ADEPT LEVEL STEP TWELVE; 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card


This step moves us into deeper waters, preparing us for the task of adapting our readings to more specific situations, particular people, using the cards in varying ways to address certain issues. Mary Greer calls this step "modification", I would call it adaptation for application. Whatever, this step will stretch your approach to tarot reading.

Four types of people are cited for us to consider how a spread of cards would be adapted to better address each person. We are also taken into the use of reversed cards and the many ways that they can be used -- almost a mini-21 steps exercise in itself. We get to go back to a previous spread that each of us did earlier (last year) and then we get to play with that spread using reversals.

This step -- Adept Level 12 -- will be continued in varying ways through the following steps. Good luck, and as always, have fun. Dave


using victorian romantic

querent’s question: what do I need to do in order to find a love relationship?

Cards that came out:
6 of Cups (Should not do)
King of Wands (characteristics of other person)
4 of Pents (should do)

For Charles:
I’m tempted to say to Charles not to dwell on the past(6 of cups-should not do), yet the 4 of pents(should do) looks as if it is doing just that—dwelling on some past. The pearls stand out to me, going from the King of Wands to the 4 of Pents. Within all 3, I would say that Charles may find love from his own inner circle. The same inner circle of friends that he and his wife socialized with. This “new” love, may, already, be a close friend(6 of Cups). Someone that Charles shares similar interests, that resonates with the way he approaches life---great passion, joy, gusto(king of wands). It may be someone who seems to have it all, or another widow(4 of pents). This person is financially secure, but may feel they are “missing” something(4 of pents).
6 of Cups(should not do)…if you have over-looked someone as a potential partner, Charles, go back and take a second look. This potential love maybe someone you consider to be “like” a sister. Perhaps she was a close friend of your wife or an actual sister. So do not underestimate anyone in your inner circle.
King of Wands(characteristics of other person)…this person loves to socialize and may not get the chance to as often as they like. They love music, concerts in small, intimate settings…dinner theater. Very engaging personality, somewhat assertive and who knows themselves rather well.
4 of pents(should do)…I don’t think you have to do anything in particular to find your potential love relationship, Charles. I think it is a matter of fine-tuning your abilities to observe and listen. The pearls in the 4 of pents that the entity is holding in their hand, in the card, makes me think of all that is organic, and natural. This is the way she will reveal herself, as the moments do, slowly and naturally. Nothing needs to be forced or resisted.

For Tyler:
The descending numbers caught my eye, with the king in the middle…
You may have already attracted to you someone who is not only interested in you, but who wants a serious relationship. I don’t know if you have a study buddy, or lab partner, but be aware of how this person approaches you. Be cautious(6 of cups)because it could be a case of someone having a bit of a crush. If you do not welcome this person’s advances then be gentle in distancing yourself. You will have to be ultra-sensitive in dealing with this other person, for they are of a serious nature.
King of wands…this is how they see you. As someone popular, outgoing, well-rounded. Perhaps this is part of the attraction. They wish these traits for themselves. This king is very gracious, as are you, so allow that side of yourself to come out, for it will help you maneuver yourself from those who you wish to avert and to those you wish to attract.
4 of pents…even a non-serious relationship will still demand time and effort. Make sure you know who you are dealing with and that they know what your intentions are, try to avoid fallout.

For Hannah:
The kids in the 6 of cups caught my eye…
6 of cups(should not do) don’t rule-out single men or men who are soon-to-be-single with children.
King of Wands-he appears to be older, Hannah, or if young, very mature for his age. Actually there may be a substantial age-gap between the both of you.
4 of pents(should do)be patient, for as delightful as this man is, and he is, he’s got baggage. You’ll have to be as patient as you can. It is up to you, Hannah, you can also just walk away. But also know what you are walking away from and why. I think this potential love relationship will pose more questions for you and make you think more as to what it is you want and value in a partner, and what you are able to give.

