ADEPT LEVEL STEP ELEVEN; 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card


Step 11 has as its theme, "Range." In 11:3, which starts the Adept Section, we are asked to explore the extreme negative meanings that might be found in our chosen card. This is one part of the process that Mary Greer introduces us to just prior to this step -- wherein we can only overcome a fear or obsession by facing it, and facing it in a "bigger" form that we usually see it.

Mary goes on to talk about the whole range of meanings that card might embody, something I have to personally work on. She goes on to remark on the process of the "enlarged" meaning overlapping the enlarged meanings of other cards in the spread. This awareness can really crystallize a theme for a spread.

To illustrate this, activity 11:4 takes us into a three-card spread with a very helpful tool for better-understanding our chosen card -- or any other card for that matter. An example 3-card spread is explored deeply. The observations in this spread are a gem unto themselves. I would suggest that anyone who is participating in this thread at the Apprentice Level and all those who follow this series (and also have the book) read this example that Mary gives.

Good luck and good reading to all. Dave


Consider the liability end of your chosen card. What would a worst-case scenerio look like? How could you consciously experience it, taking it as far as it will go? Know that this is not a necessary outcome.

Using VR 4 of Wands…
There is something oppressive about being stuck in a crowd, or of being dragged along by its force. Is there an easy exit? Can I breath? Is someone picking my pocket? So these are the things that initially come to mind.
I identify with being a member of the crowd…a face in the crowd, not necessarily having a unique identity—not like those above, on stage. If you try to leave by shoving your way out, that will cause a stir, and people may take notice, but not in such a good way. Drama.

Other thoughts…being trampled by the crowd, unless, of course, one goes with the crowd by conforming. But what cost will there be to conforming?
A sense of lost identity, lost value and worth. A metaphor that comes to mind is “if you’re not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”.
In this it gets me to think about the (possible) difficulty in stepping away from the masses. Moving away from mass consciousness, or being swept away by the current of the masses, and again--loss of control.

Worse-case scenerio: feeling stuck and having little to no control in a given situation. Noticing a pattern (negative) and needing to break it.
Wishing to re-direct one’s life, but how? The dealing with the arising frustration.
If changes are made, it will disrupt a routine of sorts. The pros and cons of change and the disturbance they bring. Taking responsibility of initiating change as well as the resulting difficulties related to moving out and forward.
Going against the grain may mean that family and friends may not approve. Will you be able to tolerate that? Issues may take time to resolve, and the process may test your abilities to persevere and be patient.
What is it that you truly value?
Is there some sort of drama playing itself out now, perhaps, unnecessarily so?
Do you create drama just for drama’s sake?
There may be an excitement in the breaking out process, but then what? Makes me think…what causes more concern…of feeling stuck or of breaking free?


Shuffle your deck (Victorian Romantic), spread into a fan, and pick two cards while asking “What will help me understand what my chosen card signifies for me?” Explore both cards quickly using steps 1-10 in Appendix I. Write down your insights and what you see as the most significant meanings for these two cards.
The cards that came out were The Moon and The Emperor.

The Moon

Step 0: I open myself to all possibilities.
Step 1: The name of the card is- The Moon
Step 2: A literal description of this card is(Repeated as an I statement)
It is dark, I can hardly see all that surrounds me, but I sit in the moonlight combing my long hair. I feel that need to touch the jewel(crescent moon) that sits on my forehead. I am fully dressed in blue and violet and am alone.
Step 3:Emotions, feelings, and attitude of the figure, and the mood and the atmosphere of the enviroment, are(Repeated as an I-statement)
I feel weary as I sit here in the moonlight. I appear to be distant, even indifferent, but am not. The night is soothing because I cannot readily identify what is before me. I find peace in this night’s formlessness, and dark crevices. I feel acceptance.
Step4: Once upon a time…(my fairy tale-Reapeated in I-statement) I lived in a far away castle, high above and within the clouds. No one could reach me and it made me curious as to why. My days were as ordinary as anyone else, yet no one approached to share in them. Not the way I wanted anyway. How odd is this feeling of, not so much loneliness, as serenity, which grows best when away from the ordinary world.
Step 5: The number or rank is about…Major Arcana 18. That combines to a nine which relates to what is solitary(Hermit) and almost at an end phase.
Step 6: The suit/element/mode is about: Major Arcana which answers the question “Why?” The lessons learned in a situation, which in this case is the 4 of Wands. So I would say the lesson is about discernment (The Moon).
Step 7: Synthesizing number plus suit plus element plus mode yields: I will put it in statement form--In seeking, I find I cannot rightly identify my own true Essence, yet have learned to trust It regardless of being amid or apart from the crowd.
Step 8: Metaphors in this image include(Actualizing one of the metaphors of change suggests doing…)In the Still of the Night, Sounds of Silence, To thine own self be true
Step 9: Questions to ask are: What does being still mean to you?
Answer…allowing the moments, thoughts to just be without judgment.
Snapshot: being in a park, and watching the current run along a stream.

