Alchemical Study Group - Eight of Coins


In this card we see a coinmaker, stamping images on coins. Behind him on shelves are six identical coins.

So this card seems to be about work, but it is repetitive work, without a great deal of creative input. It is work with the sole purpose of gaining wealth, making money, paying the bills, but it seems as if it's not really work that one finds fulfilling. It's interesting to see the look on the mans face. To me he seems quite glum, and dejected even. It's as if he's saying 'don't judge me by the work I do'.

I guess the card could also represent doing on-the-job training, like an apprenticeship where you are doing the menial tasks rather than anything more creative. Also it could represent that you need to study and perfect your craft before you can branch out.


(from the book)

A coin-stamper takes blank metal and pounds an image on it. Stacks of coins sit on a rack, every one of them identical. The image suggests work as labor rather than as creativity, like factory or repetitive work. Eight is a higher order of the number four.

Tarot wisdom: You are laboring away to create wealth, but without much creative stimulation. You do accumulate money or possessions, and better your circumstances. The message can be either positive or negative, depending on the card's position in a spread.