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Hi everyone,
I'm still new to this deck and could use your help on the ace of swrods card.
If one of you could PM me, or describe to me the image of this card i'd welcome t hat.
Then I can give my interpretation of this card.
All the best,
Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

I can help you with the Ace of Swords as I have it in my hand!

The card depicts a night time scene where dawn is just breaking. There are mountains in the distance of the card and a bird flying in the distance, it is a hawk. In the foreground of the picture are a couple of slender birch trees, one just coming into view on the left hand side.

The scene is dominated by a large greeny blue lake that is wide at the immediate viewpoint and tapers off into the distance. Coming straight of the lake near to us is an arm (in a straight position) with a sword being held aloft in its hand. The lake is very still apart from where the the arm and sword are emerging, this is surrounded by ripples. There are droplets coming off the sword hilt and the breaking dawn is reflecting in the very tip of the sword.

The whole card has a very cool green feel and it feels very King Arthur (if this makes any sense!).

I will describe some more for you tomorrow as its very late here and I have to be up for work tomorrow!


ace of swords

Hi there,
Thanks for the description. I'd say this reflects clarity and new ideas coming into view as well as being able to reach to something wonderful. It to me, signifies that we sould let our ideas and spiritual messages come into view as we progress thorughout life. So having peace of mind is essencial.
All the best,


Mm. I agree! Can you imagine if hands were popping up *everywhere*? It would be so hard to tell which ripples were coming from which hand! That is, it would be hard to see each thought's effects.

But when you're calm, and only one thought "breaks the surface" at a time... well, it's a lot to understand the ideas and messages. They don't get lost.

(Or so I'm told. ;) )


Ace of Swords = Excalibur

The sword being offered by a hand rising from the lake is Excalibur - the sword entrusted to King Arthur by the Lady Of The Lake in medieval English legend, and it is to her that he eventually returns it.

The Arthurian myths play an important part in the modern Druidry & Wicca (the 'Craft' part of the title) in which the creators of this deck are deeply involved.

I see water as representing the Unconscious, the world of emotions & the unknown ... out of which the power of clear, cutting-edge thought arises!
[The Sword suite represents the intellect, among other things.]

Hope this helps! Blessings - Starshower. /l\