Step 10: Book meaning for this card:
From Seventy-Eight Degress of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack: “It shows us dwelling in the glories of darkness transformed into light. To use that light we must pass through distortion and fear.”
From Tarot for a New Generation by Janina Renee: “can denote an attraction to the things of the wild, and may point to a time spent in nature.”
Summarized they suggest becoming reacquainted with one’s true nature in shadow and light.

The Emperor

Step 0: I open myself to all possibilities.
Step 1: The name of the card is- The Emperor
Step 2: A literal description of this card is(Repeated as an I statement)
I sit quietly, alone, dressed in the proper regalia suited to a great leader of men. For now I aquaint myself with no one except the company of my own thoughts.
Step 3:Emotions, feelings, and attitude of the figure, and the mood and the atmosphere of the enviroment, are(Repeated as an I-statement)
I am at a standstill and must focus as to my next move. My country depends heavily on me and on how well I will maneuver myself.
Step4: Once upon a time…(my fairy tale-Repeated in I-statement) I ruled a great kingdom and although I enjoy the company of my people, I know the seriousness of my chosen course. It is at this present time that I will determine the fate of many men as we, as a country, may need to do battle. So I must think of all my options beside that of the obvious. It weighs heavily on my mind and heart.
Step 5: The number or rank is about…Major Arcana 4. That signifies structure, the practical, foundation.
Step 6: The suit/element/mode is about: Major Arcana which answers the question “Why?” The lessons learned in a situation, which in this case is the 4 of Wands. So I would say the lesson is about being clear-headed and cautious.
Step 7: Synthesizing number plus suit plus element plus mode yields: I will put it in statement form—Creating a sound foundation based on the practical to benefit self and others.
Step 8: Metaphors in this image include(Actualizing one of the metaphors of change suggests doing…)Might makes right, I beg your pardon- I never promised you a rose garden, the Midas touch
Step 9: Questions to ask are: Where will you make your next move?
Answer…where it counts—correcting/observing myself first, then the rest follows.
Snapshot: The first day of school when I was starting the 1st grade. Seeing everyone lined up ready to head into the building, and all of us wearing the same crisp new (Catholic) uniforms. It’s a bright autumn day.

Step 10: Book meaning for this card:
From Seventy-Eight Degress of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack: “ In the process of growing up it is indeed the rules of society that many people find most difficult to surmount. We must absorb these rules, as well as our society’s traditions and beliefs, then go beyond them to find a personal code of conduct.”
From Tarot for a New Generation by Janina Renee: “(Robert)Moore and (Douglas)Gillette point out that one of the traditional roles of the good king was to give blessings by providing presence and guidance, and by rewarding and acknowledging the merits and accomplishments of others.”
Summarized they suggest that ultimately it is offering others one’s true Presence that, is not only a gift to others (and self), but also a way of life.

~Did you use any of the same words in your descriptions of all three cards (the new ones plus your chosen cars)? The word “alone” came up for the Moon and Emperor only.
~Did you experience any similar emotions among them? More so between the two new cards but not among all three.
~Where does each card fit in the other cards’ stories? There are moments of real joy in the everyday, but are a result of definite introspection and work.
~Are there any suit, number, or modal similarities? There is the connection of the 4, that being of Wands and Emperor.
~Did you use similar metaphors? Nope.
~Looking at the range of meanings for each card, where do they overlap? I think that both the Moon and the Emperor gives a foundation from which the 4 of Wands fully expresses itself. There is pure action in the 4 of wands and the Moon and Emperor appear as polar opposites. One precedes the other, so I do not see them as melding or easily combining. Rather, the majors seem to add a depth to the mundane(4 of Wands) that is not readily visible.


