Ace of Wands


The "Ace of Wands" is literally on fire with zingy energy. All aces, as Robin pointed out, represent "...both the beginning and the end of the suit...the symbol from which all others spring...the most perfect expression of that symbol." That being the case, this Ace of Wands is well-suited to its job as ambassador of all things vibrant, creative, fertile, forward-moving, unafraid, go-getting, adventurous, willful, enthusiastic, courageous, etc.

A reader can hardly miss, when looking at the big, full picture of this card, the phallic symbolism of the upright wand and its accompanying, well-placed sunflowers. The Ace of Wands, looking as if it might explode, oozes with virility and raw sexuality. Still, the wand itself is refined, with its crystal clear base, wrapped with gold and, "to show the sun, and the masculine energies," and silver "to show the moon, and the feminine energies." With both genders represented, it's no wonder Robin included the double helix of DNA within the wand, as all is needed in this wand for birth and life to burst forth and begin anew.

When the Ace of Wands shows up in a reading, a myriad of possibilities, usually positive, and all with the ability to expand potential, may be brewing, have recently taken place or will be occurring. Perhaps it involves an idea or an opportunity that needs to be acted upon. Perhaps it centers on a life-long dream that finally can see the light of day. No matter what, it's a card that signals obvious change is in the air. A door is open and ready for the querent to gallop through. Of course, all depends on the question asked by the querent, the spread used and where the card falls. But this is no time to sit back and do nothing. The querent is prompted to face his/her fears and go beyond what was previously set as a limit. The faith of the querent in himself/herself is boosted and excitement is building up all around. The time is ripe and the time is NOW.

If the Ace of Wands shows up reversed, the energy inherent in the upright card may still be present, but perhaps some more groundwork planning is needed. Or, the querent may be alerted that the timing may be off just now and caution should be applied, at least somewhat...with patience and discipline being the order of the day. Maybe the querent needs to look for a better balance overall before proceeding, in order to assure success. For instance, if the shining, clear, quartz crystal at the top of the wand, representing daytime and the blue sapphire at the bottom of the wand, representing night, stand out in the reversed card, timing and balance would be something I would question.