ADEPT LEVEL, Step NINE, 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card


Step NINE is about questions and snapshots. This step starts off discussing open-ended questions, a wonderful way to draw out the querent's perceptions of the card(s) before him/her. It is the unexpected comment, or the new-to-us way of expressing something that creates a special moment. This special moment where both we and the querent embark together on our journey of discovery is part of the magic of the Tarot.

Mary Greer gives us dialog between the reader and querent which illustrates how this process might work. From this dialog, which started so easily, we can see how the whole shape of the querent's problems started to emerge. No guessing, no tarot-babble. Just sharting which allows the reader to proceed with a better understanding of the context in which the cards are to be read.

Mary takes our focus back to "snapshots" and the metaphors they represent. As we have learned, metaphors are symbol groupings having (often) emotional charges that make them powerful carriers of meaning.

Step 9:2 brings us into the reader's shoes, where we are asked to pickup that role. We get both the positive and less-positive aspects of reading from Mary so that we can better judge what our standards of self-expectation should be as we try to better relate to others in service to their needs.

We find in this step extensive Empowerment Questions. It is my belief that these questions could be the basis of a couple of months of fruitful discussion. So often, I feel, we do disservice to ourselves concerning the questions we ask or don't ask compared to what we could have asked and better advanced the conversation. Perhaps we can do just that--explore these questions once we have done this step. Your comments on this will be most welcome.

Another treasure of this step is Mary's addressing of "Anomalies and Blind Spots" -- the quirks in a reading that we sometimes gloss over because we can't fit it into our reading flow. In my many years of astrological practice, I've learned that it is precisely these wrinkles that offer us greater understanding of a person's life story.

Step 9:4 brings us to a self-testing phase.

I think that this chapter is probably the richest and deepest portion of the book we have encountered so far. I expect we'll love this and gain so very much from it. As always, have fun. Take this at whatever pace is right for you. Dave


adept step 9


What other questions could you ask Emily?

-Have there been other past instances in your life when you felt just as you do now?
-What would be the worse case scenerio if you did look at the “monster” directly?
-What is the best outcome you can imagine for yourself in that instance?

Which of her statements seemed unfinished, with more to be revealed?

Reader: What would happen if they (swords) fell?
Emily: I’d be lost.

Then she jumped in with the monster metaphor…

Emily: The monster could get me. The woman looks like she’s wearing a nightgown…

I’d want to know more about how she feels “lost”.

What intrigued you most?

That something started in the mind (swords/air) can be addressed (or solved) through the emotions (moon).

In regards to the question about the word “determined”…
"As the reader, I was struck by the final word, "determined,"which seemed like an unfinished thought. I asked Emily, "Determined to do what?"
What would you answer, if this were your card?

How would I answer if the Robin Wood 2 of Swords were my card?
My answer was “determined” to get my thoughts straight. That was my initial reaction to that question.
Thing is I was looking at those swords, knowing what “swords” means to me-that being the intellect, thinking, communicating. Emily, the querent, does not know what swords means in a tarot read, so her answer (“I don’t know”) made more sense than mine.
Certainly hers was much more realistic.

I’m quickly finding this step a bit of a monster, it’s bothering me, as I realize, I’m not so sure how to ask an appropriate question to a querent. It would be like being on a date with that eHarmony find…lots a jitters, sweaty palms, how does one think straight, or calmly enough to ask the “right” question?
On a date, I’d want to give a good impression, but how can that be done when one is nothing more than a bundle of nerves?
That’s it, this step is making me nervous as if I’m actually in Emily’s presence. I know--my problem:rolleyes:
moving on...

Where is the emotional content?
The monster story.

Turn these into questions you would ask her. Keep the questions focused on details that are confirmed in some way by the card(Robin Wood-2 of Swords).

- How long do you think you can sit still?
- What is this monster going to do to you?
- Will you put up a fight?
- How will you defend yourself?
- What are your strengths?
- What are this monster’s weaknesses?
- How will you know the monster is gone if you cannot see?
- After the monster leaves, what will you do?
-are you going to eat that? lol-just kidding, will return later with next sub-step:)



Using VR 4 of Wands…

1) Using the chart of empowerment questions starting on page 84, ask yourself about your chosen card or any other card you want to explore.