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Dave's Step 11:3 and 11:4

Liabilities, the negative sides of our chosen card. I have attached an image of the Fey Tarot's HERMIT. A quick view of this card shows a figure who strikes me as being like the Fool, but dressed in a very tall hat, carrying the requisite lantern, wearing a long coat. He is an enclosed area which is full of stairs that go up, down, twist upside down. Doors and ladders, small creatures abound. This Hermit is obviously in the midst of chaos, confusion, improbability -- in short, a nightmare.

An irrational view of his surroundings would indicate 1) confusion as to what the next literal step should be, 2) realization that there is no sense of direction available, 3) confusion over what the "rules" are, 4) not understanding what the multitude of choices/stairs mean, 5) how the creatures can help or hinder, 6) an apparent lack of resources (unless he notices the book "lying" on an upper or ceiling surface -- except that from another stair it is on the floor, 7) that merely having faith to step upon another plane or surface and find oneself "upright."

How can this situation be exploded or exagerated? Over my life time, I've had a recurring dream a great intervals, probably about five times in my life, of having to climb through a house where the ladders, stairs and doorways of some areas are very small or the access to them is cramped and twisted. I'm not heavy for my size and age and am fairly agile and active, so it's not so much "me" as it is my "surroundings."

I'm not claustrophobic in a normal sense although I would not like to go cave exploring in dark and cramped spaces. So, to exagerate this card, I'd shrink the area, the stairs, the doors, the space to maneuver in, and make the area dim by shrinking the lamp. Since I'm not afraid of the dark, the problem for me would be the passage of time while I waited to see what changed or while I attempted to find a door knob.

I think my problem with this portion of the exercise is that horror movies bore me as they are unreal. To make this scene more immediate and personal, I think the stair should move, twist, disappear and reappear in a different orientation. Confusion of the environment coupled with constant change could make me better appreciate sanity and its lack.

The problem even with this is that I know new rules can be made, that one can order ones world because one believes in oneself and in a safe universe. Confusion that is not believed can't be feared. It may have to be dealt with.

So, now I'm going in circles, much like the Hermit. I see others often having to deal with this range of confusion and chaos. Talking with them doesn't always work. People often seem to lock themselves into restrictive mindsets. So, I can see this more easily in others, and I have seen people take this to an extreme. A WORST CASE SCENARIO would be to see someone close into themselves and not be able to communicate with them, to get their attention or to hold their focus.

So, for a "range" or "category" of meanings, I would see these as being:
** Visual or spatial confusion, looking at the jumble of stairways
** Unsureness over what the "rules" or meaning of this place is
** A struggle to visualize or imagine "solutions" to the chaos

For step 11:4, I drew two cards the 7 of Wands, the 6 of Wands. The 7 of Wands faces the Hermit and stands with wand raised against several black flying creatures with a threatening demeanor. Behind him is a strange but beautiful plant that is just starting to bloom. The 6 of Wands shows a Fey riding a giant turtle and holding a potted plant while other Fey watch him pass. This "success" card indicates that the confusion and worry associated with the Hermit can be managed and will lead to a victory over the former situation. In the step-review, starting at 3:
#3; Confusion, defensiveness, wonderment (for each of the three cards)
#4; I will figure this out, I will banish and thoughts of doubt, I will find a way to move away from this.
#5; The 9 (Hermit) is about reaching a capability-level, the 7 (of Wands) is about proving one's abilities, the 6 (of Wands) is about being recognized for one's achievements.
#6; The Hermit is of the Mode "Why?" and defines my reaction at discovering myself in this situation, the Element of the Wands is "Fire" -- what one thinks and perceives suggesting that my natural-to-me "logical" approach will work.
#7; Bring all of this together suggests; the Hermit is within a "testing" situation, he will defend himself against doubts and fears, and his choices will lead him away from the testing situation.
#8; Metaphor's might be "going where others fear to tread", "whistling in the graveyard", and "a journey (completion) begins with one step after the other".
#9; Snapshots of these cards include: stepping into a snake den, one good swing deserves another, did I really win this? (plant).
#10; Book meanings for these cards suggest searching, defending, claiming victory -- these are different from what I see in their tone.

The three cards make up a sequenced story line that fits with the way I see the Fey Hermit (which is different from how I see other Hermits in other decks).

The two Wand cards actually fit well with the Hermit's searching and thought processes of observing, categorizing, thinking, sharing and applying.

