Alchemical Study Group - Lady of Coins


In this card stands a lady in a green dress. She appears to be wealthy going by the style of her clothes. She also has a coin purse hanging from her waist which seems full. She holds a bunch of flowers and behind her in the sky is the sign of the moon.

I think that this Lady is focused on the material world, the hear and now, indicated by her focus on the flowers. She has turned her back on the moon, perhaps indicating that she is not tapping into her emotional or intuitive nature just now. Instead she is focusing on the practical matters and she makes sense of her world through what she can see, touch, sense etc.


Air of Earth.

Air and Earth are polar opposites and do not get along. The Lady feels this curse and over compensates by spending--much like 10 of Coins--but there is something which is dragging her back to her become a unified whole, she just finds it hard to accept this help and is troubled in response.

Poor Lady.


Interesting Kenny, I always thought of the Pages (or Ladies in this case) as being represented by Earth and so would have seen this card as Earth and Earth, which is why I see her as being so focused on the physical.


I don't know how I came up with the elements distribution in the way I did but it makes sense to me when looking though the court cards. For example the Knight of Coins is not doing much, there does not seem much tension in him, and as his armour seems OTT Earth of Earth suited him.

It was not just these two, but the other courts as well it seems to work well on.

Feisty Kat

Does anyone know what the book says about this card?


Sorry about the delay in replying Feisty Kat. I'm sure Robert gave permission for Leisa to copy the text from the book but she must have missed this one when we were originally going through the cards. Here is the text below:

Lady of Coins

A well dressed woman with a visibly full purse admires a bouquet of flowers. In the sky is the symbol of Luna, representing the feminine principle.

Tarot Wisdom: You are physically or materially well off, and have time to spend in the enjoyment of beauty. This card can also refer to someone who appreciates and admires the physical world, such as a patron of the arts, or a scientist.

Hope it's ok that I've copied that out.