What is happening in the card?
Seems people are gathering to hear a band play.

What makes you think this?
Seeing the band on stage and the people forming a crowd.

What kind of person is this?
Appears like a low budget performance, or a free concert.

What does the figure want?
To entertain.

If you did know, then what?
“just make it up”
“if it were a fairy tale, then what?”
They are celebrating something, perhaps an announcement was just made that the war was over, and boom, they break out in song. These performers are just as surprised at their impromptu performance as is the crowd. You said “just make it up”, and I did, lol!

Where is he going?
These folks definitely feel like road rats to me, so, don’t know “where” next is, but it’s definitely somewhere. This particular performance was NOT on the schedule…that’s my take on it.

What will the figures do next?
Probably get off stage and go into the nearest saloon to celebrate/gather with everyone else, continue the celebration.

What should the figure do?
Go to the nearest saloon and continue to celebrate, lol.

What is she holding?
A drum stick.

What is he looking at?
The crowd below.

What does the object do?
What is it used for?
To strike a drum.

What’s her relationship to (a specific person of thing) in the card?
Her drum stick is part of her instrument. This is what she uses to call attention to herself. To get the beat going, to gather people to her. The lady in pink is part of a group, she is a member of this group/team. Her drumming compliments their performance. They all support each other.

What will he do (or could he do) with…?
If attacked, she could possibly use the drum stick as a weapon. On this day, in this card, I just see her as keeping time.

How do the figures in the card feel about…?
Confident, like this is not their first performance. They know what they offer and offer it in good intent and form.

What is he feeling (blank) about?
(sad/happy/sorry—using the querents own words)
“happy” about being able to gather a crowd who seem to be having a good time. “Give and take” seems to have succeeded in this scenerio, what more do you want?

What is the mood or atmosphere of the enviroment?

Where are you in this card?
I’m the face in the crowd, smiling.

How are you acting like this figure?
Pleased at the performance, perhaps relieved for the time being.

Where is this happening in your life right now?
This is a very good time in my life right now, in general. Gratitude, I’m finding, makes it possible to enjoy (my life) today, rather than me looking back 5 years from now saying…those were good days. The fact is, I’m at a point of renewal.

How is this true?
Just in the way that I realize things in my life and making appropriate changes. Catching the instances of habit within myself and moving forward…these things are new for me.

How did the figure get into this situation?
I’m sure these ladies have some sort of hard luck story, but they found themselves, each other. All sharing a commonality of some sort, and there lies their strength, in being together, sharing their travels.

When was the most recent occurrence of something like this?
I can’t figure on one major occurrence. I do, however, notice it in the stories I hear at work. I could be cutting someone’s hair, and in conversation, I find something in common with the other person. There could be a 40 year gap between us, and yet, we both lost fathers at age 2, and what that meant to us. Real interesting. It makes me feel that I’m not the only one. I enjoy finding common ground with another.

How could you see this happening in the near future?
I guess by just being open to it.

Is it true? Can you absolutely know this for sure?
I suppose nothing is for sure, but considering my own past patterns, “being open” is different for me. So I’ll head in that direction for now.

How does this situation serve you?
What are you getting out of it?
I think it is in my best interest to not “expect” too much from any one thing or one person. What do I get out of it? I think peace of mind mostly, and perhaps a little joy.

Why is it good?
What makes it so?
Proofs in the pudding!
I’m enjoying my life in a manner in which I never have before, and to me, that’s a good thing.

How can (I choose the word) “reunions” be?
Joyous, I hope, and yet, speaking of snapshots…I remember meeting my grandmother for the first and last time at 15. It was joyful, and sad as well. I knew in my heart I would not see her again, and never did. Today, certainly, I am more grateful for that experience and memory…it is precious to me, and always will remain. Yes, joy tinged with sadness.

If she’s not (blank), then what is she?
If she’s not “joyful” than what is she? Most likely reflective.
Being able to compare past and present, and putting things into perspective, proves helpful and meditative.

Where is the truth in what you’ve just said?
That I’d rather be at a point of balance or neutrality (meditative) than feeling despair, or sadness, or intoxicating joy. Being reflective, to me, means not having to climb out of a hole I dug, or falling from a tower I’ve built. Meditation is effortless.

