Alchemical Study Group - Queen of Vessels


(from the book)

A mermaid wearing a crown skims the surface of the water with ease, bearing a vessel. She is equally at home in the depths (emotions) or in the air (intellect). Her vessel is sealed. It is a mystery what is inside, and she ponders the mystery. Unlike the Lady of Vessels, who is at one with the Unus
Mundus but still separate from it, the Queen of Vessels is completely at one with the Unus Mundus.

Tarot wisdom: You have a mystery to ponder. The unconscious may be trying to present you with something that is yet beyond your grasp. Or, perhaps you are only supposed to ponder the mystery. Sometimes to explain the mysteries of life is to diminish them. When a seed is planted in the ground it must remain unseen for a time while it germinates and grows. If we expose it prematurely to the light, it will not sprout.


Mysteries are a part of life.... They unfold as life unfolds.