All the threes!!!

Little Baron

Hi All

Probably a very silly question with a very obvious answer ...

However, In have been away for a bit so I am a little rusty with the old cards! lol

Drew the Empress as card of the day today - a good day - beautiful weather, rich greens in the trees, birds in the garden, spent the day helping my mother. All the obvious reactions to this card.

Was just wondering though ... when I sometimes draw a minor card, I will look at the trump with the same number.
This evening, I turned that around and looked at the 4 three's.

I was hoping that someone could help me relate how these four cards work with the energies of the Empress. I can see the feelings and emotions in the swords card but am a little stumped with the other three. Does the Pentacle card connect through a birth of somethings creative? The Cup card suggest a celebration, some kind of physical birth, the feeling of enjoying ones self and not agaonising over thoughts or worries?

Does anybody regularly connect the five cards and if so, can they help me connect the 3's here?

Best wishes to you all



Some keywords for Three: Expressive, creative, imaginative, joyous, sociable, gregarious.
Venus: Shared pleasure, harmonic unions, beauty, sensuality, refinement, possessions, love, art, social graces, resources.

Correspondences to Venus in the Minor Acrcana:
King of Pentacles (Taurus)
Queen of Swords (Libra)
4 of Wands (Venus in Aries)
2 of Cups (in Cancer)
9 of Pentacles (in Virgo)
7 of Cups (in Scorpio)
5 of Swords (in Aquarius)

In the Major Arcana:
III The Empress
XIX The Sun (exaltation of Venus in Pisces)

...and that's just when you consider the cards individually,
but I do hope some of this helps and isn't all stuffy lists.


FYI, in the "what the cards mean" subject at the top of this forum are lots of good, comparitive discussions (I use them a lot myself!).


3 is about, yes, creativity and birth and/or about a "third" being created out of two. Thus, using a typical RW deck--and VERY generally speaking:

3 Cups--from the joy of two people finding each other, a family celebration is created, or, if you will, the love and joy is spread and everyone parties. Very Empress that, spreading love.
3 Pentacles--this is certainly the birth of a creation--the ability to finally do what you've wanted to do because of outside support. You can see the connection to the Empress here--supporting growth and development.
3 Wands--this is the product of a choice that you've made. There were two options, you picked one, and these are the fruits results of it. The ships coming up over the horizon, sailing into port. Again, very Empress--that upcoming results/birth.
3 Swords--This is also something produced, though it's not positive; in this case, heartbreak, pain, poison or an unpleasant truth is produced out of the lies, misunderstandings and miscommunication.


I keep a journal of my spreads, using a diagram sheet that I made.
All the positions are just filled in, with dates for the reading, etc.
Some from years ago still call me back for another look...

Little Baron

Thanks for those responses. That helped a lot Thirteen. Was thinking also, that in a lot of books, the '3 of swords' if linked to somekind of heartbreak; that of an emotional nature. I liked your idea of the 'unpleasant truth' because 'in a simplistic way' the swords are not always connected with emotional pain; maybe that would have been one for the cups suit. Does that make sense? I never read it as such, especially, as recently I have been using 'non-scenic' minors so am not afronted by the bleeding heart.