ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step FIVE


Becoming familiar with the Fey Tarot: ONES

ONES: Aces, Magician, Wheel, Sun
** Ace of Swords; Fey controlling a glowing sword floating above cupped hands. Control.
** Ace of Cups; Fey standing in water, offering water in cupped hands. Offering comfort.
** Ace of Wands; Fey kneeling in dirt, a tree sprouting from his back. Potential.
** Ace of Pentacles; Fey painting a Mandela on his palm. Creation.
** Magician; Creating a mouse-like creature within a glowing area. Exercising power.
** Wheel; An adult and an older Fey arrange toy houses, trees and creatures in a spiral village. Placement.
** Sun; A vital Fey basks in a hillside hay field, enjoying the Sun. Absorbing energy.

My keywords are mostly unlike those given in the book’s appendix B. I’ve gone with the card’s obvious image meaning. The Fey are so different, operating at the intersection of the physical and the spiritual world, that they often portray an unselfish assessment and response to physical actions and problems. Ace of Wands, instead of giving a “yes” or inspiration shows that one can be the agent of potential by growing something new as if the pot and dirt for a sprouting seedling. On the other hand, the Fey Ace of Swords is all about control and self-discipline just as in the traditional meanings. The difference is that this Fey is showing how control and discipline is actually employed. The essence of the Fey Tarot is to take the traditional concept to the next step and show how its applied.

The Major Arcana cards follow this theme of “concept in practice.” The Wheel shows that we can arrange our own cyclic content, the Sun shows that the multi-level energy needs to be directly absorbed into the self, the Magician has the power and shows how it can be used. Again, the concepts of traditional card meanings are shown being applied.

I’m going to post this, then think about my Keywords. Perhaps I should amend my keywords to include some form of “application.” Exercising control, bringing an offering, Taking potential into “form”, Teaching creation, Exercising power, Choosing placement within the cycle, Taking in radiance and energy.



Part I...

Adept Step 5

Using Robin Wood Tarot
3 of Wands, 3 of Cups, 3 of Swords, 3 of Pents, The Empress, The Hanged Man, The World…
Q: How does the word “integration” apply to each of the threes pictured here? What is being integrated?

3 of Wands: quiet observation leading to action. An integration of thoughts and action.

3 of Cups: An acceptance of self, and also of others. Emotions and logic are integrated, forming a new realization.

3 of Swords: Growth through sorrow. The thoughts and emotions are engaged becoming dour to what is outwardly perceived.

3 of Pentacles: Study put into practice. Integration of matter (or opportunity) and skill to create.

The Empress: Wisdom garnered from life experience. Integration of time tested capabilities and the learning of life lessons.

The Hanged Man: A new sense of self and place in the world. Personal philosophy of life is revised in relation to liminal experiences.

The World: Manifestation of internal infrastructure. Fate plays itself out. The integration of man and the world of his creation.


Now consider the number two. How are “choices” made or not made in each of the twos in your own deck?

Using the Victorian Romantic…
2 of Cups
Description: A couple sits on a wooden bench in, what appears to be, a park. Two small glasses of a red drink are situated between them. The man looks upon the woman, intently, and waits. The woman is holding and looking at a small twig. No words are uttered.
The choice remains a mystery, although I think it is hers to make. Whatever she has to say will be a deciding factor in how they relate to each other. So in my view, no choice is made, they are merely sharing the same space at the same moment in time.
2 of Swords
Description: A person wearing a white smock, hands crossed over his/her chest. This person’s back is toward the sea that is chock-a-block with boulders. A laurel of blue flowers is atop this person’s head. There is hardly any expression on this person’s face.
If there was a choice, it has already been made. There is a feeling of submission to something greater, and so this person enters into something. Yes, some choice has been made.

2 of Pentacles
Description: A young girl dressed in stage attire holds a delicate wand over a little, white dog’s head. The pup is on its hind legs, standing, looking at the girl. It appears as if they are rehearsing more than playing. Meanwhile, a man sits looking at the two, also dressed for the stage. He seems to be assessing this performance more than anything.
It looks like the choice has been between work and play, and somehow she has managed to do both. So yes.

2 of Wands
Description: A finely dressed woman stands in profile, looking out from a stately lawn. By her look and dress, appears to be well to do. She gazes intently at something ahead of her, or day dreaming.
None from what I can tell. She seems to be expecting something or someone.

