Alternative to daily readings: for your notebook


While I would love to have time every day/or night for a daily 3 card spread, it just isn't very practical for me. I tried doing it for a few weeks and found it very hard to maintain. I have 3 kids and with getting them up and off to daycare, myself to work, dinner cooked, kids bathed, etc. I just ran out of time and energy to devote to my tarot.

Here's my solution! Every Sunday night I do a "Coming Week" spread. It's 5 cards (I'm beginning to LOVE 5 card spreads ;) ) and it's Monday through Friday. You could also add the weekend too, but I'm more concerned with my work-week.

Hope someone else finds this to be a practical and useful solution to their time constraints!

Rhiannon :)


Now. see, this si what is so great about this forum...People who use the Tarot as part of their lives and have found solutions that fit into the reality of it!

Thx, R - I'll have to try this!


I'm basically doing the same thing except I do one card per day usually the night before then I jot the card down then read about the card to help me learn them better. One card a day is easier and less time comsuming. Even thou I don't have kids nor all the other stuff u do I still find that I run short on time for longer readings. :)


I draw one card a week to focus on, and so far it's been very rewarding.


Do you use one card for each day of the week, or do you get an overall feel for the whole week based on the combinations of the cards?

I'll have to try that one. Thanks for sharing!


hmm... this is neet.

i can see people wanting to do this in place of a daily read, or like me, prolly use it in conjunction (ya know, this is fastly becoming my favorite phrase here... three times i've used this on this board in a week!!!) with their daily reading...

i envision the second way as such:
do your daily 3 card reading and on sunday, do the five card.

and to answer lunar_rabbit's question:
-- do whatever feels natural for ya. if the five cards seem to represent monday through friday reads, then allow one card to be read for each day. if they seem to summarize events in the week, go with that interpretation.

thanks for sharing.
blessed be,


What I have been doing is pulling 1 card a day, but in the evening , about an hour before bed. That way, I have a little time to meditate on the card and write about it. It always amazes me to pull the Same cards 2 days in a row! I pick them out of a fanned deck. It seems unlikely , but it happens with more frequency than I would've thought. For instance , recently for 2 days in a row I got the Queen of Cups. On day 2 I really felt this must be a Person I've encountered , but the only person I could think of was someone I encountered , and had to deal with, and I Really did not like this person! The title on the card is "counselor" (cosmic tribe deck)
Then the Next day I recieved a phone call from a friend of my mother. I hadn't spoken to her in almost a year , and we talked for an hour. I am almost positive this was my queen of cups! She also had been a counselor in the past, and even kind-of Looks like the queen of cups! Especially since I am pulling the cards in the evening, I give them a leeway of being either/or that day or the following day. (Or ,apparently, the day following that, especially if you get the card 2 days in a row, But the person could have been Thinking of calling me for those 2 days prior!)About once a month I do a full reading of celtic cross or another spread of that sort.


Lunar rabbit: I use one card for each day, Monday thru Friday (sometimes I tack on Sat. & Sun. making it a 7 card spread). But do whatever works best for you! Feel free to change spreads around and experiment, nothing is carved in stone! That's what is so great about Tarot and about this forum, we are all free to do what we feel works best for us and then share it with others!

purplelady, that's really cool! Don't you love it when it all comes together like a plan? I know I do, and I love it when I'm right! LOL

I don't do a "what's going on?" type of spread that often. I do one about every 6 months or so. I wish I could remember the spread I use. It's a calendar spread someone posted here a very long time ago. If I find it I'll drag it back up to the surface for you all!

Rhiannon :)