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Having driven myself crazy over step Five, in terms of coherently posting my findings in anything less than 40 pages of blah, I'm moving on to Step SIX. I recognize the great work that the others were able to share with that difficult and lengthy step. As I noted in my last post, I'm personally a bit shook over the lack of organization in the Fey tarot and I'll be more closely evaluating that deck as I move forward despite the fact that I've had great reading with it. I wonder if my level of discernment has improved due to these exercises.

Due to the changes in my life at this point, I'm adopting the HERMIT as my new card for study.

Here, we revisit Mode, Suit, Elements.

Step 6:3 We have questions to answer based on the text of pages 50 through 55. These steps help us to categorize our deck as a means of gaining an overview as to its focus and/or presentation.

Step 6:4 Here we describe our chosen card, following a given format. Then we expand this exercise and draw cards, following directions, that will provide us with a greater perspective of how our life is going relative to our chosen card. (This ought to be good)

Good luck to all. Dave.


so we can officially move to step 6 and do 5 as we go?



Yes, we can continue to do both. I'm not sure about my doing step five on the list. I'm actually quite perturbed about discovering a lack of apparent organization in my Fey tarot, something which I had recognized in other decks. I'm doing Step Six as a further examination to see if my disappointment is real, if it is warranted, or whether I just need more awareness and insight into what I considered to be a unique deck.

It's a crises of faith, a challenge to my assumptions, a test of my knowledge. So, I'm moving to step six. Dave


Using Victorian Romantic…

1) Which suit and element correspondences are used with your deck? Wands=fire, Pents=earth, Swords=air, Cups=water. Which system makes most sense to you? Golden Dawn.

2) Examine each suit in your deck and select one to three keywords that best express the qualities of each suit:

Cups- wonder, happiness, realization
Pents- giving, perseverence, practice
Wands- inspiration, bravado, challenging
Swords-communication, acceptance, belief

3) In which suit is your chosen card? Wands. Which element do you most associate with it? Fire. Pick one to three suit and/or elemental keywords that you would most use: creativity, enthusiasm, projects.


1) Describe your chosen card in terms of its mode, duality, suit, and element, using the following format:

“I’ve drawn the 4 of Wands. Minor arcana are about what, and wands/yang/fire are about assertive energy and enthusiasm”

2) Shuffle the other three modal groups and draw one card from each in order to see how these modes are functioning in your life in relation to your chosen card. Describe each in term of mode and element/suit/duality. Use all four cards together to create a single statement embodying their symbolism.

Who: Queen of Pents…earth, yin, being receptive
What: 4 of Wands…fire, yang, surprise
Why: The Hierophant…earth, yin, practical lesson
Where: Ace of Pents…earth, yin, worth
3 yins and a yang, sounds like the name of a movie, lol!

Single statement:
A stable/secure personality is exposed to the unexpected in order to learn a practical lesson regarding true worth.


Dave's step SIX with the Fey HERMIT

I use the Fey Tarot and have chosen to focus on the HERMIT card for the near future. As some of you know, I had finished my astrological book and taken the summer off so as to gain some perspective for the review and editing phase. I then worked with a large astrological organization and proposed starting a special interested group for like minded astrologers. This site has exchanged ideas and allowed me to test ideas and concepts. I have gained from this exchange and am now refining and expanding my book. Hence the Hermit, one who is looking for insight.

The Fey Hermit strikes me as another version of the Fool -- in this phase he walks thru a maze of stairs, each oriented on different planes, leading in different directions, passing doors, populated with a variety of creatures. This Hermit wears a tall top hat, a long red coat, and carries his lantern. An image of the Hermit is attached.

The Golden Dawn associates the Hermit with Earth, the French with Fire, the Egyptian school with Air. This Hermit is not concerned with logic, being clever or impersonal, nor is he radiant, aggressive, passionate. He strikes me as being grounded (or seeking to be grounded), cautious, persevering. Earth.

Pentacles -- Creation, enjoyment of life, physical possesions. This suit has three groups of cards, each associated with one of these keywords.

Swords -- Alertness, nervous, impersonal. This suit also has three groups of cards, each associated with one of these keywords. The card numbers of these groups within the Swords suit has no match up with those of the Pentacles suit.

Wands -- Again, three groups can be identified, having associations with the keywords that I would associate with CUPS!? Protective, nurturing. The third group is definitely a Wand group; radiant, optimistic.

Chalices -- Half of the cups cards are associated with flowing and feeling, two others with nurturing. Three are of other natures; the mentality of Swords, the yielding of Cups and secretiveness of cups.

My card, the Hermit, is associated with the suit of Pentacles.

I have drawn the Hermit. Trumps are about the "why's of life" and Earth is related to making ones way through life's trials and puzzles.
I have also drawn the Ace of Swords. Aces are about the "where to look" and Swords are in the intellect of the mind. The Knight of Cups is associated with "who" and cups with nurturing and support -- so this is where my resources can be found -- among associates. My number card is the ten of Wands, (a young Fey figure carrying a giant fruit on his back) and signifies "what I look for" -- the "what" being energy, passion and wilfullness.

In summary, I am looking for a focus of energy to explain my reserch and to do this I need to use my mind and imagination to best use the resources of my associates to hone my skills in order to define a reliable and useful predictive method.

I see this "summary" statement as a reflection of my determination to make my book more than it was before. Like most of the exercises in this book, this exercise is highly insightful and helpful. As noted in the text, this use of the four sets of cards makes for a beautiful spread that can help us rethink where and how we are proceeding on our journey, who can help us and what we need to call from ourselves to be the most for ourselves and others.



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For Squeaks

Nice summary statement. This was a really nice exercise and quite helpful. Aren't we lucky to have the tarot and the guidance to help us along our way? Dave


dadsnook2000 said:
This was a really nice exercise and quite helpful. Aren't we lucky to have the tarot and the guidance to help us along our way? Dave

I couldn't agree with you more Dave:)


I recently moved and will not have internet access from home for a few weeks so I will try and do most of my homework from work . I will be behind but will catch up when optonline gets my connection completed.


Is it ok if we sdtart this again after the holidays? say the week after jan 1's?


Yes . . .

We can indeed continue after the holidays. I will be gone for a week, and things will be slow on the list as we all attend to the schedule of events that seem to come at this time of the year.

So, I will wish us all a happy holiday season while I explore some more fun and games amidst our step-exercises. Dave