An Essay on Tarot's Flemish Origin by Roppo


Well...what shall I say ?
At least, "kenji, I'll get you for this!"

The article is not well organized and still needs revision. What I want to say is that the angelic correspondence with the virtues started circa 12th century and the wings of TdM Temperance is not a cardmakers' error.

And re my "gravitically correct Hanged Man"...... okay, laugh!


"Please! Please forgive me, Master...oh no, don't...!! ...
(WHIP) Ouch!!! ... (WHIP) Ooh!!!! ... "

Jokes aside, it seems I gave this thread a bit too "catchty"
& unsuitable title...
Please accept my apology.
Well, I feel as if I were the talkative raven punished by Apollo.


Wonderful finding, roppo! Something to think about thoroughly. And, indeed, your finding might have much more implications than the non-error thesis you gave on this...




Interesting study.
I aree with the idea of Mickael as Justice in the Apocalyptic Christian Gospel.
Justice and Judment being one after the other in Sermones cum aliis...