A Three Magus Card Question


Those of you with the three magus cards--how do you use them? Do you have one all-time favorite? Do you alternate? Do you keep them in your deck as extra cards? Stash two of them them away? Just curious...


When that deck first came out back around 1983, there was a statement with it saying that all three Magus cards weren't intended to be used in the same reading. The extra cards were simply art "perks" deriving from the fact that a standard printer's sheet held 40 cards, so every print run had two extra cards per deck, often used for advertising. The publisher wanted to give the buyer a nice glimpse at the other options developed by Harris and Crowley for the Magus card. Looking at them with a critical eye, its easy to see why they didn't make the final cut. Personally, I stick with the original, artistically superior, Magus and leave the alternates in the box.


Interesting. Thanks, Barleywine. I have the big green box deck and, alas, just one magus. But reading through the recent discussion on the best Thoth deck got me thinking about those two extra guys.


Like Barleywine, I use the Magus that is the strongest because it resembles Giambologna's famous Mercury. The others were not intended for use and there is no need for 3 magi.


I use the two extra ones as bookmarks for Crowley books.

And I agree with Barleywine. The two others aren't correct not only artistically but Thelemically as well. Some hint of why can be found in the Crowley/Harris letters which are available for free online.


I use the two extra ones as bookmarks for Crowley books.
Same here. I respect them for what they are, but I don't use them for readings.