Alchemical Study Group - Two of Swords


(from the book)

Two equal swords are crossed in opposition, challenging one
another. Above them hovers Athena's owl, the dual symbol of
wisdom and war.

Tarot wisdom: This card represents a debate, a testing of
ideas through argument. A challenge to your ideas is in the air.
Is it fencing or war? Make sure your mettle is up to the test.


This is such a wonderful interpretation of the Two of Swords. I love the inclusion of the owl.

My book has a different final sentence to what Leisa posted. Mine says "Remember that the goal of a debate is not to dominate your opponent, but to uncover the truth no matter who is right".

For me, this explanation really helped with my understanding of this card. I like the idea that conflict brings with it the opportunity to gain an insight, or to learn, regardless of who wins or loses.