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hello darlings. :) i have recently been 'sort-of seeing' this guy, and I really want to know what's going on. I'm getting very confused and I was wondering if any of you knew of a spread that would help me find some answers. Basically, I want to know if he's as into it as I am, and how I should proceed, and there's probably a spread somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)

Blessed be,

Laura. xxx


Here's one from Power Tarot

The Relationship Spread


1. How you see the other person

2. How the other person sees you

3. What you need

4. What the other person needs

5. Where the relationship is now

6.Where you would like the relationship to go

7. Where the other person would like the relationship to go

8. Factors to be considered

9. The end result


thanks.. :)

hey. thanks, that sounds perfect. :) ill try it, and post my results on the appropriate board. :)

Blessed be,

Laura. xxx


You're welcome Laura. I hope it works well for you.

mike gorth

Thanks silverwing. Great spread


New to the thread from australia

I will try the spreads like the one above for a relationship which to me was a monumentus one but unfortunately has not turned out the way i wanted it too, i am still studying wiccan everyday now but lost myself for a few months, if anybody could help me on decisions which im really bad at or just plain moving on which seems too difficult at this point and its been a while, i am an aries and he is a cap, i just feel or say know at my age that we were really borne for each other sounds corny but its true. true love.


relationship spread

That spread was brilliant!!! i just used it and it described my situation exactly now i'm a lot clearer and will use it again. Thanx




tried this spread as i needed clarification as ex contacted me .
got some very interesting results answers all the questions .


Loved that spread!!!!!!! I just gave it a try on my current situation, and it confirms in many senses what a recent basic Celtic Cross spread my usual reader did for me.

Thanks so much!!!

New to the forum but not to Tarot, and already I'm so thrilled with the new things I'm learning and finding out!!!



I amended it slightly to suit personal circumstance and I must say I had simply outstanding results!

I kept all questions but after card #7 included x2 at #8 - 'What has changed?' and #9 'Advice (for #8).

I also used layout that resembled a letter 'C' for 'Clarity' - I'll try to replicate but using phone...


First column (5,3,1) slightly higher up from illustration - and rows have slight curve.

The results far exceeded what I might have hoped.