Interesting exercise. I wonder if my life-views and experiences have been placed upon the Hermit, and that shapes the way in which I see the other two Wand cards as fitting with the Hermit. So, do we shape our cards? Or, do the cards reflect the way we shape ourselves? Dave


I am still working on Activity 11.4 but I am part of the way through this step ... slowly catching up *LOL*


21 steps adept level 11

21 steps adept level 11
What will help me understand what my chosen card signifies for me?
Three of Pentacles
Four of Swords

The Three of Pentacles
Step 1: The Name of the card is: The Three of pentacles

Step 2: A literal description of this cards is:
A man is chiseling away at a plinth. He has been chiseling the relief of 3 pentacles with decorative surrounding’s It is almost complete. A cat stands beside him, rubbing itself against his feet. There are three onlookers, two men and one woman.

Repeated as an I statement:
I kneel chiseling hard at the plinth. I’m almost finished. My cat rubs up beside me. I have three people watching me work.

Step 3: Emotions, feeling and attitudes of the figures, and the mood and atmosphere of the environment are:
There is a mood of expectancy, the onlookers are concentrated, watching avidly the work and artisan is doing. A cat wants attention, so is rubbing its self against the leg of the artisan. The artisan chisel very concentrated at the work he is doing.

Repeated as an I statement:
I chisel on the plinth the three pentacles, my work is almost finished. This has been hard and sweaty work, so I work barebacked. My cat feels neglected I think, cause she purring for attention. I have three onlookers. I haven’t the time to acknowledge them as my work requires my full attention. Though I do feel they appreciated what I am doing, perhaps one is of royal blood, she wears the purple.

Step 4: My fairy tale is: There was a land, where time is lost, artisans plied there trade in safety and knowledge. One day a royal princess was out with her courtiers and came across a stone artist of extraordinary abilities. She and her friends were overjoyed by this artistry being formed by this man. A cat wondered by and rubbed himself against the artisan. “Oh a true portent “the princess cried out loud. The artisan turned and looked deeply into her eyes. Blushing, she shyly returned his gaze. This was the start of the love between a true master of art and a princess.

Repeated as an I statement:
I had been working long and hard, all day; though the sky was overcast I was warm and sweaty. Suddenly without me knowing it I was being observed by three courtiers. My cat wondered over and rubbed against me. The Lady cried out loud, I didn’t quiet catch what she said, but I looked deep into those beautiful almond eyes. She looked back. Yes, we fell in Love. I married her. And we lived happily ever after.

Step 5: The number or rank is about: Threes are about integration. The other cards associated with the threes are The Empress, The Hanged Man, and The World

Step 6: The suit/element/mode is about: What is happening? What is going on? What is the situation?

Step 7: Synthesizing number plus suit plus element yields:
Three of Pentacles is the integration of knowledge, skills, team working and goals giving results that are truly appreciated.

Step 8: Metaphors in this image include:
Keep up the good work
The beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Hard work has its rewards

Step 9: Questions to ask are:
What kind of job do I need? Thinking through the card, I need hard work, something that uses my skills. And I need to have feedback, to be appreciated again. (Working for oneself gets a bit lonely-lol). I want a happy ending. Snapshot: Made me think how little feed back we give each other.

Step 10: Book meanings for this card are: 78/Pollack: The duality of work for other or the community and work for self-development. DruidCraft: looks mostly on the side of hard work, skill development and rewards.
- Summarized they suggest: That to gain skills and the appreciation of others, hard work is necessary. The rewards are many, self development maybe the most important.

The Four of Swords:
Step 1: The Name of the card is: The Four of Swords
Step 2: A literal description of this card is: A man is sitting against an old oak tree, probably spring. One sword rests across his crossed legs. The three other stand by, the hilts towards the ground, the point to the sky. He sits contemplatively.

Repeated as an I statement: I sit, I think. I am done with things, but ready.

Step 3: Emotions, feeling and attitudes of the figures, and the mood and atmosphere of the environment are: The feeling are of waiting, withdrawal and perhaps healing. It is a time of reflection and recovery. The atmosphere is silent, a waiting for something to happen. Awakening can only come from outward forces, like spring bursting forth, dragging weary winter from its sleep and introspection, to meet summer anew.

Repeated as an I statement: I sit down, weary and thoughtful. I think about what has been and its consequences. I think about the future and what lies ahead. I have one sword ready – just in case.

