An informal poll....


I am curious as to whether there is any preference for cards that have the meanings already on them. I have 3 decks, and 2 of them have meanings. I think it's kind of distracting. Anybody else?


I agree. I think keywords are very limiting.

The only deck I have with keywords on it is the Napo Tarot, but I love the artwork so I put up with the writing.


I'm with you both. I don't like to have key words on the cards. I tend to focus on the word and not the card. So I seem to miss out on some of the different meanings that come through with my other decks.


I dont like key words either. I have seen a few that get me thinking of new ways to interpret the card but then in readings i just find myself bending the card to fit the word at the bottom rather than concentrating on the picture and letting it speak to me.



I don't mind them at all! Go figure!!!


Hi all,

Being fairly new...(a year or so into my studies)..I find key words helpful at times..lately..I kind of ignore them unless they help me get my point a cross to the person I am reading for..



well since I only have two decks, I don?t speak from a whole lot of experience here - however the shapeshifter has a title to each card which I find very useful when tuning in on the meaning.
just my 2-krone :)


I do not like key words either.

I put this subject up for discussion in my tarot circle and most of the newbies thought them pretty helpful.


A keyword can be confusing if something on the card just sticks out at you and that meaning is in opposition to the keyword. For instance, I did a reading to determine whether I should report a minor crime against me to the police. In the spread I drew the 2 of Cups in the Final Outcome position. (I use the Robin Wood Tarot almost exclusively.) Instead of the usual meaning of this card, the figure above the couple looked to me just exactly like a police badge, and I saw a woman giving something to a man. It's never appeared to be that before or since. A keyword would have just confused what the card was telling me.


Personally, I don't really care if it's there or not. It's easy to ignore the keywords if you don't wanna see them.