it well enough to write it down. The meaning of this one may be very straightforward, but i felt like i should share it here.


Maybe the first restaurant is this forum... we all certainly have our different quirks and oddities!

The theme in these two dreams seems to be the difficulties you have been trying to work through on your own, and the issue of reaching out. Perhaps reaching out here on AT is "in front of all these people" and the second restaurant could be the second dream you are posting about.

Either way, you received a very lovely and clear message in that note.


Another dream, longer one this time

This is a dream that i had this morning, and i seem to be unable to get it out of my head. its a pretty long one though.

I was asleep, i woke up to some noise, what seemed like people talking, groggy, i tried to figure out where it was coming from. i started to hear my friends and roommates badmouthing and insulting me in the next room. they thought i was asleep so they came over to my room, talking in whispers, and started setting up pranks on me. they clipped my pants legs together, put disgusting things in my bed next to me, and many other things. i sat up and yelled at them, telling them to leave me alone, they were surprised that i was awake so they all left. i pulled the blanket over my head so i could go back to sleep, then one of them returned. He dumped a large glass of water over my head. i bolted up in rage, and the next think i remember i was running through a giant exquisite house.

Deep in the house i ran into someone who noticed me running in my upset state, they followed me, asking what was wrong, but i kept running. when i got to what seemed like a dead end, i turned around and punched the wall. One of the people from the beginning scene found me, and started spouting fake apologies and acting worried. i could not take it anymore, so i ran out a door that had appeared.

I ended up on a pier with 2 giant multi-deck ferries docked. the pier was filled with people of all different types of people, most were disembarking, looking at the surrounding sights. i ran along the pier as far as i could. the false friend had followed me, and when i stopped, started trying to convince me to come back. then a small group of people came and drove him off. they left before i could say anything. soon after, an older woman with a familiar face walked up to me, she told me she had sent the people to drive him away, i thanked her, but she just smiled and walked off.

The next thing i remember is getting on one of the ferries. i made my way to the topmost deck on the ferry, at the front of the ship. There, i realized it was moving, leaving, and i needed off. i ran across the top of the deck to the back end of the ship, and jumped off. The ocean a deep blue beneath me, the shore an amazing backdrop, it was beautiful.

I don't remember if i started flying or falling. i woke up.