Name several things not going on in the card.
-no banner announcing the occasion
-the name of the band
-name of town
-more crowd shots, anyone dancing?
-are there more members of the band?
-are these ladies related?
-what kind of people are they playing for?
-what day of the week is it?

Turn these into yes/no questions:
-is there a banner?
-do you know the name of the band?
-is this a town you would like to live in?
-is the crowd happy?
-is 4 enough to make a band?
-do you think these four women are sisters?
-do the people in the crowd appear poor?
-can you guess what day of the week it is?

Respond with details that correct these “mistaken” impressions:
Is there a banner?
Yes, although I cannot read it, it does face the crowd. So they (the crowd) know the occasion, and/or name of the band.

Is this a town you would like to live in?
Yes, everyone seems to get along. The crowd seems closely packed without disruption.

Is 4 enough to make a group?
Yes, and the crowd seems to add to their performs, so I guess there are more than 4 performers.

Do you think these four women are sisters?
Probably not since they appear too close in age, so perhaps cousins, or childhood friends.

Do the people in the crowd appear poor?
No, they look too finely dressed.

Can you guess what day of the week it is?
Sunday because there are bright colors in the crowd, and once again, well dressed.

This was a difficult step for me, one I'll be thinking on for a while.


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Dave starts the 9th step.

In reading the dialog between the Reader and Emily I was struck by the answer at the bottom of page 80 (It helps me to keep calm. If I don't have to see the monster, then I won't be as afraid) and the following question at the top of page 81 (Where in your life do need to stay absolutely calm?).

What has happened here is very important to the reader-querent interchange;
the reader has taken a free-form statement about what the querent sees in the card that relates to them -- and then brings the dialog back into real life by taking the card-related comment and transferring it into the querent's actual situation. This strikes me as one of those important lessons that this book and exercise is so full of.

Step 9:2
Questions that might have come up . . .
** Would you consider it a good idea to stand up and walk away from the water?
** What steps would you have to take to leave this situation behind you?
** Couldn't your tax expert figuratively take hold of these swords?
** Can you believe that a big problem is made easier if sliced into smaller problems? Could the swords indicate this as a solution?

Another "nugget" of gold, for me, was found on page 83. Mary noted, "Simply by responding to your questions, querents name the situation, provide clues to their underlying issues, and come up with their own solutions. . . . The reader, then, uses her/his knowledge of the ards to affirm what's been said or point out additional possibilities." We all "know" this but we also frequently forget it also. Good advice to keep in mind.

I'll take the card that I have chosen, the Fey Tarot's Hermit, and link some of the empowerment questions to it as if it had come up in a reading.

** What's happening in the card? A) The Hermit is watching where he steps in the chaos of the many stairways.

** What makes you think this? A) He is only a step or two from the end of his stairway and the intersection with other stairways. He carries a lantern but there are many dark areas and shadows.

** What should the figure (Hermit) do? A) Pause! There are so many stairs that one should consider one over another but one should look at the larger picture and decide which direction to move in. Then stairways should be chosen that leads one in that direction. A shift in how we "view" a situation.

** How did the Hermit get into this situation. A) He was following a path, came to another path and didn't pay attention to where he was going. The he found himself with many paths and no clear direction to move in.

** How does this situation serve you? A) The card points out the contending situation I'm in at this point; staying focused on my book development while taking time to explore opportunities to learn about additional situations that can expand my perspective about formatting and enhancing my book. At some point I will have to stop, pick a direction, and then utilize only those stairways that lead me to where I want to go. Does the Hermit contain a bit of "discrimination" within its several meanings?

I just asked about "discrimination." Keywords for the traditional or Waite-Smith Hermit might include searching, seeking students, moving onwards, solitude for thinking, finding "quietness". Keywords for the Fey Hermit might include wandering, observing, searching, being lost, needing to make a decision or to pause.

The questions that these words might inspire:
** Are you searching or just wandering?
** Are you giving thought to what this situation means for you?
** What do you really observe here?
** Do you feel the need to make an immediate decision?

