Advice on some weird stuff please.


Lately I've been seeing things out of the corner of my eyes and sensing something bad is going to happen. Then today my best friend said she's seeing flashes out of the corners of her eyes and she's sensing someone around her which has never happened before. However, her Dad passed away and she's recently became a Mam for the first time to twins. She said during the night last night, when she was feeding them, that she had a real sense of death around her. She also said that she was seeing white feathers everywhere. She told me when I was on my way into work to do some training in another part of town and when I came out two hours later, low and behold there was a white feather on the ground. Seeing it brought me peace though.

I'm wondering if we are picking up on the same energies or if there's something going on right now in the energy sphere that we are both susceptible to or something? Have any of you ever had anything like this happen? Any ideas on this please?

Many thanks in advance.


I see flashes and things moving in the corner of my eye sometimes. But I'm a migraine sufferer.

White feathers: I don't know where you live but I live near the coast and seagulls come into the cities in the summer to nest on roofs. I have lots of white feathers in my possession as a result.


Someone might say an angel was nearby and left a feather.


I don't know if you pick up the same energy but visions at the corner of the eye is the sign of extrasensoriel perceptions.

White feathers are a very very good sign of protection. It could be angels( I'm just telling you because I am not into angels that much, to me It's more about spirit guides but everyone is different) or It could be somebody around you who already passed away trying to let you know that they are around and give you protection.

I had the exact same experience years ago along with one of my friend.


I see white flashes, too-but for me, they are ocular migraines. I have seen black feathers from time to time, at work of all places, only to discover the cleaning crew had left their feather duster behind and it probably came from that.

The "visions" I get are not out of the corner of my eye, they are right in front of me. Sometimes I see them in my peripheral, but when I turn to face them, they are still there.

I have had an overwhelming feeling of dread on many occasions which lasts up until the very moment someone has died.

What I mean to say by all of this, it really depends on what YOU think is happening. Your experience will communicate to you in ways it will make sense to you. It's good to gather info on the experiences of others, just to see the possibilities- but ultimately, what do YOU think is happening, and how does it feel to you? That's going to give you your answers.

(oh P.S. My sister also had twins this past year,during the entire pregnancy and for a bit after- we both sensed our Dad's presence. We are across the country from each other and he has been dead almost 20 years. There may be something to that "Ripple in the universe effect" people talk about when a new birth occurs.)


I see white flashes too but it's because of my coloboma.

Though there have been times where i see purple or pink sparkles in my vision. It's weird! I wonder what pink or purple means.

Oh man I wanna experience that stuff! It's so exciting! :) I guess I should meditate more lol.

I have been told I may be psychic or little sensitive. Hm...perhaps I should do some tapping or eft on that...

Anyone know what purple or pink sparkly stuff or flashes would mean?