ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step SEVEN


Task: Synthesize the cards of one suit into a single story line that goes through the suit in numerical order.

ADEPT – step 7

Suit of Pentacles
(I chose that suit interestingly because I had forgotten that my card was the Empress, and confused her with the Queen of Pentacles!)

I based this story on the intuitive keywords that I had assigned to the cards in a previous Adept exercise.

A spiritual journey. It starts with the light (ace). Light becomes manifest and the cells start to divide in two. The light remains, and together with the two cells we have an entity of three that contains everything and therefore denotes perfect spirituality. As this entity grows, it suffers the loss of the intimacy of the three (4), and becomes depressed. But nothing stays forever, and out of the depression rises a need to be self assertive (5). This results in an early – premature – feeling of maturity (6). The realization of the prematurity turns into a fragmented melancholy (7). As the entity grows further, a sense of order and rightness arises (8), but soon there is a seed of discontent (9), of quiet anger. A resting point is found in the balance of five and five (10) – we now have diversity. As this, too, sheds its skin, a confused young person emerges (page) – but this soon turns into good news (knight). How lovely it would be to stay with the Queen and her openness, but this, too, must turn, and we stand in front of the King who has an air of hastiness about him.