Alchemical Study Group - Seven of Swords


In this card we see a fox on top of a hill with a sword in his or her mouth. Below him are six more swords, some lying on the ground and others thrust into the ground.

I always find the seven of swords an interesting card as there are so many different ways it can be interpreted. Often this card traditionally speaks of trickery or dishonesty or theft and this card could indicate that as well. However, I think there are other interpretations that are more meaningful. The fox is gathering swords and keeping them together, possibly for future use. This could represent study or research, gathering of information or facts (given that swords/air represent the mental realm), for future use. He could also be a hero who disarms others, taking their negative thoughts or distructive mental patterns away, possibly representing someone who may do this in our lives. Of course the card could simply be about theft or tricky business as well.


(from the book)

A clever fox has been gathering swords for his stash. He comes over a hill with his seventh trophy. Is he building an arsenal for a coming battle? Did he steal the swords from foes, or acquire them openly?

Tarot wisdom: You are completing something, such as bringing a final idea into place, or finishing a project. The message also might mean disarming someone, even verbally, while at the same time building up your own resources. The message may warn of thievery, especially theft of ideas, but sometimes the thief is a hero or a trickster, who heals us by taking negativity from us.