For Isabel:
6 of Cups(should not do)…you’re looking for solutions where there are none, namely, outside of yourself. You lean on others to solve your problems or give you security.
King of Wands(characteristic of the other)you want a “daddy” figure for a husband. Someone who will make everything all right for you, someone you can be dependent on to carry you through whatever difficulties you have. If your husband isn’t fitting the bill on this thus far. Perhaps you are comparing him on your own father-figure image, one that may not even be real.
4 of Pents(should do)…you should take some time and think about the situation you are currently in. The issues you may have with your husband, how are they issues that you have contributed to, including the situation you are in. Ask yourself how you have contributed to your own unhappiness. I do not believe it is a matter of finding someone new to “understand” you, as much as you taking the time to understand yourself, your needs, your own values. This will demand time and introspection rather than a search on your part to find someone new to make everything ok.

Did you make any assumptions about age or gender since the “other person” was described as a King of Wands? If the King of Wands describes a young woman, what would she be like?
Not neceassily. For one of the querents, I saw it as an age-gap between them, either making the querent the younger or older of the two(Hannah). I also saw the king of wands as how the potential love interest would envision the querent(Tyler). I think either male or female are able to embody the characteristics of a king of wands…that being charming, engaging, out-going personality. For Isabel, I saw the King of Wands as her own anima/animus(whichever is the male version). For Charles, I saw the King as his own inner circle of friends.

Card 1 is purpose…5 of Swords(rx)
Card 2 is Issue…7 of Pents
Card 3 is feeling…2 of swords

Take the 3 cards you worked with in Activity 12:3. Turn them facedown, mix them up, amd reverse one of the three. Turns the cards faceup. Which card is reversed? The 5 of Swords.
What might it’s reversed meaning be?
That whatever conflicts there are, they have a starting point within me as oppose to outside of myself. How does this change the whole spread?
The purpose becomes 5 of Swords-rx, to go within for some answers. The issue becomes 7 of pents which could be about being more patient with myself, that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The feeling becomes 2 of swords, which is rather detached or dualistic. Putting it all together…It would be helpful to me, to become more aware and in the moment(2 of swords)when becoming emotional. The issue is connecting with a breath or with nature(7 of pents) to snap out of it. With the purpose to know those war-like factions within, and put them in their proper place.


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Don't do, Them, and do-do spread

Well, I can say I have not done a spread before where the card positions were defined in this way. I have laid out the cards in linear sequence as they were listed.

The Fey Tarot Six-Cups shows a Fey sitting upon the rim of a huge chalice, she has angles/bird-like wings unlike many of the other Fey, she holds a orange tinged egg about half her size, the chalice is placed among many other large eggs that cover the horizontal surface.

The King of Wands shows a young Fey with a slightly oversized, flamboyant crown, dressed in green, holding a swirley-colored sphere, sitting on cushions that seem to be supported by the branches of a tree, with many lighted candles mounted below and about him on the branches of the tree.

The Four-Pentacles shows a jester/fool-like creature sitting wide-eyed upon the edge of a large jeweled pentacle which is the size of a large wagon wheel. A chain is attached to a foot bracelet and the pentacle. A key lies on the floor before him. Lighted candles are nearby. He sits with a vacant stare on his face, head in hand, without a clue.

Six-Chalices represents the future (the Fey with innocent angle-wings) and the past (the eggs) which were laid in the past and have potential to be different in the future. The challice represents the compassion which can bridge what the past represents and where the future can take us. At his age, Charles needs to not dwell upon what might have been.

The King-Wands sees all that is about him with clarity and the comfort that comes from being sure of oneself. The globe suggests a completeness that is firmly grasped. Charles has either gotten good advice or sees another as a role model that he should emulate. Given that this Fey King is younger, that image before him may reflect the past he neglected. The King faces the Fey with the egg and is turned away from the third card.

The third card shows inaction and being lost in thought or no-thought. This card suggests that he retain his links to what he has and deal with life as he now finds it. He does need to be told or shown that a key to release himself from this time-trap lies before him. It is his choice as to whether to sit and fret or jump and discover what freedom from the past might bring.

Tyler, starting out in his life, has the opportunity to consider and to help get another started on their life or to initiate something miraculous in his own life. (the Six-Chalices) This may be something that he has wanted for some time. Unfortunately, this is not yet quite the time to start something new before he has spread his own wings and discovered something in his own life.