Step 4: My fairy tale is: The knight of just and worthy deeds is finished with his work. He has brought justice to the kingdom, his family and friends. But a t what cost? To rid the kingdom of the evil tyrant, his own Uncle, a despot, whose main aim was to wrench the throne from his nephew, the true heir. But justice has been hard, it has brought heartbreak, loneliness and suffering. Withdrawn our hero Knight sits wearily down and contemplates the future. Though he has rid the kingdom from pestilence, the others will always be afraid of him, afraid that he will seek out there weaknesses and expose them. Has he, the winner, lost? Was the battle won but the war his damnation?

Repeated as an I statement: I sit here and think about how I got rid of that scumbag of an upstart pretender to the throne. I know it has cost a lot, people will always be afraid ogf me now, the slayer of untruths and treachery. But how I have grown, I have realized that I can live with myself, for being honest, seeking truth and liberty.

Step 5: The number or rank is about: Fours are about centering and retreat. The other cards associated with the card are. The Emperor and Death

Step 6: The suit/element/mode is about: What is happening? What is going on? What is the situation?

Step 7: Synthesizing number plus suit plus element yields. The Four of Swords is about centering thoughts and dilemmas, a time for reflection and retreat.

Step 8: Metaphors in this image include: Back to basics, back to square one. Beat the retreat, Cast your mind back. Get off my back. Take a back seat.

Step 9: Questions to ask are: What’s going to happen now? Leaving my present job, what will happen? Nothing to go to yet. I should sit down and think. Snapshot: Starting first day at my present job, full of expectations, excitement and wonder, and tiredness, lol.

Step 10: Book meanings for this card are: 78/Pollack: Rest and retreat atime to gain strength and allow help to come. A refusal or withdrawal to meet one own problems, or to retreat to recover from deep hurt. There is a healing aspect to this. The DruidCraft also points out how meditation in this resting or retreat time can help to healing and calmness.
Both suggest that retreat is a place where strength and healing may occur. This withdrawal is necessary.

I only used the same words with the Lady/Empress and the Three of pentacles, work and reaping rewards, but the Four of Swords could be said to be resting, like the Empress/Lady, as will the artisan after finishing his work. The Lady and the Three of pentacles show how creativity is and integral part of our lives.

The emotions are a different for a three cards I think. At first I saw similarities and tangent feelings; the resting poses of the Lady and the Four of Swords. The work being done by the Three of pentacles and the work done by the Four of Swords.

The Three of pentacles shows that hard work will give its rewards, like the Lady sitting with her harvest. The Four of Swords takes this experience, retreats and ponders its significance for his own self development and state of mind. All three cards show a sense of caring, one nurtures, one care for artistry and one cares for him self.

This was a tough one. But in the end a good one I think.

I liked how we could see similarities and convergences in the cards, but also how they hold their separateness and individuality.

Its sommer soon, and a lot of gardening awaits me, so I will be taking the next steps a bit slowly until either the temp drops below 10c or that it begins to snow again.

Verdi :)


I need to find the time to post. I have completed this and have it ready ... just need time (also finished 12) .... where does time go??????


Part 1

DECK: Fantastic Menagerie
CARD: The Moon

ACTIVITY 11.3: Considering the liability end of my chosen card:

What would a worst case scenario look like? Being completely trapped in my own fantasy world, with no sense of reality. Truly not being able see or function in the real world.

How could I consciously experience it, taking it as far as I can go? I can go into a complete state of denial, projecting my own personal fantasy or ideals into my life regardless of signs, warnings, or acknowledgement of others around me. Effectively becoming trapped in my own world regardless of what goes on around me. Once executed in my personal life, this would then bleed over into my professional life where my priorities would change, perhaps becoming peripheral and unimportant resulting in me getting fired and not even caring as it would allow me less contact with reality. Following that, I remove myself from social circles that interfere with my own delusional life. Never a sense of remorse or responsibility coming to the fore, effectively leaving me alone and trapped in my own delusion by my own device.

ACTIVITY 11.4: 3 Card Spread

What will help me understand what my chosen card signifies for me? The Moon, 2 of Coins, Ace of Coins.

Going through the first 10 Steps:

Step 1: Name
My chosen card is the Moon
I have drawn the 2 of Coins
I have drawn the Ace of Coins

Step 2: Description “I Statements”
The Moon: I stand on a porch, in front of stone arches, at night. There is a full moon, and a shadow of a rat within the moon. There is ivy climbing the walls. A wooden cut out of a man rests on the veranda leaning against the wall. It is behind me, like the moon, and I cannot see it. I am wearing a lilac colored, low cut top with bows. The sleeves are ¾ length with white lace at the elbows. My skirt is long and full. It is light blue with lilac designs. I wear a white lace doily on my head that looks like shoulder length hair. My eyes are large and my beak very small. My eyes are gold, round, and wide open. At my neck I wear a chocker with a pendant that is an upside down bird with outstretched wings. On my left arm I have a bracelet with a small brown rat dangling from it. On my index finger I wear a ring.

