ADEPT LEVEL STEP TEN; 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card


"Meanings" is the theme for this step. Mary Greer notes that meanings of tarot cards once consisted of "keywords". Then religious themes, myths and folk meanings became attached, incorporated or partially embedded. All in all, the commentary preceding 10:2 provides quite a bit of information on the evolution of meanings.

Several categories of meanings-systems are also detailed over several pages. Step 10:2 is a "studying" step first, and then a "doing" step. Note the instructions immediately following the "Activity 10:2" heading. If this is a lot of work, consider breaking this step into segments.

Step 10:3 gives us two cards to work with and asks us to apply four levels of meaning to each of these cards. You might also want to use your chosen card for this step in addition to the two cards given.

As usual, Mary surprises us with something unexpected, a means of amplifying body awareness as a means of increasing our access to the subconscious.

Finally, step 10:4 is one of those steps that stretch our minds and which will need to be done over a period of time -- perhaps we can catch up with this before the end of this series.


This thought occurred to me last night. I realized that I had been delaying posting this step -- I hate to think of this experience ending in another few months. But, that is still a ways off. Until then, lets continue the excitement of learning through doing, doing with new thoughts and skills. Dave


dadsnook2000 said:
This thought occurred to me last night. I realized that I had been delaying posting this step -- I hate to think of this experience ending in another few months. But, that is still a ways off. Until then, lets continue the excitement of learning through doing, doing with new thoughts and skills. Dave

I guess you'll have to come up with another "most scathingly brillant" new idea/project after 21 is done Dave:laugh:


warming up the engine...

Using the Victorian Romantic 4 of Wands, 5 of Wands, and Emperor…

Using book interps … turn each into a question and then answer them.

From The Illustrated Book of Tarot by Jane Lyle:

in the 4 of wands the stability of the four expresses itself in a fiery way. Since fire is an expansive element, this card represents a successful, and abundant harvest, and also signifies a well-earned rest.
Q: What gets you fired up?
A: Usually an AH-HA! moment will do it for me.
Q: Where in this card (VR 4 of Wands) do you see this “ah-ha” moment?
A: I feel it is on the smiling face of that lady in the crowd. The look on her face makes me think she has found something familiar on that stage. Something sought after for a while.
Q: If you could sum up what that lady is feeling in one word, what word would it be?
A: It would be connection.
Q: Where in your life are you experiencing a “connection”?
A: Mostly in an understanding of my world and myself and the meaning I get from it.

From Gerd Ziegler’s Mirror of the Soul:

The circle is full. All contradictions and opposites come together and connect at the center. The harmony between male and female, active and passive has returned. The fire of creativity is kindled by this occurrence.
Q: How do you feel you have come full circle?
A: When experiencing loss (as an example), and having questions in regards to that loss. In seeking answers I’d hear/read others experiences in regards to loss, and realize I’m not the only one. Then finding that I’m not truly defined by such a loss and gaining some peace from that realization. That peace, in turn, provides an answer, an answer that satisfies. Thereby completing a small circle of thought.
Q: Has it always been that quick?
A: Not always, sometimes it takes me months, years, to realize an answer to a problem, and then to “test” it out, more time…it really is a process.
Q: How do you define creativity?
A: There was a time when I would imagine a true creative was one who could work well with their hands. Create wonderful works of art…and I still do, of course. But, now, I’m expanding on the word in regards to creative living and the true art of that. Still learning.
Q: Where do you find “harmony” in opposites?
A: Gerd Ziegler stated “male and female…active/passive” I guess you can also include “me and them” in that my harmony has come (at times) in recognizing the similarities within myself and others. We, as people, really are not as different or separate from each other as we may believe.

The following quote is in reference to the number 4…
From It’s All In Your Numbers by Kathleen Roquemore:

Self-discipline-one of the means of learning self-discipline is through work, and your path is largely that of work and service. It is time when you must learn to make yourself do what needs to be done, to be efficient and organized, to produce through service and self-control.
Q: In what manner do you “self-discipline”?
A: It could be as simple as replacing one bad habit with one good habit…like instead of leaving a dirty dish in the sink (oh, I’ll do it later), I will wash it up immediately until I no longer have to think of doing it. Another thing I notice about myself is how my mind just wanders off, I’m starting to catch myself in those moment and focus. Small baby steps, I know, but I have to start somewhere.
Q: How do you serve your community?
A: I suppose the most obvious manner is through work. Besides offering hair services, I do notice when people wish to talk, and then I listen. Share a story and maybe a laugh or two. Just very basic, simple stuff, and I notice people do appreciate.

You know after doing this step again, I feel like I’m really understanding what that VR 4 of Wands wants to express to me right now. I so enjoyed revisiting this sub-step.

Give an example of the 4 levels of meaning-physical, allegorical, moral, spiritual-for the following 2 cards. Feel free to use the meanings given in books.