The King-Wands is intently watching him and clearly has a more mature view of what is needed to complete his growth (the globe of many color-swirls). The candles not only help the King but serve as a guiding light for Tyler to follow.

Tyler has to come out of his sense of being ready for life (he is too young) and realize that he needs to release himself from his sense of self-importance and impatience and gain the key to seeing reality. He is wasting time and needs to grow up.

HANNAH, 35 years of age.
Hannah longs to be a mother, remembers her own family life before her break from her own family. The other eggs may suggest opportunities that have passed, while the single egg suggests she is seeing "now" as the decision point. This seems to not be the time to jump into a irreversible situation.

She needs to see who is of value as a partner, as the person who can bring clarity to her attempt to move onto this hoped-for phase of life. The King represents a partner who can perhaps change her view of life.

Hannah needs to change her direction by seeking a key to unlock the course of her present life -- a change of living space, a change of career involvement (not just a job, but a real change) or a change in her life interests.

Isabelle is considering what she has has and where it may take her. She feels her present place in life is on the edge. This unease has persisted for some time, yet she can't really see past her present condition. She is trying to see some direction, some possiblity.

She has an ideal person in "view" (inwardly, outwardly -- this needs to be discussed). What does this other person represent. Is this her husband who seems to have clarity in his life even if she isn't a big part of the question. Is this another person whom she is afraid to approach for help. Or is this a fantasy construct?

She needs to do something positive. Almost any action will take her to some form of release point. Dwelling on what should have been or what may be is not a full answer -- its only an answer if it impels movement, and developing an opportunity to explore life.

I'll continue with the next step later. Dave


The Hermit card reversed

Before I go to step 12:5, I want to play with Mary Greer's list of ways to look at reversed cards. This may help to see the Fey HERMIT card in another light.

BLOCKED, RESISTED: The curiosity and exploratory nature of the Hermit isn't being displayed -- this Hermit has given up, is sitting on the stairs and staring at the numerous twists and turns of the stair-maze that he can see. He has given up before even attempting to find an answer.

PROJECTED: His own confusion as to what to do and where to go is further confused by believing in his worst fears and possibilities.

DELAYED, DIFFICULT, UNAVAILABLE: Indecisiveness and hesitation will delay finding the stairway to a solution/doorway.

INNER, UNCONSCIOUS, PRIVATE: This is the first time that he has been without a direction to follow, the endless possibilities have confused his sense of direction and goals.

BREAKING THRU, OVERTURNING, CHANGING DIRECTION: Determination will led the Hermit to a door way or unobstructed exit. Faith may be required but action will also work.

NO, NOT, LACKING: Don't hesitate, much may have to be done before a solution is stumbled across.

MISUSED, MISDIRECTED: Before proceeding, turn around or mark you path from where you entered this situation.

RE-"word": Retrace your steps, don't go down a path without a clear end in mind or directions to follow.

RECTIFICATION: Look for a source of clarification. Don't you see that book lying nearby? Look for signs of where others have trod.

UNCONVENTIONAL: Draw a line along the walls and stairs that you pass.

REVERT: Go back to the prior cards in the spread to gain clues for this card's situation.

Just some random thoughts. Dave


Now for step 12:5 -- matching reversals to cards

The following is my listing.
1; Ace-Pentacles -- f; opportunity slips thru fingers
2; Three-Swords -- i; recovery, clearing the air
3; Eight-Cups -- e; return of the missing
4; Ten-Wands -- h; laying down burdens
5; Temperance -- b; out of balance
6; Star -- a; hope forsaken
7; Hierophant -- c; inner teachings
8; Page-Wands -- d; bored and lacking curiousity
9; King-Swords -- g; demanding unreasonable punishments

Another step done. The next step in a bit. Dave


ADEPT LEVEL STEP 12: Modification
DECK: Fantastic Menagerie
CARD: The Moon

Activity 12.4 – What do the cards suggest for each of the four people?

