ace of swords


Hi, I'm new to aeclectic,, but have had the fey tarot for a couple of years now but not had time to spend much time working on meanings (currently waiting for book, hope I ordered it right!).I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with the meaning as I know the conventional one is the active mental energy waiting to be used, the mind awakening, becoming clearer etc. but the little leaflet I got with my deck says 'strength, to give in to need, sacrifice, responsibility. Mission'. I can't relate this (much) with the actual image on the card... can anyone help?

Thanks for reading



Those little white books you get with Tarot card decks are often not very helpful.

Another suggestion for the Ace of Swords may be that it shows a new beginning after adverse circumstances. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide what meaning you think it holds.


thanks, that's helpful - I know what you mean though, a card is best interpreted by someone who knows the situation regarding it. x joanna


Hi Chersprite,

I haven't used The Fey in ages but I took a look at the book for you to see what it says.

Don't want to quote too much from the book for copyright reasons but this is the basic gist, (re-worded slightly):
'The Fey in the card is calling up the sword of her own life and being - she must take on this responsibility...... It's a heavy burden.
This ace signifies the decision to obtain something, to do something, to get involved and accept the consequences. It signifies being conscious of the need to act and deal with issues and not turn to others to resolve ones own problems'

' force, violence, conquest, control, concentrate ones own thoughts on a particular target, will'

I have to say that when I look at this card I see concentration and effort. It looks as if it's taking a lot out of this fey to conjour that sword in the air and keep it there - it takes clarity of thought and strength of will.

Hope that's helped - the book is definately worth getting if you can.