I liked this section. It reminds me of when I left the manufacturing fields I had been engaged in to become a business software salesperson. When travelling with the VP of Sales, I was often infuriated with the dumb questions that he asked, often in direct conflict of what had been said earlier in conversation. Was his memory that bad? I learned that "dumb" questions always resulted in something being clarified. When used strategically, these questions would seem to move the prospective buyer closer to contract signing. Dumb like a fox is a good phrase for this common sales practice.

** Is this Hermit following the stairs to a doorway? A) No, there are too many stairs, all topsy-turvey and bewildering.
** What needs to be done now to resolve this confusion?

Step 9:3
I have already done this earlier in my eagerness to jump into these questions. However, the book also asks us to name several things not going on in the card? Then to turn these into yes/no questions and respond with details.

** The Hermit is not interacting with the many creatures creeping around the stairways. The hermit is not reaching out to the book laying on a landing; what might this book convey?
** Should the Hermit attempt something with the stair-creatures? Yes. First he should try to attract them to see where that leads. If unsuccessful, he should try to scare them to see where they run to. Perhaps that is a direction he should also follow.
** Should the Hermit pause and just look about him to see what he sees? Yes. The book should prove interesting as someone else left it there. Who, why, what does the book offer?

This was a great exercise. Love those questions. Dave


21 ways adept level step 9

21 steps adept level 9.

DruidCraft. Chosen card: The Lady

Which of her statements seemed unfinished, with more to be revealed?
“…where something is coming after me” Thought the blindfold seems to be connected with the IRS, who or what is coming after her. So Emily could perhaps talk more of the nightmare scenario. Are there other fears than the IRS?
Q: What are you defiant about?
Q: What do you see in the moon?
Q: Did you put the blindfold on?

What intrigued me most?
It was Emily’s need to be calm, not move. Like an animal blinded by headlights. A lot of fear here.
Q: What do the choppy waters indicate?

Where is the emotional content?
The nightmare scenario stands out as very emotional. She seems to have a lot of fear building up. A dam about to burst. Another reason to stay absolutely calm, a drop more and the whole dam will fail and come rushing towards here, unstoppable.
Q: Why this feeling of unhappiness in the card?

1. Empowerment questions for the Lady.

What kind of person is this?
This is a lady with a lot going on. Her arms are full, she’s in late pregnancy. It seems she is sitting a bit exhausted by the stream, cooling her feet. Looks like she’s got enough riches, so why is she alone with no help?

What is she holding?
She’s holding the harvest wheat – to make bread? She is also holding lots of fruit and flowers.

What will the figure do next?
I think she will get up and go home and rest some more. Though I suspect she will have to make dinner and clean the house.

What will she do (or she could do) with the things in her hand?
She could make bread and food with the fruit. The flowers she can decorate her home. The bread will smell lovely and the flowers will make the home nice.

How does the figure in the card feel about this?
I think she like it, though she may think it’s all too much right now, what with being pregnant as well.

How are you acting like this figure? Where is this happening in your life right now?
Actually I’ve got too much on my plate right now. And I know it will be worse in April. But I’m going to rest in Easter, so I can get my energies back. I feel that I’m being pulled in many directions and not sure if it’s appreciated all the time.

How does this situation serve you? What are you getting out of it?
Good question. I think I will reap rewards for it later. I know things will get into place, and afterwards I will be thanked. I know the work load will be better in May. So by doing a lot now, I am saving time later on.

My questions were about these “material evoked” I think I will call them attributes (a quality or characteristic inherent in or ascribed to the empowerment questions). I wonder if the list should be changed around with the attributes first? Anyway it gives an overview of which attributes inherent lie in a card.
These are the "material evoked" or attributes:
Opinions and attitudes pointing to shadow issues and projections
Possible actions
A possible tool or ability
Ongoing behaviour
Relevance and a specific context
Benefits and values

2. What’s not going on:

There is no action
There are no others
There is no dialogue

2. b: Yes/no questions:
Is the lady at rest?
Is the Lady alone?
Is the lady silent?

2. c: Details that correct these mistaken impressions:

She isn’t really at rest. She is actively holding on to the harvest. She exudes an active abundance of the good things in life.

She isn’t alone. She has an unborn child in her.