The High Priestess
Description: A woman stands half-naked between two pillars. A colander of red liquid is in front of her. It sends off a smoke that twirls around her. Her left hand is closest to her while her right extents outward.
Yes, she has chosen to expose herself, making her vulnerability known. Will you trust her enough to approach?

Description: A naked woman holds scales in her right hand. With that, these scales hang directly over the head of a falling(en) man. He appears to have wings, or is that her? This lady stands on a single feather and holds a sword in her left hand. The sword’s blade to the ground. Both entities seem very high up. The man seems to be falling into a fiery glow below. The two look at each other. Her expression seems neutral, and his, dire, but accepting.
Yes. She is doing her job and he seems to be accepting his fate.

Description: Two angelic beings are covered and flowing in a golden light. They both float on a cloud. In front of them, kneeling, are a couple who embrace each other at this site. Also here, are three small figures, perhaps children. Two are playing harps, and one, a lute.
The time of choice is over. Now they will be judged for past actions and thoughts. Only much later shall choices be made once judgement has been passed.

Is “balance” a good keyword for the twos? In general, yes, but for my deck, no so much.
Does “balance” pertain to all even numbers(4,6,8). Yes, to the numbers themselves. I think 4’s are highly balanced, and organized. So much so that it can lead to stagnation. It’s like a rock in mud. The 6’s offer a new view, and an opportunity for motion. The 8’s seem to give great force to that motion which can either peter out or sustain, and endure.
For the Victorian Romantic 2’s the major arcana gives a sense of balance in regards to Universal laws being properly meted out. The minor 2’s seem to pose more questions in regards to their hesitancy and weariness. These cards seem more dependent on each other for a continuing story.


Part II...


Choose at least one keyword for each of the ten numbers and 4 court cards. See how it applies to each card.
See if you can find an image or symbol that will serve as a reminder of your number keyword.
Using the Victorian Romantic and Mary Greer’s keywords…

Keyword: Wholeness, emergence
-The Magician’s left hand is on his open book under the light. Wisdom.
-The young prince’s right hand on a birdcage as a servant approaches, extending his father’s crown to him in the Wheel of Fortune. The emergence of a new king, and new responsibilities.
-In The Sun, she holds flowers in both hand as she is led on horse back by a cherub. Trust.
-Ace of Wands has two figures, but only one hold high a fiery torch…illumination.
-Ace of Cups, a male figure dives deep to meet the female figure. His right hand extends down, while her left, up. Balance & meeting halfway.
-Ace of Swords, a fairy holds a flower over a sword while sitting on a cliff. Emergence of reflection.
-Ace of Pentacles, a female floats in mid-air, her hands extended holding a single pent in the left hand. Emergence of confidence.

Keyword: Inner truth, reception

-The High Priestess…the smoke that does not cloud her but veers to her left. Clarity.
-Justice’s scales, do you dare fight it? She knows, what she knows, what she knows.
-Judgement’s illuminated couple. They also know Truth.
-2 of Cup’s failure of eye (eyes the window to the Soul) contact on her part. A truth is known, but how will she ever find the words?
-2 of Sword’s submission to a greater knowledge or being. A student of the Truth?
-2 of Pentacles is good at practice to garner a fine reception from their audience.
-2 of Wands is expecting something/someone, her fine clothes (dressed to the 9’s) and jewelry. All for a great reception.

Keyword: Creativity, blending, expression, sorrow

-The Empress expression of tenderness and love for her cherubs.
-The Hanged Man’s hand on his forehead. How creative can he be to set himself free?
-The World has a toss up, how will she land in this celebration? Blending of many details to make the whole.
-3 of Wand’s quiet observation, becoming one with nature to become inspired (the harp). Blending in with the scenery to create something altogether new.
-3 of Cup’s ladies…one holds something in their hands…paints, writes, and plays a musical instrument. Expression is obvious where the spoken word is silenced.
-3 of Swords has sorrow, her hand to her face, crying. A way will be shown, she is beginning on a path, and her faithful dog at her knee.
-3 of Pentacles has smiles from children as a man whittles a piece of wood. Creative expression.

Keyword: Establishment, structure, retreat, complacency.

