Alchemical Study Group - Favourite Cards


I thought it might be fun to have a thread to share what our favourite cards in the deck are and why. I've seen this done in a few other study groups and it's always interesting to read. Sometimes to hear what others love about a card you are not so connected to can be a real help.

When trying to decide which cards were my favourites I went through the deck and realised I could probably pull out half the deck. There are only two cards that I don't really like so much so choosing a favourite was tough. Anyway, I've come up with three...

The Moon - this is such a wonderful representation of the Moon. I love the link with the goddess Diana. I also love the gorgeous purple tones. I think I could have a poster of this on my wall and I'd never get sick of looking at it.

The Hierophant - I just love this card. It's the best version of it I've ever seen. He just looks so wise, but also so willing to share that wisdom with those who seek. The two windows with the moon and sun are wonderful.

The Queen of Vessels - I just love the interpretation of this card - that she is content to ponder the mysteries without having to know the answer. She seems so serene.

Some others to quickly get an honerable mention....
The Empress, Three of Coins, Justice, Six of Vessels, High Priestess, Six of Swords and Queen of Swords.

I'd love to hear which cards are everyone elses favourites.


My favourite card so far is The High Priestess, it is simple but at the same time complicated.


Top Ten

That was so hard that I thought I'd narrow it down to my top ten.
(In no particular order):

4 vessels
(I see the elephant as brave and a little silly. I imagine that he's been waiting for someone to arrive or he's bored with the conversation. "What'll I do?" He asks himself. "I know, I'll see if I can balance myself on those vessels over there". "But you're an elephant. You're too heavy" the naysayers remark. "I don't care" says the elephant. I imagine in his stubbornness that he's been there for hours.)

2 vessels

4 staffs

the world

the sun

4 swords
(he looks so calm and content)

the fool

the hermit
(not usually a fan of this card, but I love this man and his crow)

5 staffs
really really like this card. So hot right now, you're on fire.
I've completely abandoned the meaning of the RWS version and just gone with the positive burning creativity. I love the surreal aspect.

Our favourites must say something about where we are right now and what we need I reckon! True for me...


I finally got my Renewed, so I'm glad to be able to look at the cards in person instead of on a screen. Favorites so far:

The Tower
The World
10 of Coins
Queen of Swords
4 of Wands

I think my absolute favorite is The World. Its the perfect representation of the card for me.