2 of Coins: I am walking a tightrope that hangs between two plants. I am relaxed and confident as I am using a Hibiscus stamen to balance myself. My antennae are long and standing straight up. I have a varied audience watching me, a couple of turtles, three mosquitoes, and four snails. There is also a grasshopper blowing on a Petunia trumpet.

Ace of Coins: I am monitor woman. On my laps is a baby sheep swaddled in ½ an egg shell. I am feeding him a bottle with one hand, but not touching him with the other. His eyes are closed. There is a grapevine arch behind me, and I am sitting on a bench, a pail of water to my left on the ground. I am wearing a very tall white hat. I am looking at the kid in my lap. My face is that of a monitor but my hands are human. The baby sheep has the head of a sheep and the hands of a human.

Step 3: Emotion, adding o to description
The Moon: Lady Owl is waiting for someone or something. What or who and I waiting for? U an waiting for quiet, peace, and calm. I am getting away.

2 of Coins: The grasshopper confidently walks the tightrope. He is focused and determined.

Ace of Coins: The monitor nanny lovingly looks at the baby sheep she is nurturing.

Step 4: Story
The Moon: Once upon a time lived a girl of noble birth. She was nice but not overly beautiful and a bit over weight. She watched the boys she dated all move on and marry someone other than herself, and always wondered what was wrong with her. Why not one of them asked her. At a certain point in her life she resigned herself to being the bridesmaid and never the bride, and to live in her own dreams and her own world, where she was the center of that world. At night she would go out onto her balcony and fantasize about her perfect lover. This made her happy and sustained her until one day she found her man, got married and lived happily ever after … or did she?

2 of Coins: Once upon a time lived Francois the Great Grasshopper. He thrilled crowds with his bone chilling tightrope act as he had no wings with which to fly and nor a spider web to catch him if he fell. His act was always introduced by his talented brother Pierre with his Petunia trumpet. Crowds, young and old alike, of varying species would travel the distance to watch Francois walk the rope. The excitement and adventure he brought, particularly to those such as tortoises and snails who would never be able to do such a thing was glorious. And so it was that the Grasshopper Soleil got its start, and was later replicated by humans and thrilled the world for ages.

Ace of Coins: Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was monitor nanny who cared for a baby sheep. It was a real adjustment for her at first as she had never cared for something so furry, warm blooded, and dependent in her life. At first she was not sure if it liked being touched when being fed, bet she could not help but caress the infant with her large dark eyes. As her comfort grew, she began taking the baby out into the sunshine and fresh air for its feedings as she knew both would help him grow and be strong. Plus she wanted to familiarize the little tyke with the sounds of nature. Though she made some mistakes, like trying to cover him up by putting him in an egg shell thinking it would make him grown faster plus protect him, her mistakes were not harmful and were made out of love and care not malice. The moral of this story is that even if we are not sure what others are doing, we should be hasty to judge them too harshly. We should give them the benefit of the doubt, ask them, and guide them with respect. Just because someone is different, does not mean they don’t care or are stupid.

Step 5: Number
The Moon #18: 1 + 8 = 9, nines are about solitude, wisdom, idealism, unconscious, dreams, astral, lunations, expectation, anticipation.

2 of Coins: Two’s are about choice, balance, opposites, duality, adaptability, cooperation, alliance, partnering, relating, reaction, reflection, expectant, duplicity, abivilence.

Ace of Coins: Ace’s are about newness, focus, seed, potentiality, gift, inspiration, pure energy, alone, wholeness.

Step 6: Suit, Element, Mode
The Moon:
Suit: N/A
Element: Water (receptive, empathic, secretive)
Mode: Major Arcana (answers the questing Why?)

2 of Coins:
Suit: Coins (centerdness, skills, instincts)
Element: Earth (sensuous, cautions, perservering)
Mode: Number card (answers the question What?)

Ace of Coins:
Suit: Coins (instincts, the body, security)
Element: Earth (dependable, cautious, practical)
Mode: Ace (answers the question Where?)

Step 7: Synthesis
The Moon: The Moon is the archetypal energy of the unconscious and expectation making us receptive and empathic.