1. Charles, 73 year old, terrified of living alone since his partner died 3 months ago.
2. Tyler, 19 year old student not wanting a long term relationship.
3. Hannah, 35, with biological clock ticking and strained relationship with parents.
4. Isabelle, 28, unhappy in current marriage.

Charles should not just latch onto the first woman that herself available (6 of cups). He needs to find a woman that is confident and self sufficient and embraces life with passion. Charles needs to adapt to how things are and get back into society in earnest, but be careful not to just give himself away just because he hates living alone.

Tyler needs to be honest with his dates and not just charm them and leave them. He might want to look to date a fiery but independent woman with pursuits of her own, that might be a good match for him. Tyler should maintain his focus on himself and let whomever he dates up front know that his priorities lie in his schooling for now, that he is up for some fun but not a serious relationship.

Hannah should not jump into the first relationship assuming she has found Mr. Right just because her biological clock is ticking. She needs a mature man ready to settle down that shares the passion of starting a family with her. She needs to realize that having a child is not like hoarding possessions, and it is not her decision alone to make if she plans to conceive biologically. In addition, based on her relationship with her parents it would be in her best interest to focus on learning how to establish good relationships with solid foundations prior to brining a child into the world. Establishing a positive relationship with her parents would be a good place to start.

Isabelle needs to realize that getting a divorce or having an affair will not result in her finding someone who understands her. There are never any guarantees. Her husband is charismatic and a passionate man, and she needs to share her feelings of discontent with him instead of internalizing them, and quit acting like a rat surrounded by cheese and looking for pity. She needs to own her own behaviors leading to her unhappiness, and possibly seek professional help such as marriage counseling before considering divorce or an affair.

Activity 12:5 – match cards with the possible reversed meaning:
1. Ace of Pentacles matches f. opportunity slips through fingers.
2. 3 of Swords matches i. recovery; clearing the air.
3. 8 of Cups matches e. return of the missing.
4. 10 of Wands matches h. laying down burdens.
5. Temperance matches b. out of balance.
6. Star matches a. hope forsaken.
7. Hierophant matches c. inner teachings.
8. Page of Wands matches d. bored and lacking curiosity
9. King of Swords matches g. demanding unreasonable punishment.

Activity 12:6 Using the same 3 cards as in Activity 12:3, mix them up and reverse one of the 3.

Which card is Rx? 5 of Wands
Issue: 5 of Wands Rx
What is blocked: Star
What can help me break through the block? 9 of cups

What might its reversed meaning be? Could be a self conflict, a quarrel that turns into an all out feud, or abandoning competition due to lack of will power or energy.

How does this change the whole spread? The spread changed not only due to the reversal, but the other two cards are also in different positions.

The reading would now read:
The issue is the 5 of Wands Rx, an inner conflict that never ends because I have blocked out all hope focusing only on the inner struggle. What can help me break through the block is the 9 of Cups, an emotional determination to work through my personal issues and desire a resolution worthy of a celebration.

This reading shows an awakening and readiness to take responsibility and is also based in reality, whereas the original reading had me striving for a utopia (Star) and having conflicts with my husband. This reading makes sense at this point in my life – one year after the previous reading in activity 12:3.


21 ways Adept level step 12

21 ways Adept level step 12
DruidCraft deck

Good to be back!

Here is part one of step twelve. Will edit in rest later (forgot to take the book with me to work! – I do it before I open the shop ;))

For some reason I have been having trouble with this part. I have a feeling in a real life situation the answers would be a bit different, due to the fluctuating nature of intuition.

Andrew :)

For Charles this is not the time to look back, though the memories may be comforting and offering security, he must look forward. The other person should be one with energy, enthusiasm and someone who takes the lead. The four indicates that Charles should look to securing his finances and money matters, making sure everything is in order, so he may freely pursue his needs.

For Tyler the six of Cups suggests that he should not try to recreate the relationships he has been brought up in, or remembers with fondness and love. The King indicates he needs a partner that has passion and energy and is ready to drop him as well. The Four indicates that he locks down his feeling and emotions, or better still not let then develop, but just see the material side of any relationship he is involved in.