VR 5 of Wands
My interp:A fight is about to ensue (literal). The fact that all men present are wearing the same types of shoes signifies they are all from the same class of people (allegorical). So who is better suited to this conflict?
The intent of the man bearing his chest seems to want to intimidate, have the last word, but the older man holding the stick threatens bodily harm. Since the man with the open shirt has no defenses, it maybe better for him to avoid the confrontation all together (moral). Your powers of discernment are being tested, how far will you go, and can you think clearly enough (spiritual)?

Book Meanings:
From The Illustrated Book of Tarot by Jane Lyle:
Views differ, arguments arise, and sparks fly.
There is plenty of adrenalin around, and likely to be plenty of rows as well. However, none of this should be seen as damaging in retrospect; a finer product or set of ideas is being forged.
From Gerd Ziegler’s Mirror of the Soul:
Because the free flow of energy is greatly restricted, it has begun to stagnate.
This concentrated charge of energy strives vainly to find a possibility for expression.

VR Emperor
My interp:Sitting in a position of power (literal). This man’s stillness can denote a confidence and ability to plan the next move (allegorical). His Emperor’s leadership style seems well-suited to the task at hand, and regardless of outcome, he will do what is right (moral). Sustaining his power will depend on how well he is connected to his people (spiritual), and their needs.

Book Meanings:
From Gerd Ziegler’s Mirror of the Soul:
The qualities of true leadership include humility and submission to the cosmic law, as well as dynamism and power.
A deep understanding and a constant consideration of the will of the Whole are also necessary.
From The Illustrated Book of Tarot by Jane Lyle:
When you draw the Emperor you may be on the verge of a promotion, or be in a position where others look to you for direction. In terms of career, The Emperor signifies that you prefer to be boss and are not a natural employee.

VR 4 of Wands
My interp...People gathering to see a band play (literal). The good cheer on everyone’s faces indicates that all is right in the world for this one moment (allegorical). It is good to be open to these small moments of happiness, regardless of how long or little they last (moral). Being grateful for these little shows makes it easier to recognize these everyday miracles when they do happen (spiritual).

Book Meanings:
From The Illustrated Book of Tarot by Jane Lyle:
The four of wands suggests moving into a new home, or even acquiring second home. A powerful sense of security is signified by this card
From Gerd Ziegler’s Mirror of the Soul:
Something beautiful is making its way into your relationships. You may notice it first as established conditions are called into question and discussed openly. Clarifying the old is a prerequisite for a new oneness, a new beginning.

I must admit that in choosing these book passages, I did note a sort of excitement and recognition which prompted me to pick them. When I started this exercise, I was somewhat sleepy, but by the end of 10:3, I was fully awake and now wired, lol! So all and all, enjoyed this step(10)very much.


In keeping my tarot journal which includes daily draws, I have seldom referred to tarot books, especially the last journal I kept. Reason is not so much arrogance as just “knowing” how the cards are speaking to me in reference to my day. It’s usually an “oh, yeah” sort of feel to them.
In any case, it will be refreshing to pull the card(s) at the end of my day and relate to book meanings. Lately I haven’t done all that many daily pulls, so this will be a great time to get back into it!
Will see what happens and report back at end of 21 ways adept.
Lastly, the scans provided have more than one card on each, but just pick out the VR 4 &5 of Wands and Emperor-much thanks,


Feb.12 2009
Tarot of the Spirit
I just completed my 31st daily throw and am very pleased with the results. I admit there were a couple of days when I was scratching my head wondering what the book interp was trying to tell me about my day. But the rest of the time, on this first month was/is a revelation. The funny thing is that on these throws, which I did at the end of my day, everyday, many times the card was telling me about one single aspect of my day, or a particular thought that struck me at a certain point, or even a daily throw that was about what I had seen on TV in the morning, and the thoughts coming from it. This month really opened my eyes, and I'm glad I tried again. I found it very rewarding:)

March 16 2009
Victorian Romantic
I finished and found that as I reached the end of the month with this deck...what the book interp was saying was not matching what actually happened during my day. Also, things that I thought rather significant were completely ignored, lol, oh well.
BUT- I really love this little companion book, because everything is so thoughtfully written and done. It is as beautiful as the deck. One part of me liked it when I had no clue what the cards were about, and when I read the was such a revelation. There were details in some cards I never saw before. The eagle at the feet of the Queen of Cups, how well-dressed the man is in the 10 of pents, the little child on the 5 of swords egging on the other child to fight with the 3rd...I thought they were all working in concert, and both Lovers cards--I didn't know it was suppose to be Baccus or the others, Beatrice and Dante. So I really did enjoy 'finding' out the intended meaning of these card. Thank you, Jewel, for telling me to purchase the book, because I didn't think I could until I found Baba's website. I'm glad I did!