-The Emperor’s weary look on his face. He keeps to protocol, but has other concerns on his mind. He defines “establishment” even though it appears he would rather be some place else.
-Death, a man hold’s a skull in his left hand, he grimaces to the sight of it. Structure will be broken.
-4 of Cups a dandy surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Which will he choose? If any. The glazed look in his eyes of an internal numbness.
-4 of Swords deep slumber. His golden garb is still on him as he sleeps. Retreat where ever you can find it.
-4 of Pentacles, again, a stagnation and glazed look. Is anybody home? The hands engaged in the tedious…holding a string of pearls in one hand and a fan in another. Complacency at having everything and nothing all at the same time.
-4 of Wands has all girl band. The hand holding the stick to batter the drum. There is structure in this motley crew, enough to make something out of nothing.

Keyword: Humanity

-The Hierophant has a rabbi and his young pupils, his right hand holding his glasses. He can “see” better without them then with them. Imparting truth from one generation to another.
-Temperance sails along, alone, on a boat. Her hand extended over earth’s sea. She knows well the human heart and its misery.
-5 of Pentacles has a cross made out of straw, that sits delicately on mother’s lap. She holds tight to her boy in a warm embrace. They huddle together. They know they are in dire straits, but what of it? Their world’s harshness has not yet dimmed a deep held faith.
-5 of Sword’s little people with a big plan. Another day, another dollar, but first to coordinate the groups intentions to make the hard look easy.
-5 of Cups has a lady admiring flowers that she came upon as she walked along her path. There is a true expression of gratitude to her eyes. The path has been long, but what a payoff!
-5 of Wands has looks of fear, a possible threat as one man dares another (shirt ripped open). Here is humanity as it plays the “king-of-the heap” games, but to what end?

Keyword: Union, trials to overcome

-The Lovers coming together in marriage. Union.
-The Lovers (2 Lover cards in VR)in the mermaid and fisherman, one coming to the assistance of the other. Assistance.
-The Devil is a portrait of a woman wearing bat wings and making an offering of flowers and jewelry. There is a bag of gold in the background. Her stance is not natural, more like that of a showgirl. Materialistic union, nothing of endurance.
-6 of Pents a lady offers payment to a little flower girl who holds a single flower to her. Paths cross for a moment in time, one’s humble standing brings out compassion in the other.
-6 of Swords shows 4 ladies coming towards the shore, to, what I guess, is their home. Dawn is breaking. The younger ladies are in festive gear, all but one. Perhaps a servant. Tenacity shown by these women to get from one point to another, cooperation/strength in numbers-union.
-6 of Cups shows simply two little girls on an outside balcony. It is winter. One looks above to the heavens, the other to the street below. Again, these two compliment each other(sisters?), and now share the same memories. Safety.
-6 of Wands a regiment of soldiers are moving forward, leaving a town. It almost seems like a parade as the neighboring folk stand and look. The locals give significance to this band of brothers. Respect.

Keywords: Challenges, loss of stability, skill, courage.

-The Chariot 4 women in a chariot pulled by purple demon-like creatures float high in the sky. High enough to be side by side with the moon. These ladies look like the Fates, who seem determined to arrive to their destination. Whatever imbalance there is in the world, they will right it. Correction.
-The Tower has 2 men, barely alive after a shipwreck. They both hang to what was the ship’s mast in a raging sea. The mast looks like a cross. Something that was well planned takes a life of it’s own. Was it the Fates at work with a better plan? Blessings in what can be salvaged.
-7 of Pentacles has a flower girl picking her bunches in the forest, from a bush. Skill and creativity in making do with what nature gives forth.
-7 of Swords shows a soldier leaving a location. He is loaded down with a chest, a bag, his sword, gun, and gun powder. It gives a single look back, taking in the scenery. There is some worry in the eyes, he leaves behind all that he knows into the unknown. Courage.
-7 of Cups A man fishes at the edge of a pond. He looks like a fool with a pointy hat and shoes. He has been fishing for a while and has accumulated a number of different items all from this one fishing hole. He is losing balance as his stool stands on 2 of it’s 4 legs. Too much enthusiasm can be as bad as too much sadness. Loss of balance.
-7 of Wands a man is taken by surprise as he faces 5 spears blocking his path. He, in turn, holds valiantly to his own. The red scarf tied around his neck reminds me that even with the adrenaline flowing, he still keeps his head. A real challenge.

Keywords: Adjustment, regulate, process.

