Alchemical Study Group - Queen of Coins


In this card we see a crowned nude who holds in one hand a coin with a six pointed star (which Place says represents balance, harmony and well-being) and in the other hand she holds a cornucopia (which Place says represents wealth and the abundance of nature). Behind her we see a fertile landscape with a castle. Place also states in the book that "This card is the personification of health, wealth and wellbeing".

When I look at this Queen I am first reminded of the Empress and I see her as a personification of that archetype as well. If you view the Queens as related to the element of Water then this card can be seen as Water in Earth, and so this also would indicate stability, well-being, both emotional and physical satisfaction and fulfillment.

I also see the astrological sign of Virgo when I look at this card, being that Virgo is represented by the Virgin and is an earth sign. Virgo is also connected to both health and wealth/work and so would fit well with this card, in my opinion anyway.

Also, she is looking intently at the fruit and so this card could indicate that someone is focused on what life has to offer, perhaps a feeling of abundance rather than concern for what is not.


(from the book)

A crowned nude, like a classical goddess, stands in a garden in front of her castle. In her left arm she holds a cornucopia, a symbol of wealth and the abundance of nature, and in her right hand she holds a coin bearing a six-pointed star drawn with one continuous line, a symbol of balance, harmony, and well-being.

Tarot wisdom: This card is the personification of health, wealth, and well-being - a very fortunate state. It can represent our past or present condition, or a goal for the future, depending on its position in the reading.