Ace of Pentacles


Cool, peaceful and lush is how I would describe the garden in the "Ace of Pentacles" card. One can almost smell the damp, fertile earth that is the bed of such green abundance and perhaps even feel the presence of the faeries and creatures who live there. I was delighted to read in Robin's book that wisteria (yellow, no less!) dripped from the branches...a favorite of mine...and I'm not surprised this plant respresents "joy and beauty." As Robin also mentioned, gardens like this just don't happen and do need to be lovingly tended. However, in my opinion, the best gardens LOOK a wee bit mysterious, as if Mother Nature took care of the orchestration herself, and this garden has that feel to me.

Being an ace, this is a card that speaks to me of beginnings. Being pentacles, it's a card that could involve the body, the earth and all it stands for and even might suggest money or luck. When I see this card, I usually contemplate just what might be or will be at the beginning stage(s) in the querant's or my own life...could be just about anything given the suit of pentacles...from the early seeds of a business venture; to starting a cause to clean up the environment; to planting a new garden bed; to beginning a personal exercise/health regimen; to embarking on a new study path; etc. No matter what, the HUGE pentacle can't be missed in this card...reminding me, as Robin so aptly wrote, "...that all things should be in balance, with spirit above the other elements" order to insure that what we start will flourish and not fail.

I particularly like the plain pedestal, at the far end of the garden's path. It's there just waiting for us to put what we'd like to see on it. I appreciate how Robin leaves that up to us. It could be something we honor and revere; it might be something we need or hanker for; it might be an offering of thanks; etc. One can look at this beautifully drawn card, with its gorgeous coloring, and see a wealth of positive possibilities, fueled by our own imagination and set in motion by our gentle determination.