Alchemical Study Group - Seven of Coins


In this card we see an Obelisk. On it are seven coins, the seventh coin within a tree on top. There is vegetation and hills in the background. The seven coins represent the process of evolution to reach the ultimate goal.

My understanding from reading the original book is that the seven coins represent the seven planets and metals also as follows:

Sun - Gold
Moon - Silver
Mercury - Quicksilver
Venus - Copper
Mars - Iron
Jupiter - Tin
Saturn - Lead

I really like the image on this card. For me it speaks of needing to follow the process through until you reach your goal. There is no quick-fix to achieve your desires. YOu must sow the seeds and then be patient as you fulfil the tasks required to reach the goal. Also, in the book, Place warns of rushing too fast and missing important steps along the way.

I think for me this card is a reminder to be clear about what you want to achieve and to plan how you will get there. Then you need to actually do the work required in order to reach the top.


What I like about this card is that: it is.

No ifs, no buts, it is as it is. You may agree or disagree with the message but it will not change for you. It is a sign post for you to follow, but then again it is not the only path that can be followed.

It is the uncarved block of daoism.


(from the book)

Seven coins on an obelisk refer to the seven metals in alchemy. They form a ladder of evolution as each is purified and transforms into the one overhead. At the top, they become gold -the perfection - shown as the fruit of the tree of life - the philosopher's stone. Seven is the number of completion. It is the hero's number, especially in terms of his tasks. It also represents magic.

Tarot wisdom: The ladder shows the process of evolution, and emphasizes that there is a natural growth order. An end result awaits you because you planted the right seeds and undertook the right process. You are reaping what you sow. The message also might refer to looking back over your steps, or reviewing your progress. Don't get impatient and try to jump
ahead to the end--you'll miss crucial steps along the way.