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Hello there!!!!!!!

I've just gone out of a mayor Tarot crisis, my grandma is a hardcore christian and found my cards and well....... let's not get into the nasty details. The good thing is that now I'm a stronger person and believe in my cards more than ever. Also, yesterday I came up with this spread while I was thinking of ways to quit my smoking habit, but I figure it can be used for any other addiction. I haven't seen this anywhere else but probably some one else has it. If so, this is not intended to steal anyone's work, it's just the creation of a very cigarrete loving person.


1. What's the underlying cause of my addiction?
2. How have I contributed to it?
3. How has my surrounding contributed to it?
4. Wich part of my life is being more affected by this addiction?
5. What can I do to quit?
6. What will happen if I don't stop?
7. What will happen if I do?

Position 3 relates to friends, family... I didn't want to make the spread too particular, but anyone can expand it by adding cards specially for family, friends or a partner. That also applies for position 4: I wanted to know how my addiction was affecting me, but if someone wants to add a card about how is an addiction affecting his relationship with friends or family that's also OK, and it would make the spread more depth.

Well, I hope this spread can be usefull for you guys, I'm also wanting to hear suggestions since this is my first spread ever.


I like this spread, I think I will add it to my journal :) This spread sounds like it'll come in handy :)


thanks very much.
have been looking for something like this...
will try reading for overcoming an eating disorder.


thank you!

This spread rocks! I used it about someone elses addiction and it has been amazing. Only cards 6 and 7 are confusing me.... but only because I am struggling with how to interpret them. I know I will use this spread a lot.

Nice work!


Lain, I printed out your spread because it speaks to me and my personality very well. I tend to get addicted to projects and ideas rather than "vices"! :D I think the truth about any addiction is that it consumes your life (be it unhealthy like cigarettes or just a matter of spending too much TIME on one activity to the detriment of a balanced life).

At first, I thought you posted it to say that you were trying to break your "addiction" to both cigarettes AND Tarot! I was afraid your Grandmother made you feel like you needed to be "cleansed of your evil addiction" w/ the cards. I'm glad you actually felt that you only needed the spread for the addiction to cigarettes! :)

So how's it going now? Did you quit? Has your Grandmother given up trying to make you feel guilty?

I must say, I love the spread. It was obviously inspired by your life, which is why it's so powerful!


Hi AprilFool!!

I'm very happy to read this spread has been helpful to you. About my "addiction..." well, it's a long process but I'm getting there, some days are easier than others but I don't smoke nearly as much as I used to. And my grandmother.... I'm sorry to say she hasn't had a more positive attitude towards Tarot. Lately she started to burn other religion's and self help books saying they are the work of evil. I try to stay out of her way as much as I can and besides my parents are very supportive, so it helps a lot.


Wow, I'm sorry your grandmother is so unhappy she has to project that on others. Hang in there, you AND your parents.


I'm going to try this one.


thinking about trying this one for a friend


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