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dadsnook2000 said:
This thought occurred to me last night. I realized that I had been delaying posting this step -- I hate to think of this experience ending in another few months. But, that is still a ways off. Until then, lets continue the excitement of learning through doing, doing with new thoughts and skills. Dave
Ohhhhhhh I know ... by the way I am actually cought up with the work, just need to find time to post it :D. You know .... we could always pick up Tarot For Yourself and do that workbook ... just a thought ... I have other decks I want to explore in the way I have explored the FM with this book, so starting another study group with another workbook would be really fun. Or we can do 21 Ways all over again with another deck *LOL*. The possibilities are endless!


/wink jewel this might be a fun group to do jetts book about shadow work. I know another group is doing it but we have this huge experience with us we can go further.

This step will be another do as we do the other step type of things.

Jewel and i where saying how this book discovered things about our selves as well as the cards i would hate for this end ever end but as we all know everything must come to an end eventually.


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Dave's Step 10 of the ADEPT Level

As I re-read this chapter, I categorized my FEY Tarot as "Archetypal and/or psychological" since they somewhat fit with understanding ourselves and finding the path to individuation. If anything, the Fey's stress their uniqueness and ability to find individual approaches to life. As for their "levels" of meaning, I'm not sure that they don't work on several levels -- particularly "literal" and "spiritual" as they express themselves so directly and deeply for me.

Fey cards that seem to be best examples of the archetypal-psychological oriented type and the literal type are:

** My HERMIT card which I'm using now. This card shows a man with a very tall hat and a long coat carrying a lantern as he navigates twisting, turning stairways that can lead everywhere and which can be stepped onto to change direction or orientation. Being lost, or searching, presents us with may choices and a sense of bewilderment and chaos. The literal story is shown by the choices and the visual confusion.

** JUDGMENT shows the creator of the deck laying her head down on her desk, brush still in hand. Around her, finished and partially finished Fey cavort about the desk top. A literal portrait. Perhaps also allegorical in that what we create comes back to reflect (judge) upon us.

** TWO of CHALICES shows two physically different Fey sharing a moment together as well as a cup to drink. Threy sit upon rocks in the midst of water, fully alone with each other. We get the sense that they are not close as would lovers be, yet they are close in that they are themselves and are sharing what they have. Alegorical, literal, psychological?

** Another favorite is the Fey Ace of Pentacles. I have wood carved this figure and mounted it on my wooden book-box that hold my Fey deck. This Fey sits among some small animals and is painting a mandala upon his/her palm. Paint pots lie about, a candle lights the artistic effort. For me, literal. For readings, archetypal or allegorical.

I see so much in this deck, it seems different every time I pick it up. After two years I'm still in the "discovery" stage with it.

As for the Emperor and the Five of Wands --

FIVE of WANDS depicts five young Fey swinging from a tree on vines, having a great time. Some pull on the vine, others fly by the branches and use them to change direction. One watches. Play, struggle, competition, being together in a non-planned situation.
** Literal in that play, fun and effort are a natural consequence of a group.
** Allegorical in that one might need to "lighten up" or unwind.
** Moral in that a sense of equality goes a long way to self-discovery, growth.
** Spiritual in that out true nature is much like that of a child if we can only let it be so.

EMPEROR. This card shows a grizzled adult, not old, sitting on a rock throne which floats in the air. A rock floats in front of him to support his feet, another on his left hold his sword, while a rock to the right supports a small unicorn which he is watching out of the corners of his eyes. The weight of the world (the rocks) doesn't prevent him from floating freely or keeping his symbols of power near him. He is obviously capable of mastering both his situation and any condition presented to him. Competence beyond easy understanding is a phrase that comes to mind.
** Literal in that he magically controls his situation.
** Allegorical in that one needs to remain objective (free) from burdens as much as possible.
** Moral in that his power and presence takes him to un-reproachable levels where he is above pettiness.
** Spiritual in that he is clearly moving beyond the constraints that may see the physical world as placing upon them.

I believe that each of us has found a deck of inspiration for one's needs and views of life. There is such passion and depth in all that has been written that it is obvious that each is truly enjoying these exercises.

As for the "end of times" we can, and will, have other forums to pursue as a group, this group, and with all our friends as they continue to join us. Dave


Well I,ve started working on step 10. It has occured to me that if I do every step on every card I will have written a tarot book! So with all our experiance we can write the next book; Steps 22 to 43, "If the first was hard, just wait for this one!" by Study Group, editor Dadsnook2000. ;)


Verdi said:
Well I,ve started working on step 10. It has occured to me that if I do every step on every card I will have written a tarot book! So with all our experiance we can write the next book; Steps 22 to 43, "If the first was hard, just wait for this one!" by Study Group, editor Dadsnook2000. ;)
*ROFLMAO* do not even jest about that! I hope to post this step early next week ... then again, we all know about the best laid plans of mice and men (my moon as two mice in it *LOL*).

I must admit that I am saddened that I am probably going to have to start using a second notebook come Step 18 or so. I was so hoping all my work would fit into my one notebook. But I will not force it, I will work as if it has unlimited pages. I have become so attached to the thing after having it for almost a year, and so full of special stuff *LOL*.