Alchemical Study Group - Knight of Coins


The Knight of Coins is heavily armoured and stands with his hand on a coin showing the sign of the pentacle. In the background is a lush environment with trees, grass and ocean. There is a castle high up on a hill. On his helmet he has horns, like a bull.

I really like this Knight. Place talks about him being the protector of physical wellbeing, a guard of health or wealth. I see him as protecting what he has. Taking care of things so that others can enjoy life. He seems responsible and committed to his task. I wonder if the bulls horns are a reference to Taurus, which speaks of security and material possessions, but also sensual pleasures and the good things in life. Although he is heavily armoured, he also has flowers on his armour near his shoulders - a combination of functionality and beauty as well.


Earth of Earth, solid, dependable, stuck in way, materialistic.

He is very ornate, overly so for a knight used to combat (ref Knight of Swords). He does not expect to be called for a fight, if he is he'll be stubborn and try to get his own way.

He's very flashy and is a show-off especially when it deals with material goods.


(from the book)

An armored knight stands in a fertile countryside, his
castle in the background. He is lean, tall and strong, like a
plant with bristly thorns. His coin bears a protective
pentagram. He is a protector of physical well-being.

Tarot wisdom: The knight represents someone who guards
wealth or health, like an investment banker or a healer. The
message could suggest the need to guard health or wealth, or to get the advice of an expert who can act as a champion.