Alchemical Study Group - Six of Vessels


In this card we see a woman in a purple dress pouring water from one vessel in to another. There are five vessels on the ground. One of the vessels contains a purple flower.

I think this is a beautiful card, visually, but also a card with a beautiful message. The card speaks to me of nurturing and tending to things to ensue they grow. I see the flower as representing what can bloom when we nuture and provide for it's needs.

In the book Place says that this card is a reminder that loving means to nurture and to give what is needed. So perhaps the card can remind us that when we love we need to consider the needs of the one we love and ensure that their needs are being met as well as our own. Only this way can true love bloom, like the flower in this card.

Also I wonder if the vessel she holds is representing the ability to give emotionally in order to sustain or nurture others. When we are prepared to connect with others by sharing our feeling then we both have the opportunity to grow.


(from the book)

A woman fills five vessels by pouring from a sixth; from one a flower grows. The vessels are of different shapes. From the one vessel, she can fill many different ones, each according to its own capacity (needs). The image represents the flowering of love brought through nurturing and tending.

Tarot wisdom: The message reminds you that loving means to nurture and give what is needed. This might relate to personal relationships, or to work. Doing work is in itself an act of love. However, love can not be forced on someone; true love is to give what is needed to nurture and create strength.


There are six vessels. Five vessels rest on the earth. A lady with bare feet and arms, long flowing golden hair, and a blue dress, The Gardener, pours water from one vessel into another. All of the vessels are different; the one at the top sprouts a purple flower with green foliage. The Gardener tends each vessel with care; each has its own special requirements. The arrangement of the vessels shows a progression that ends with beauty or life. The Gardener is bent to her task; the nurturing that she gives is not without its toll. She is working her craft. The arrangement of the vessels and the pouring of the liquid are both XVII - The Star references; however with only six vessels the ascendancy is not complete. The Gardener is one of the friends on the Three of Vessels only grown a little older and wiser.


One thing that strikes me about this image, is that the vessel that she holds will eventually be empty.

What do you think the implications are?

How does this foretell the meaning of the next card?