Alchemical Study Group - Knight of Vessels


(from the book)

A knight walks into the water, gathering water in his vessel. From the blue depths, a messenger--the fish--appears. The knight is on a quest for emotional fulfillment. His quest is fulfilled, and he gets more than he expected in the form of the fish. However, he needs to notice the message. There is also a warning in this image, that if the knight goes in too deep, he
will not be able to swim with all his armor on.

Tarot wisdom: The message here speaks to the attainment of emotional satisfaction. But, when questing into emotions and the unconscious, do not go off foolishly into the depths. Also, you may be getting a message "out of the blue," perhaps in the form of a synchronicity. It is an unexpected emotional satisfaction. Maybe you've already gotten it, and like the knight, need to take notice. Open your eyes to what is around you.


Always a good idea to have eyes open & be aware in the mment.:)