Alchemical Study Group - Queen of Swords


(from the book)

A winged angel with an armored crown holds one sword upright sheltered by her red wing. On the other side, under her green wing, she supports a downward-thrust sword. She presents us with a choice between negative thoughts, which are green (unripe, immature), or constructive positive thoughts, which have matured and reddened.

Tarot wisdom: We are the masters of our own destiny. We can create joy and fulfillment in our lives through positive thoughts or affirmations, or we can bring our selves down with destructive negative thinking. The choice is ours.


The Queen of Swords is an angel with a red wing on her right and a green wing on her left. She holds a red sword in her right hand pointed up toward thoughts of the Rubedo, or the goal of the work. She holds a green sword in her left hand pointed down towards thoughts of wealth and the natural world. The Queen of Swords represents the choice we have about which thoughts we consider. Thoughts can come unbidden to the mind; so, having a thought that leads down is not the problem. The problem is the consideration of these thoughts, letting them roll around in our heads. She wears an armored helmet to show this struggle with right thought. She is barefoot and standing on a cloud to show that right now she is above the storms of everyday life but not insulated from them.