ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step FIVE


This step initially looks lengthy, much more so for the Adept Level than for the Apprentice Level -- but, not to worry. I think that we might get much more out of this step than is first apparent.

Page 35 shows us how to lay out our chosen deck as part of familiarization process that Mary Greer set out. Whether you do a companion journal or just choose to make some notes, we are asked to select a keyword for each card in our deck.

Activity 5:2
This step is a book exercise, reviewing the cards shown, then following the text questions. This is to get our minds in the right frame for the work to follow. Mary goes on to talk at length about Keywords and the approach that they can follow to apply continuity to the way we look at and work with our cards.

Activity 5:3
Now, we choose Keywords for the court cards and each set of numbered cards. We then review the Keywords to see how they apply. I would think that we might have to revise our lists a bit. In any case, Mary notes that there is typically a developmental sequence to the story line that can be attached to each card. We can review this as another approach to getting to know our cards.

Activity 5:4
Now we are to look at/for a rhythm of ups and downs, outer and inner, activity and non-activity that might be associated with a sequence of cards within a suit. We can then compare our observations to number meanings.

This is going to be interesting for me. I have often observed differences in number attributes when relating them to Numerology, Tarot and Astrology. Each system has its own spin or view of what a number is. Dave


Dave, I have been eye-balling this step for some time now, and I think it will definelty take me some time to complete, but I agree with you that will probably get quite a lot out of it. My deck, the Fantastic Menagerie, is quite different and interesting so I look forward to seeing if I can even identify any common threads between the numbered cards. The deck does not have many esoteric undercurrents so in this aspect it will be easier to work with I think. I really look forward to see what everyone comes up with.



Will we have a week or 2 to do this? I am thinking this will take some time to finish. I might as well do it right the first time.


Yes . . .

Yes, we should take the time we feel we need to do this Step Five exercise. I had been thinking about doing it in itsy-bitsy steps, but I think instead I'll do it and write it down in Microsoft Word, then I can post it in big chunks. I want to have some mental continuity to this.

By "big chunks" I mean I want to layout the cards and study number st. Then I want to study each suit in terms of their story line and cyclic flow. For me, that will give me the time and focus to get deeper into this fascinating Fey deck.

I'll wait two weeks or until all of us do this or until someone asks for a bit more time. This may be one of those steps that we might have productively done while still at the Apprentice Level steps. Dave


Plus Jewel and I will do some of our work in Pm's so we can discuss this. Not to be in your business Dave and Squekmo9 but you 2 could do the study buddy thing as well.