-Strength a lady surrounded by lions in a lion’s den. She gently has her arms outstretched, and these ferocious animals both welcome her and protect her.
The acceptance of nature, and of one’s own humanity in all its different shades. Process.
-The Star a naked lady, thigh high in water takes both her hands to her heart. Her eyes remain closed as she stands still under a starry night. She feels as one with nature and the Universe.
-8 of Pentacles a young man intently paints a picture on a vase. He appears to be fully engaged in what he is doing. Concentration.
-8 of Swords It is a foggy night, a ship is anchored to a dock, there is a full moon. Before this ship is a woman who sits with hands tied. Her look is not of desperation, rather, longing. She is young and beautiful, willing to sacrifice this for what? The adventure she seeks may change her way of thinking. Possibly, an unpleasant process.
-8 of Cups a woman walks in a courtyard, her dog behind her. She has a handkerchief to her face. Seems like she’s crying. All seems lost on such a beautiful day, she must feel it deeply before being able to appreciate what is around her. Process.
-8 of Wands a race is on between a naked man and an antelope. It is all down hill on this rocky and rugged terrain. Who will win? A man can endure far better and longer than an animal. In the short term, the animal is sure to win. Either way if there is no change, the energy will surely burn out. Regulate.

Keywords: Limit, isolation, realization.

-The Hermit an old man sits on a rock overlooking the sea. In his left hand, an hourglass, and in his right, a sickle. His only clothing is a deep burgundy robe. In quiet reflection, one senses the timeless.
-The Moon a woman sits alone in the moonlight, combing her long, luxurious hair. She is a certain distance away from her home, but still within sight. In any case her back is toward it and all she knows. There is an amulet
of a crescent moon, which she holds up to her forehead.
She is receptive to her duty, knows what is expected of her. Yet, she steals some time away for herself and the mysteries that entice her. Secretive.
-9 of Pentacles a woman of some social stature stands in front of her property. One hand on her hip, and the other holding a basket of freshly picked flowers. Attainment and privilege whether she earned it herself or married into it. She knows its value and guards it.
-9 of Swords a woman sleepwalks on top of a roof, she is lit by moonlight. Her hands are clasped, like in prayer, with a single gold thread encircling her left wrist. Whatever plays on her mind has brought her to such heights. This is a good view, one that may not be understood when awake. Solace.
-9 of Cups a man in a pub, looks fishy-eyed down the bottom of a flask of some drink, wondering where it has all gone. Limits have their benefits, though it may not be readily apparent.
-9 of Wands the doorway of a home stands agape. Flashes of fire within. Whatever occupants there are, they are dead or unconscious, still within the house. Outside this doorway stands a Roman soldier. He wearily stands guard with spear. Detached from this event, he knows the horrors committed, but says nothing. Fear and alienation.

Keywords: Heritage, responsibility, reality.

-10 of Pentacles a man in casual, but neat attire sits and sells his produce. A couple stands under the arch of a bridge. In the distance a clock tower stands, and a village is visible. Another day in the market for this man who seems very comfortable with his way of life. His joy is palpable and spreads become this couple’s joy.
-10 of Swords death nears in the guise of a wave in the sea. Her watery form lies next to a man nearing death. She gives comfort in her embrace. The reality of one’s mortality and that death is nothing to fear.
-10 of Cups a family reunion as it’s youngest member gets, perhaps, christened. Whatever the reason, there is a great celebration in being in the company of one’s own kin.
-10 of Wands wood is gathered and carried in a makeshift basket strapped onto a woman’s back. In her arms she carries a baby in a cradle. There is another woman in the distance carrying an armful of sticks. Life seems rough and plain, but it is the only life known to this woman. She does her best and has good reason to. Responsibility.

Keyword: Immature, receptive, preparation.

Page of Pentacles
A young man sits on a chair (throne?) the lining of his cloak covers it complete. The time is marked, although I can’t make it out. He sits quietly, hands gripped together. A door remains closed under where the clock sits. A transitional point, where nothing appears to be happening. A monarch will emerge from this young man, and he knows it. Preparation.

Page of Swords
An older boy stands in the open field, in front of a castle, perhaps his home. He holds a sword still in its sheath. He listens and waits. He is not as far along as the Page of Pents. He has not been given a real call to duty. If anything he plays, as a young child does, dreaming of slaying paper dragons in his head. Immature.

Page of Cups
A young maiden plays the organ as a page waits to be addressed. Seems He/she has a message contained in a closed silver cup for the young girl.
Patience is learned in meeting with proper protocol.