2 of Coins: The 2 of Coins is the situation that prompts balance, adaptability or duplicity making us cautious and willing to persevere.

Ace of Coins: The Ace of Coins is the realm of earth which is dependable and practical and guides our instincts making us feel secure.


Part 2

DECK: Fantastic Menagerie
CARD: The Moon

Activity 11.4 continued:

Step 8: Metaphor:
The Moon:
1. In the stillness of the night
2. Living in a dream.
3. Crazy like a loon.

2 of Coins:
1. Walking the tightrope.
2. Walking on the wild side.
3. Daredevil.

Ace of Coins:
1. Growing like a weed.
2. As defenseless as a babe.
3. Bursting with life.

Actualizing a metaphor of change:
1. I am living in a dream (world.)
2. I am walking the tightrope.
3. I am bursting with life.
These metaphors suggest that I need to quit walking between my dream world and reality, staying in reality and life my life to its fullest potential.

Step 9: Query and Snapshots
The Moon: Copied from Activity 9.3
What's happening in the card? The owl lady is waiting anxiously for something or someone, and the moon is watching to see what happens.
What makes me think this? The direction the lady owl is facing and the intentness of her gaze, also where the eyes of the moon are facing and its facial expression.
What kind of person is Lady Owl? She is a romantic. She is wise and observant, but she is also a dreamer and a bit naive. She is trusting and willing to take risks on/and for others. She likes to help others, and wants to be liked and accepted. She is a bit mysterious.
What does the figure want? For whatever or whomever to show up.
Then what? Then she can go on about her business.
Where is she going? Back inside.
What will she do next? I don't know.
What is around her wrist? A dead mouse bracelet.
Why does she wear it? So she can eat it when she gets hungry. A snack.
What's her relationship to the carving shapped like a man leaning against the wall? It is a memory from her past that she has put behind her, but can't completly let go of.
What could she do with it? She could throw it away or burn it.
How does she feel about the memory? Sad that is only a memory.
Why is she sad about it? Because she misses that time and person in her life.
What is the mood of the environment? It is quiet but anxious.
Where am I in this card? I am Lady Owl.
How am I acting like Lady Owl? I tr to seek harmony and real delight and hapiness in my life now, but always have the nagging memory of the past memory. It is always there leaning on the wall.
How did Lady Owl get into this situation? She thought she could fill the void of the memory by replacing and ignoring it.
How often does this memory visit her? Sometimes it for months not showing up, but when things get stressful at home it comes on a regular basis. Mainly at night, when all is quiet right before sleep.
When do I think it will visit again? It is with me now.
How does this memory serve me? What am I getting out of it? In a way it torments me and keeps me from really enjoying what I have in my life now to the fullest. All I get out of it is sadness.
What about it torments me? That it ended and cannot be recaptured no matter how much I could wish it.
Where is the truth in what I have said? It is gone, over, and never coming back. Even it tried time and experiences change people so it would never be what it once was.

2 of Coins: The turtle with the backpack:
What kind of person is this? A happy go-lucky guy that loves to play and be entertained.
What does the figure want? He wants to be like the grasshopper on the tightrope.
Why does he carry a backpack? Because he likes to keep his favorite things with him.
Why? It makes him feel secure and happy knowing they are there. They are a part of who he is.
What will he do with the backpack? Tote it around and share its contents with special friends.
What does it mean when does that? It means he is sharing a part of who he really is with them.

Ace of Coins:
What is happening in the card? The monitor nanny is feeding the baby sheep, but she is a little scared of doing something wrong.
What make you think this? She seems afraid to touch him with her free hand.
What is she afraid of? Disturbing him when he looks so calm and is being so good.
What should the figure do? I don’t know.
What is she feeling? Love, burdened, and a little uncertain.
Where are you in this card? I am the monitor nanny.
How are you acting like this figure? I spend most of my time trying to anticipate my husband’s mood and trying to control the environment so he has no cause to be upset. I feel love, but also the weight of burden, some uncertainty, and some resentment.
How did the figure get into this situation? She took the job and committed herself to the infant.
What can she and you do about it? Set solid boundaries and enforce them.

Step 10: Meanings
The Moon: intuition, imagination, vision, drink, daydreams, fantasies, dishonest imagination, fear taking hold, confusion overcoming rationality, delusion.

2 of Coins: light step and light heart, juggling issues or problems, maintaining equilibrium, using short term methods to maintain a false balance, never seriously applying yourself.