Hannah’s Six of Cups suggests that she avoid looking into the difficult past, to let it go, and see the possibilities of the future on her own terms. The King of Wands suggests she need a powerful, strong and solid partner. The last card, the Four, indicates that she needs to make sure all her material things are well cared for, she should then forget them, and sure in the knowledge she has the means and security to go out and flourish and engage in relationships without risk to her security.

Isabell’s Six of Cups, indicates that now is not the time to look back and compare how things are now with the past. She should concentrate on how she feels now in her present situation. The potential partner she seeks is someone who is willing to take up the reins, with energy and guts, someone who will set the goals and give her the opportunity to reciprocate. The last card, the Four suggests that by getting her material good and finances in place, she may be able to set herself free and seek that what she wants and needs.

This was the spread last time:
Issue: The Hermit
What hinders: The High Priestess
What helps: The Star

This time:
Issue: The Hermit
What hinders: The Star Reversed
What helps: The High Priestess

The issue remains the same. But the hindrance changes from the High priestess to The Star reversed. Looking back at my previous answer, I seem to have not done the High priestess position quite right. However, The Star reversed in this position points to what was bothering me at the time. Actually in many ways it gives more depth to what I had been feeling. So in this case the reversed would have been better. With the High Priestess now in the position of what helps it seems she is a really good antidote to the Star reversed!

Reversal certainly add depth and breadth to a reading.

Verdi :)


Verdi I agree, it is great to be back! I look forward to reading the rest of your step :)


Adept step 12:4

6 of cups tarot of dreams position 1 should not do
Person 1. Charles
Should not do : stop living in the past , so sorry for the partner dyeing but it will be impossible to move on without letting go of the past.
Person 2 Tyler
Should not act childish, Tyler might not want a long term relationship but consider 2 things : the heart tends to get twisted around things before the brain knows what is going on and the other person needs to know the relationship phobia entering the relationship.
Person 3 Hannah
Hannah might want to date before she considers children and she might want to have a flirtatious relationship first before she considers a long term emotional investment.
Person 4 Isabelle
Should consider if it is the man’s fault or does she have some issues as well, maybe she is thinking about her first love and such
Position 2 characteristics of the other person king of wands
Person 1 Charles
The reading said partner so I do not know is it was a man or woman. So I will try and be genderless in my discussion. The king of wands takes the hit and run fun party guy in the knight and tempers it with age and experience. So the other person is still energetic and passionate but also focuses all of the passion and has more sticking power.
Person 2 Tyler
Tyler strikes me as a knight of wands so the other person is a more mature person a lot like Tyler. Maybe the other person is an older man/woman or at least a more mature man/woman.

Person 3 Hannah
Hannah could be looking for someone at work or a person resembling her farther as she has not spoken to him in 10 years. She could also be looking someone to mother her. I do not know the sexual preferences of anyone here so it is hard to pinpoint anything.
Person 4 Isabelle
Well she is married so it narrows things don a bit. She should be looking for a mature fiery person. I think this man main point t is passion for life more than money.

Position 3 should do 4 of coins
Person 1
Charles should make sure he feels secure at hme and inside him self. It is hard to present himself t another person as a lover if he is not secure in his own affairs at home. 4 are generally secure and coins deal with physical stuff so this cold be very literal
Person 2 Tyler
Tyler should make sure his finances are in order at school maybe look for a fiincial secure person so he is not footing the bill for everything
Person 3 Hannah
Should be looking for some one who is mature maybe a person leaving a relationship who already had their house in order and is looking for a soul mate
Person 4 Isabelle
Should be real careful she is not doing this for money and should make sure she can handle the devours. Money is one of the leading causes of devours.

Adept step 12:5
1 F 6 A
2 I 7 C
3 E 8 D
4 H 9 G
5 B
The king of wands is upside down. I think he quenches his fire ad spenss his life trying to find it again. Kind of like a man in midlife crises who refuses to except his life and wants to regain his youth .
This changes the reading because this was the character I the other person. Now we have what not to oook for and changes things up a lot.