Page of Wands
Front and center, a tiny figure of a boy sings with a choir backing him up. The remnants of broken reeds around his feet, and a laurel of flowers on his head. He is a seasoned pro, an entertainer, even at this young age. He has found his calling and purpose early. He has a direction to follow.

Keyword: Seeking, action.

Knight of Pentacles In a dark forest, a knight has his hand kissed by a damsel. His fighting spear/pole chopped off. A dying dragon in the distance. Mission accomplished, whatever was set out has been done. Accomplishment.

Knight of Swords As if in mid-air, atop his horse, this knight struggles to hold on to an unconscious angel. Simultaneously, he looks to do battle with whatever force that has harmed this angel. This knight is in pure action, without a moment’s rest to think. All action.

Knight of Cups is surrounded by fairies who adore this fellow. He basks in their attention. A warrior at rest and play, although his eyes are set on something higher. He is dreamer, lover, seeker.

Knight of Wands a couple gather in a beautiful garden. Their eyes meet, no words spoken. She longs for him to stay, but he is geared up for battle. His horse stands between them. Time is running out on their visit, he cannot stay and perhaps longs for battle. Duty.

Keyword: Magnetic, maintaining

Queen of Pentacles has a woman sitting and holding a huge platter. She is fully dressed in evening attire. She sits in front of a stately home.
Confidence in what she has to offer, and offers it willingly.

Queen of Swords this queen stands with sword in hands, surrounded by mountains. Her dress is plain, but appropriate to the terrain. Her confidence flows from what she knows and how she’s lived. She protects and maintains.

Queen of Cups sits on her throne gazing away from a sleeping cherub to the heavens. She is here only in body, her mind travels freely away from duty. A golden cup with a top sits in front of her, but she does not pay any heed. Too much of a good thing, boredom sets in. Magnetic, yes, but totally distracted.

Queen of Wands another lady in her garden, there is pride in her posture as if someone were ready to snap her picture. She values the moments, and lives in the now. The present is always a present (gift) to her. Gratitude.

Keyword: Public mastery, fixed, decay.

King of Pentacles dressed in full royal garb, crown and all, this old king has seen better days. He rides his horse with a servant who walks on foot. They are walking beside a lake, a castle in the distance. This king hangs on to all that is asked of him, even now. Fixed on a certain way of life and a way of being.

King of Swords balances his stance between his sword and a rock. Where he stands is a darken place that no longer is. An edifice, which once was rich in splendor, now stands in ruins. The sun beats down in the distance, but he cannot see. His is a sadness of what was. Sometimes you have to see where you’ve been, failures and all, to know where you’re going or wish to go. Perception.

King of Cups is in the company of servants. He is confident and calls forth at someone to come to him. He sits at a golden table with a few morsels to start. He is approachable and knows who he serves. Public mastery.

King of Wands is enjoying a musical performance. He is in the company of his court. Appreciation.


For squeakmo9

I've scanned through your posts but haven't yet read them in detail. I will, of course, but its been a busy couple of days. I'm finishing up a volunteer project for the small town I live in (will be done this week) and our new summer home is complete (bank and insurance stuff to take care of) so we have to run off and inspect it and take ownership, plus the usual family stuff, plus plus plus, etc.

I'm grappling with the issue of how much to describe the individual cards as part of the keyword assessments. After all, we are looking at a whole deck. I do want to review the deck as a whole as suggested in the book but I don't feel it "works" for others to describe each card (or to post card graphics in most cases). If I just summarize each number set then I feel that I cheat others of getting value from my efforts.

Oh, the problems we create within our own heads. Maybe tonight. Dave.


for squekmo9 and Dave

Squekmo9 that is some really awesome work . I love the work you did with everything you really put a lot of effort in this. I will be hard pressed to match your work on this and that is with a partner.

Dave I am having the same issue with the card description. I think for this exercise we do not really need to describe the card. Just where it fits or where it is different then the traditional RWS images .

I will probably post this in a bunch of posts I am mot sure what Mary intended for this work but I am kind of sure she did not want us going over each card in detail in this one step. She does after all want us to finish the work and have some fun.


For the gents...

This is some step folks, lol!
I will try and finish 5:4 by Sunday/Monday. My Fri & Sat are nutty at work. I have twice as many customers now that my mom broke her wrist(we're hairdressers). I think it was sheer fear that made me jump into it as I did. Hey, don't get me was VERY revealing, and I'm getting to know my new deck better. However, if there is a better way(shorter) of doing it-LOL-go for it!!!


