Addictions and Tarot


. I think the idea of withdraw symptoms is psychosomatic reinforced by people and tobacco companies telling us about them in order to sell us products to 'aid' the withdraw.

You lucky, lucky guy! I was smoking over 2 packs a day when I quit cold turkey. I had interrupted sleep patterns, stomach cramps and weird dreams for about a week. Don't kid yourself---it's not at all psychosomatic. I had a worse time even wanting to quit smoking than I did stopping drinking. I found it in the freezer where it had been overlooked at Christmas.

I hadn't started using the cards when I stopped smoking but 5 pounds of fudge helped me quit.:p


Hello everyone,

I have a question - does being addicted (or quitting) impair your ability to read tarot?

If it impairs your ability to use your brain and think rationally, yes. Otherwise, no.


I personally would think that the Tarot could help you to quit. Do a daily reading on how to get through the day and what to focus on to keep you from smoking. I've been struggling with an addiction to sugar (yes, some people will say sugar isn't addictive - that's because they're not addicted). I've found that a daily 3-card reading of "Issue - Blockage - What to Concentrate on" has helped me quite a lot. When I can, I'll keep either all 3 cards where I can see them, or at least the last card... when I start feeling weak, I can do a short meditation on the 3rd card and it's meaning in relation to the reading.

I had smoked for years, store-bought cigarettes, cigars and a pipe. I decided back in the late '80's to quit buying cigarettes and started rolling my own using my pipe tobacco. When I decided to quit I'd been smoking only my pipe tobacco for a couple of years. I just quit and have very little in the way of withdrawal symptoms, just a few urges every now & then. (The pipe tobacco has much fewer additives than commercial cigarettes did back then.)