She isn’t silent. She may be talking to the unborn baby. Communicating with the unborn, the silent members of her family. Actually I think she looks more empathic now. More attuned to those that need her. To show empathy is to communicate.

Well this was a tough one. It was interesting the “mistaken impressions” It is so easy to take things at face value.

Verdi. :)


Adept Level - Step 9 Querie & Snapshopts


ACTIVITY 9:2 (using the Radiant RWS):

What other questions could I ask Emily?
- What does keeping the swords up do for you?
- Defiant about what?
- What about the figure in the card tells you she is unhappy?
- Why is your back to the sea and the moon?
- What would happen if you uncrossed your swords?

Which of Emily's statements seemed unfinished with more to be revealed?
- "I don't know ..."
- "... no matter what."
- "I'd be lost."
- " I don't want to know ... but I couldn't afford the photographic supplies if they weren't deductible."
- "I don't know."

What intrigued me the most? Emily's determination to not deal with the issues even when she knows what they are. Confounding to me.

Where is the emotional content? In her feeling that something is out to get her, and in her frustration with her problems not just going away. She appears to have no sense of personal responsibility, and no desire to take any.

Turning these into questions I can ask:
- Does the figure in the card know what kind of monster is out to get her?
- What is the figure in the card hoping for?
- What can she do to make it go away?
- Is she willing to do those things? Why? Why not?


(1) Using the empowerment questions, ask myself about my chosen card:

What's happening in the card? The owl lady is waiting anxiously for something or someone, and the moon is watching to see what happens.

What makes me think this? The direction the lady owl is facing and the intentness of her gaze, also where the eyes of the moon are facing and its facial expression.

What kind of person is Lady Owl? She is a romantic. She is wise and observant, but she is also a dreamer and a bit naive. She is trusting and willing to take risks on/and for others. She likes to help others, and wants to be liked and accepted. She is a bit mysterious.

What does the figure want? For whatever or whomever to show up.

Then what? Then she can go on about her business.

Where is she going? Back inside.

What will she do next? I don't know.

What is around her wrist? A dead mouse bracelet.

Why does she wear it? So she can eat it when she gets hungry. A snack.

What's her relationship to the carving shapped like a man leaning against the wall? It is a memory from her past that she has put behind her, but can't completly let go of.

What could she do with it? She could throw it away or burn it.

How does she feel about the memory? Sad that is only a memory.

Why is she sad about it? Because she misses that time and person in her life.

What is the mood of the environment? It is quiet but anxious.

Where am I in this card? I am Lady Owl.

How am I acting like Lady Owl? I tr to seek harmony and real delight and hapiness in my life now, but always have the nagging memory of the past memory. It is always there leaning on the wall.

How did Lady Owl get into this situation? She thought she could fill the void of the memory by replacing and ignoring it.

How often does this memory visit her? Sometimes it for months not showing up, but when things get stressful at home it comes on a regular basis. Mainly at night, when all is quiet right before sleep.

When do I think it will visit again? It is with me now.

How does this memory serve me? What am I getting out of it? In a way it torments me andkeeps me from really enjoying what I have in my life now to the fullest. All I get out of it is sadness.

What about it torments me? That it ended and cannot be recaptured no matter how much I could wish it.

Where is the truth in what I have said? It is gone, over, and never coming back. Even it tried time and experiences change people so it would never be what it once was.

(2) name several things not going on in my card. Turn them into yes/no questions. Respond with details that correct these "mistaken" impressions:

- Lady Owl is alone. Is Lady Owl alone? no, there are others just inside.

- Lady Owl is just out for a stroll. Is Lady Owl just out for a stroll? No, she is waiting for something or someone.

- The mouse in the moon is Lady Owl's shadow. Is the mouse in the moon Lady Owl's shadow? Yes. She may look like an owl, but the mouse in the moon is her shadow self. She also wears her shadow as a bracelet. She is aware of it and close to it.

- The full moon is influencing Lady Owl? Is the full moon influencing Lady Owl? Yes. It makes her dream and reminisce.

- Lady Owl is aware of the wooden carve out laying against the wall. Is Lady Owl aware of teh wooden carve out laying against the wall? Yes. She put it there, and visits it when she can, but does not admit that is what she is doing.

