Alchemical Study Group - Four of Swords


(from the book)

Four downward swords are thrust safely into the earth.
Seated either in front--or below within the earth--is a woman,
though she is somewhat androgynous in appearance. She is deep in
meditation. She has withdrawn into herself. Her unconscious is
represented by the earth, which allows the conditions above to
just be. She remains unattached to the conditions and to her
thoughts, which she releases as they arise.

Tarot wisdom: Take time for meditation, rest, passivity
and recouping your strength. Take a break from routine or from
stress. This is not a time to take on new challenges, but to
restore your resources, both spiritual and physical.


Four swords are stuck deeply into the ground. Some narrowly miss striking a rock. A young person of ambivalent gender, the Sage, sits grounded to the earth with legs crossed in a pattern that resembles XII - The Hanged Man. There has been suffering and loss, but it is a material or earthly loss. The Sage appears in deep contemplation; this meditation shows the way through the shadow past the material loss, or the Sage has emerged from a passage of earthly suffering and sits in quiet contemplation, stronger and more able because of lessons learned.