Alchemical Study Group - Ten of Staffs


In this card we see a phoenix rising from the flames. Traditionally the phoenix is a symbol of re-birth. Following the sacrifice of the wolf in the nine of staffs we now see the phoenix representing the opportunity for rebirth.

This card can symbolise the dying of our old self and rebirth of the new. Place explains in the book that ‘you have been transformed by your experiences’. Like the ten of Swords the Ten of Staffs provides an opportunity to begin a new cycle, and this time as a new person.


Alchemical Study Group - Ten of Staffs

A phoenix, also called the fire bird, rises from a fire of ten staffs. In mythology, the phoenix is the classic symbol of sacrifice by death so that rebirth can take place. It immolates itself and is burnt to ashes in the fire. After three days, it rises anew from the ashes. The phoenix also is a sun
symbol, representing the cycle of the sun as it is born again every day. In alchemy, the phoenix is a symbol for the philosopher's stone, the consummation of the Work. In psychology, the phoenix represents the birth of a new personality.

Tarot wisdom: You have been transformed by your experiences. You have been tested by fire; your old self has died away, and a new self is being born. You are renewed.