Alchemical Study Group - Four of Staffs


In this card we see a man and woman embracing and behind them stand four burning staffs. They stand on gree grass with vegetation in the background. The sky is warm yellow-orange. Their clothes are purple/blue.

In the LWB Place calls this card 'the Bride and Groom'. This is an interesting representation of this card. In the book Place explains that fire represents energy and in this case the energy of love and passion. The four is for structure and in this case the structure that marriage and committment brings to love.

I guess this is an expample of when we try to bring structure into our life and to find a way of making our passions real. We ground our energy and make it into something 'real' in the world. The purple clothes may represent that the couple have both a mental and spiritual connection as well as just a physical connection. Perhaps the card indicates that this is important for a successful partnership.


'Wrapped up in each other.'
'Two become one.'

A couple dance together alongside four flaming staffs, they look as if they feel passionate towards each other. His flowing purple cloak and her flowing blue dress seem to meld together giving the impression that the two of them are joining together to become one.


(from the book)

A man and woman make a commitment to one another in a marriage ceremony that takes place within a sacred space created by four burning staffs.

Tarot wisdom: Fire is energy, in this case the energy of love and passion. Four is the number of physical manifestation. This card depicts a structured and enduring passion. It could refer to a marriage, a partnership or another relationship that is meant to endure.

Feisty Kat

Anyone else notice how he doesn't appear to have anything on under his cloak?