Adept 5.2 section1

Integration Robin wood

3 of Wands
The will to act in the 2’s are integrated with action in the 3’s waiting for his ship to come in.

3 of Swords
Mind or thought piercing illusions the heart creates . Thoughts ad Feelings needing integrating.

3 of Cups
Party on people.!
Emotions and actions integrated at its best.

3 of Pentacles
Master craftsmen working on the finer details
Experience at his trade and the will to do his best all meshed into some awesome work.

The great mom.
Emotions, feelings with practical earthly abundance.

Hanged Man
New look on life, surrender
Blending personal will and the will of the higher power

The World
Completeness, Wholeness
Almost by definition this card is about integration. Blending all the elements together the “ great work” in alchemy.

5.2 section 2
Choices and the 2’s with the Tarot of Dreams

2 of Wands
Steps leading to 2 windows one blue the other red .
Both choices look great which one to follow? need to make a decision before it is made for me.

2 of cups
2 cups above 2 swans
A choice to be with someone or some thing can even be a concept it is normally a love interest

2 of Swords
A blind folded woman holding 2 swords
She is weighing 2 decisions and or arguments. She does not want outside support to influence her choice.

2 of coins
A naked man stands on the docks facing the sea are looking up at 2 coins( in mid juggle) with a globe out in the sea.
Card of the Multi tasked instead of deciding on one of 2 tasks he decided to do them both..

High Priestess
A woman stands between a red and blue pole.
The is more about secrets and looking past the obvious into deeper meanings . If I had to apply choice I would say she is choosing to look deeper.

A armored woman is balancing 2 scales
This card is about making a fair balanced choice.

An angel is above 2 pillars with a hoop connecting them.
The choice has been made the calling herd and we march to the higher calling.

I noticed all the minors where going up to some thing except the 2 of swords and all the majors where woman who where either going up of looking up.

Balance can work for most of the cards but it fits best with justice and the 2 of pents.


Part 2 Aces to 3's

Adept 5 Aces-Threes

With the Major arcane you can relate all of the elements to the cards but they generally are more abundant in on over another. Wit the minors you can filter a number through one element. Although you can generally use a phrase or group of words per number I am trying to use just one word to make this more concise. for the same reason I will not talk about the reversals..


All of these cards have a raw elemental energy to them a feeling of a push from the other side as it manifest through us.

Aces/One - Pure, raw elemental power can be short lived but very intense.

Ace of wands – Raw inspiration a sudden blast of creativity

Ace of Swords – An a-ha moment

Ace of water – a new feeling not formed yet can lead to love or friendship or many other feelings

Ace of Coins- a new opportunity or interest in material matters

Magician - Raw thought and plans into action . Very raw he makes stuff happen with raw energy force of will

Wheel- Change , not of our making but by some cosmic law IE fate , chance, karma.

Sun- Optimism - Rush of good feelings from the spiritual side manifest on the physical plane.



All of these cards can be choices or even a balance between choices or choosing not to choose and instead multitask. The are seem to be looking up except the 2 of swords who is blind folded leading me to believe they want to make there decision with out outside interference.

2 of Wands
Both choices look great which one to follow? need to make a decision before it is made for me.

2 of cups
A choice to be with someone or some thing can even be a concept it is normally a love interest

2 of Swords
She is weighing 2 decisions and or arguments. She does not want outside support to influence her choice.

2 of coins
Card of the Multi tasked instead of deciding on one of 2 tasks he decided to do them both..

High Priestess
The is more about secrets and looking past the obvious into deeper meanings . If I had to apply choice I would say she is choosing to look deeper.

This card is about making a fair balanced choice.

The choice has been made, the calling herd ,and we march to the higher calling.

These cards take the decision of what to do in the 2’s and make some thing in the 3’s

3 of Wands
The desire to create and energy of the 1 and 2 of wands creates some thing here in the 3 the ship coming in relates the end result of doing some investment of energy / will

3 of Cups
The relationship we made in the 2’s has caused all sorts of joy in the 3;s we are in celebration mode.!

3 of Swords
Heartbreak after a person or thing situation shows it true form after we pierce the illusion we had of it we experience heartbreak. The decision we had such a hard time making in the 2’s has come to fruition here

3 of Pentacles
After juggling life in general and make things happen we are now a master of our field. And business is coming in.

