An article online about Magic Prague - may be interesting?


I'm not going to post on The Star quite yet as I'm not sure we're really finished on the Ten of Pentacles (well, not that it matters really, but I don't want to jump ahead). I'll post tomorrow though.

Meantime, I hope it's okay to now publicise this (I THINK the newsletter is now public). It's an article in the forthcoming Australian Tarot Association newsletter - a bit of a ramble from me about Prague and magic with lots of illustrations. It's a nice starting point to just touch on some of the incredible things to be found in and around Prague - although of course it hardly scratches the surface. It's here. I hope it's enjoyable:


Baba-Prague, that is a wonderful article, so well written. And the illustrations -- what beauty surrounds you daily! The photograph of the alchemist's laboratory gives me goosebumps. I only had a chance to scan-read the article because I'm on my way out the door, but I've bookmarked it to go back to and savor later today. Thank you!



What an amazing article! Thanks for putting it up, the whole article gave me goose bumps. I am still looking forward to visiting Prague. Last year it nearly happened, this year - who knows?

I can see why life is so exciting with so much to explore around you and so many projects going on.



Such a wonderful article in many ways. I believe that what you and Alex touch turns to gold.

Any hope of seeing Zdenek Mezl’s work on Tarot?


Umbrae said:
Such a wonderful article in many ways. I believe that what you and Alex touch turns to gold.

Any hope of seeing Zdenek Mezl’s work on Tarot?

Thanks Umbrae - although I would settle for being able to turn zinc to plant material right now - sounds quite cool to me!

I WISH we could persuade Mezl. The slightly odd thing is that his ex-wife (a sculptor herself) has - purely by coincidence - bought our cards and book this year. She works nearby and apparently likes our work - and we like her. However, she says that even if she tries persuasion it may not do much good. Alex and I both think that Mezl's work would make an incredible deck - but he is very worried not about us (I think we got on fine) but about the implications for copyright, as we would be remaking the images. As he says, we would be using his entire life's output so he needs to know that copyright would not be compromised. I KNOW that it's easy to solve this one, but less easy to persuade him of this - and we have hardly tried to be honest as he is elderly and not well and it doesn't seem fair to put pressure on. We'll need to leave this one in the hands of fate - and ex-wives!


I've been looking up things mentioned in this thread

and the article...because everything seems to reflect a world of metaphor that says Prague for these artists is where a twain has met and crossed-over, artwise.

Starting from the image link that shows a bird-headed devilish figure--that looks like Asian tengu (the long nose) or Bali-style dance the mention of the lions in the Charles Bridge that show the irony that is also in some Italian saint iconography--the instrument of their earthly destruction became part of the metaphoric figure's symbolism (The Wheel to St. Catherine; Tower to Saint Barbara).

In appreciation of the gentleman mentioned, Mr. Mezl's iconography shows the same richness:

Yes, I could see a wonderful idea is a small tarot tribute to his beautiful legacy, in keeping with the spirit of such richness...if he could see one or two
visual samples--perhaps it would speak to him.

My grandmothers in their 90s two years ago came alive when they saw Asian symbols to the cards that I was showing them--which was a French Grimaud I-Ching with Chinese-style paintings and writing. (They were Japanese, so they knew it was Chinese writing, but it also mimicked the higher style of calligraphy from their younger schooling).

I'm certain there are so many crossroads for your combined artistic ventures, that you two are tremendously busy! I enjoyed the stories and ideas expressed in this thread. Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

I like the story of discovery in the article, as well.

When someone can see a world coming alive in celebration because of a sports game or because that someone decided to come live in it's microcosm--it sounds like a joyful choice remembered that is 'so right'. I hope the magical realism continues...




Dear Cerulean,

Thank-you so much for that - and the link is an excellent idea. I need to go and think about some of the parallels and links you have made, they add a lot.

You know, when we first visited Mezl we took Tarot of Prague and we all began smiling because as we went through his work and he went through ours, we found we'd used many of the same symbols from the public places of the city. When it comes to very famous icons or pieces of art - such as some of the statues on Charles Bridge - this isn't surprising. But what did mutually delight us was that we'd also independently BOTH used some much less well-known and obvious pieces. It was lovely to be able to say "I know where you found that" - us to him, and him to us.

You gather that we like and admire Mezl tremendously. I think this deck will happen, but right now I don't see how or when.

Meantime we are working with another very talented Czech illustrator, Irena Triskova (excuse lack of Czech accents over the letters). She draws fairy tales in that rather distinctive Central European style - which personally I find beautiful. However, it's quite a different thing from Mezl.

There seems to be a lot to do - that should be done - right now. But that's good!