Alchemical Study Group - Nine of Coins


On this card we see a tree and on the tree are nine coins, five gold and four silver. On the ground is lush vegetation. The sky is blue in the background.

In the LWB for the Renewed deck Place calls this card "The Money Tree - prosperity, health". In the book he talks about nature providing for you, or reaping the results of previous hard work.

I think this card is linked with the Ace of this suit. It's like the coin in the Ace has been planted at the beginning of the suit and now at the end (nine representing completion) the tree has grown and bears fruit, the coins, as a result of the hard work we have put in.


(from the book)

A money tree is full of coins that bear ancient money
designs. The coins show a balance of silver and gold, the
feminine and masculine principles. Nine is a number of

Tarot wisdom: Nature provides for you. You may reap
what you have sown. The message could relate to living off your
investments, having more leisure time, or enjoying luxuries. You
have life with ease. The card also shows that true health is
provided by nature--the world soul, or the Anima Mundi.