Albano--falling comet on King of Pents?


This is a misprint, I know....I just rec'd my first Albano (just a modern, glossy, too-dark USG/Italy version) but there's an interesting anomaly on the 10 of pents. It looks like a thin scratch across the purple/grey sky, falling towards the towers on the right hand side. Anyone else have this?

Just wondering.

I love the colors on this deck, but the darkness/fuzziness of the printing is really dissapointing...on this card, for example, you can BARELY see the grapes at all in the black shadows of his robe.

All the detail on the Empress' robe is lost in darkness....pretty dissapointing. I know I can do better with a vintage printing, but right now that goes beyond what I really want to do.

Just wondering if anyone else got this on their's not on any of the images I can find online.


there's a difference between the original and the later printings as you can see here :

Left original 1968
right reprint 1987

but no sign of a falling comet...


My Albano is way WAY worse than your reprint...can only barely see the grapes, it's so dark. Too bad. I really don't intend to go investing in an old least not yet.