When you blend all the elements together you can create great things on earth . so this is the synthesis of all the 3 ‘s on the good side
Hanging Man
In this case he is trying to synthesize trying to combine the emotional and spiritual into the physical so he waits. He is turning his physical life upside down while waiting for the synthesis to happen.

The World
Completeness when the empress does what the hanging men does she comes to a point where she thinks “ now I get it” . She is complete and the fool is now at the end of this journey and ready for the nest.


Adept Level step 5 by Dave -- TWOs

Mary cites choice, balance, duality, adaptability, relating and other keywords. Within the Fey Tarot, a somewhat "alternative" impression comes through.
** 2-Cups shows two diverse (as in different racial types) types of Fey enjoying each others company and a cup.
** 2-Wands shows a single Fey high in a tree looking dejectedly down at the ground--seemingly half a mile below her, afraid of leaving the nest in the tree.
** 2-Swords shows a Fey brandishing a short sword before her face, an angry scowl, painted emblems upon her arms and shoulders. This is a bit unusual in the Fey tarot and must have a special meaning.
** 2-Wands shows a plump, contented Fey holding a Pentacle up for another sprite-like Fey to examine. Again, diversity of body-types of Fey.

So, I have two cards showing companionship, one trepidation, one anger. In the two single-Fey cards the presence of another is suggested. How could the young male Fey in the tree-nest get there if not with the help of another? The angry female Fey is obviously directing her feeling at another.

If I use the keyword "relationship" as a focus, the Cup is exchanging warm feelings, the Wands represents another's encouragement in developing your sense of personal growth, the Sword is defending her individuality and space, while the Pentacle is willing to give to another. So, as a group, the Two's seem to best express themselves individually and represent either strongly positive or negative relationships with others. This is a set of cards that I'll have to think about some more.

** High Priestess; she reads a large book, wears many rings, sits before a door within an arch (the rest of the building or wall is not there) guarded by two dragons. Calm knowledge and learning apparently guards-leads to an ability to pass through a portal. The studious nature of the HP suggests she sets a role for us to follow rather than to be a person to pester with questions. Part of our relation to the world and its mysteries is to search for our own answers as part of our journey.

** Justice is seen as a blind Fey child, cupped hands spread before her, with a floating feather between them. An eye is drawn upon her forehead. The feather has several meanings, the purity of ones heart and intentions, the lightness and fragility of thoughts and dreams, the small differences that can affect a decision. Balance between two sides of an issue is a theme here. The ability to achieve balance or make a pure decision is by seeing with the inner mind-self-heart rather than the logical outer world perceptions. Justice is seemingly different from "legalities."

** Judgment is one of the most interesting cards in the Fey deck representing (perhaps) the deck's creator. A young human lady is cradling her head in her arm, lying upon a work table, created and half-created Fey before her as her brush rests quietly in her hand. Life is always an unfinished process, so how is judgment to be dealt with. Completion is not an end of something, how what has been completed will be used is also part of an unending life, so judgment has to be spurious and incomplete. We can only judge our role in what has happened, never the whole.



Adept Level step 5 by Dave -- THREEs

Mary cites creativity, synthesis, development and fruition for some keywords. These are brief descriptions of the Threes in the Fey Tarot.
** 3-Cups has three sprite-like Fey buzzing about a giant cup, much as if they were birds and the cup a garden bird-bath.
** 3-Wands shows a Fey sitting on the ground, a shovel nearby, watching a strange seed spout a plant with three glowing pods.
** 3-Swords is a single figure standing in the surf, glancing downward at a glowing sword etched or painted upon his chest as if it had just appeared there.
** 3-Pentacles is an artisan wood-carving a large pentacle, a hooded Fey stands far behind, a ring of keys hanging from the belt. A small green salamander or lizard is on the wood-carver's shoulder.

Again, like the Twos, I find it hard to see any unifying principle between all four cards. The Cups express joy and excitement, the Wand expresses a thrill of seeing something emerge from previous efforts, the Sword is coping with a surprising development (the appearance of a sword-scar on his chest), while the Pentacle almost seems to be in a situation where his work is being over-seen by another as if he was required to be creative. Each is reacting to something new: a fountain-bath, a sudden growth, the appearance of a mark on one's body, the pressure of having to create something. REACTION TO CHANGE is the best unifying message I can pull from these cards.