Alchemical Study Group – Seven


(from the book)

Seven. A universal sacred number, seven is the mystical human, for it is the sum of three (spirit) and four (material), thus making the perfect order. Seven represents the macrocosm. In alchemy (as we saw in Chapter 2), seven metals make up the Work, and seven planets form the ladder to heaven. Seven colors form the rainbow, which in mythology is the bridge by which souls of the dead cross over to heaven. Seven also is the number of the psychic, magic and luck. It is associated with clairvoyance and healing powers. In initiation, seven is the highest stage of illumination--it is the hero's journey.

In the Tarot, seven is often the number of spiritual questing. It is the charioteer in the Major Arcana, racing off in search of the gold. Seven indicates the search for wisdom, the growth of spirit, the need to rely upon intuition or to meditate on what has been learned.