Ace of Coins: care of the body and spirit in secure surroundings, traditional methods of dealing with resources, complacently remaining in a cozy life, failure to build on existing resources, early achievement, patience needed at project commencement, solid start.

Did you use any of the same words in your descriptions of all three cards? No. Each card is very different and portrays different animals and scenery.

Did you experience any similar emotions? Though the emotions are different they connect well together: anticipation, confidence, and love/nurturing.

Where does each card fit in the other cards’ stories? They all deal with personal responsibility, decisions, and choices. To a degree they are all in anticipation of something that will result in achieving a goal. They do not fit in each others’ story, but tell one with degrees of uncertainty and determination (stubbornness in the case of Lady Owl of The Moon).

Are there any suit, number, or modal similarities? 2 of the cards are coins and I used the keyword instincts in both as one of my keywords for them.

Did I use similar metaphors? They were somewhat similar as there is something carefree about the chosen metaphors.

Looking at the range of meanings for your each card, where do they overlap? There is a sense of inner struggle to them when combined. A false way of dealing or looking at something instead of facing it head on. Yet there is hope as well as opportunity.

In summing up this reading in regards to what my chosen card means to me, I would say that it means that I am standing on a patio in the moonlight waiting for my life to change, while using short term methods to maintain a false sense of balances and I am being complacent about it. It means dissociation! The Moon card means dissociation to me.


11:3 Adept
Moon Tarot of Dreams
We are asked to show the worse possible meaning of my chosen card.
This is all sorts of painful because it just happened last week to a friend of mine it was in the news, his name is Jake Olsen and the cops shot him on route 1 in South Brunswick, NJ after he went mad because he was off of his bi polar medication for 2 months.
The worse possible meaning of the moon card is lunacy, and delusional, or just following a illusion. I think it all applies to my friend Jake.


11:4 I have to post these in parts

Tarot of Dreams

Step1 The name of the card is Moon

Step2: literal description of the card as an I statement
I am the Moon looking through the glass magnifying my energy. I see the birds of the night, bats I believe they are called. Below them is a dog and wolf looking intently forward as if waiting for something. It is night time I am full

Step 3: emotions and feeling of the card and environment sated as an I statement.
I feel somber as I see the bats flying to a target, the wolf looks dead serious and the dog has his mouth opened but no teeth bared he seem content.

step 4 Fairy tale is… repeated as an I statement
Once upon a time I thought how beautiful the moon looked; I also admired the wolf baying at the orb of the night sky. I thought to myself if only I can harness the energy of the moon I could do amazing things. So I preceded to build a large magnifying glass over a stream. This was a special night for mother moon and she thought to have some fun with me. The moon laughed as I shrieked in horror as bats flew through the glass and dogs and wolves ran towards me. Now I know be careful what I play with.

King of Swords
Step1 The name of the card is King of Swords

Step2: literal description of the card.
I have silver armor on I am staring intently forward; I have 4 swords, point up, on my 4 corners. On top of 2 swords is a sphere like a planet on top of 2 others in the foreground is a crown connecting the wands. There are astrology symbols above me, it is night time

Step 3: emotions and feeling of the card and environment sated as an I statement.
I am the king I am serious , I will not be taken lightly, I feel weary on the inside.

step 4 Fairy tale is… repeated as an I statement
King of Swords
As I was thinking about how much knowledge there was in the world, I asked a wise old coyote where I may learn the wisdom of the universe. The coyote thought long and hard and suggested only the stars know all. Together we built 4 magically imbued swords around me and placed many powerful images on the cold steel. With the help of coyote I now understand the symbols of the sky but was trapped inside my own prison.

4 of Wands
Step1 the name of the card is 4 of Wands

Step2: literal description of the card
I am the planet in the background; I am sending my light through the partially opened door. There are 4 crowned staves standing around the door. All the staves, wands are gilded with ornate symbols. There are trees and grass in the foreground. It is night time.

Step 3: emotions and feeling of the card and environment sated as an I statement.
I see no one around I feel lonely but secure and in control.

step 4 Fairy tale is… repeated as an I statement
4 of wands
In a valley in the middle of Brazil there lived an ancient tribe who worshiped the sky, believing the red planet the farther of the sky they built a door surrounded by 4 magical upright trees stripped of their bark and branches. These were the oldest trees in the oldest part of the forest. Believing there was only one way to speak to myself they built a door to seek audience with me, they entered this door never to return.