About the Fey


I was wondering (and once again apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place) Does anyone use thier Fey Tarot reversed?
From what I was reading in the lil' booklet It says that the emotions are projected through their body language and the things they are doing within the card. So I would have thought that you most probably wouldn't reverse them.

Wumpkie xXx


Hello wumpkie,

I'll move this to the Tarot Decks forum as you are specifically asking about the Fey deck. Meanwhile though, you may like to browse through the Fey Study Group threads. I couldn't see anything specific to reversals though.



Hi wumpkie, I do use reversals with this deck. When reversed the orientation of the picture changes and provides me with details I might have missed if the card were right-side-up.

The use of reversals is a personal choice. If you would rather not use reversals then don't. The body language and imagery in this deck is very good, so if I were you I simply go with what is most comfortable to you.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no

For me it depends upon the nature of the question asked. If the question is about interrelationships, deceit, and soap-opera type situations, then I use reversals. If the question is about a decision to make, a path that can be taken, a matter of personal growth, etc. then I forget about reversals. Dave