- The sun is shining. Is the sun shining? No, it is nightime, no room for sun here.

This exercise was actually somewhat painful ... well that or my card is *LOL*.


Just 9.2 much more to come tonight

Adept 9:2 (the caboose moves) more questions for Emily
Q: With your emotions (water) to your back and blind folded to your thoughts (swords) how will you progress?
Q: Which of the above are you most afraid to face?
Q: The wind is moving your gown do you suppose Air (thoughts, verbal communication) is trying to motivate you?
Q: Are you afraid to face the light of day (when people have depression they do not like even walking up sometimes) and they world gets kind of gray.

What intrigued me the most?
This goes along with the card; she is trying to ignore the 800lb gorilla in the room. She understands the issue but she is blinded (pun intended) to the fact she has to do something. She has paralysis by analysis.
What question seems unfinished?
When confronted about her photographic supplied she said she cannot afford them if not deductible and when asked if they was true she refused to answer but earlier states she would rather fake a profit. Combined this hints of her own conscience being the monster in the water (emotions)
The emotional content is fear and discontent, I am not sure if apathy is an emotion but she is trying to do the head in the sand thing a lot.
Q: if you turned around and faced the monster do you think your 2 swords would e enough?
Q: If letting the swords down is out of the question how about doing something with them?
Q: If you do not move the monster can see you easy how about placing your back to the rock? (I am guessing her apathy will be defeated if she does something anything, objects in motion tend to stay in motion…)


Hey caboose ... I mean Coyote ~grins~. I really like the way you explored Emily's questions, and I would say that apathy is an emotion as well as a mental state.

I am looking forward to seeing how you relate to the moon in activity 9:3, it was an interesting experience for me.


Jewel said:
Hey caboose ... I mean Coyote ~grins~. I really like the way you explored Emily's questions, and I would say that apathy is an emotion as well as a mental state.

I am looking forward to seeing how you relate to the moon in activity 9:3, it was an interesting experience for me.

Thanks study buddy I keep thinking of the caboose thinf and the moon and i want to start quoteing Blain the train from stephan kings dark tower series. I should have this done in a little while


Empowerment questions

What does the object do?
There is a large round glass thing with bats coming out of it. It appears to be magnifying the energy of the moon with night mares coming out of it in the form of bats. It is just odd that it is day time in the glass maybe it is some kind of mirror.

What is it used for
I always thought to moon related to dreams and emotions the water aspect of my life and personality. It seems the glass is either magnifying it or reflecting the moon energy. The bats are sonar guided creatures of the night that fly so I am thinking my thoughts and emotions need to be more in sync or I need to look at them better.

What is the mood or atmosphere of the environment?
Spooky but calm, like when I was a kid I was afraid of what I did not know but when I shed a little light on it and really looked at things for what they were I was empowered and learned from the situation.

Where is this happening in your life right now?
In work I have been trying to find a job in the computer field but it is really hard with the economy, I always based my life happiness on things I can do and buy now I have to be happy for my inner working and spiritual growth. This scares me because I am so out of control. But so far have been ok and unemployment ha taken care of me and I can go to more meetings.

How is this true
I am still living in my house I have not missed a payment, I am able to eat and survive and I think I have a better trust in my higher power, because I have no choice in the matter. It is still scary though soon I will have to explain this huge gap in my resume, lucky for me I decided to go to school and work on my degree for business.

Where is the truth in what you just said
Where in the card? The dog and wolf have no apparent ground to stand on but yet they are in the for front of the card , nothing in the card makes any physical since yet it is going on and moving so some force greater then my understanding is still at work.

part 2

Several things not going on in this card
Movement away from the moon, normally the dogs like creatures and crabs are moving toward the moon.

Is going towards the moon helpful? Yes facing your issues and not hiding from them a l a Emily is normally a better choice

Is this possibly a better choice? I will say in this car yes, because maybe the moon is an illusion and walking away from the illusion takes away from its power.

The wolf and dog are above water will they fall in the stream.

No, they are there s far so maybe this is all part of the illusion

Except the fact I do not know everything and sometimes I have to except the higher powers will and the fact he/she knows better