An interesting perception of Spirit Guides...


I find this very interesting because I went through a dark period in my life where I started to shut out everyone on the outside and turned inward searching for answers. And it was from this that I started on my spiritual path. (as I call it anyway)

I know exactly what you mean.

My first guide came 'forward' when I was just aged 13 - but I was being horrifically bullied to the extent I was simply too scared to leave the house, it even resulted in a suicide attempt and the beginnings of my depression, and it's something that most people would feel uncomfortable to talk about - where as I try to use it as a somewhat message, I'm incredibly passionate about bullying as you can guess.

Anyway, that was when my first guide came forward - Lucy, a girl only a few years younger than me at the time. It began as automatic writing, me kind of indulging in this ludicrous idea that I could be contacting a 'ghost' (at this age I had no knowledge of the psychic background in my family - it had always been kept a secret from me - nor had I even heard of the concept of spirit guides), kind of something to do to pass the time and loneliness. She was, in every meaning of the word - an imaginary friend. My mother found the pages and pages of writing where I had been speaking to Lucy about everything under the sun; school, family, even 'the meaning of life' and 'what happens after death'. I was a very curious child at this age - haha. There were a few pages where Lucy had told me she guarded the 'gateway' that disconnects myself from other spirits and she controlled who I did and didn't speak to for my own benefit - that I had to ask her to bring a certain spirit forward and then speak with them first, being very clear to say hello and goodbye to open and close the connection. At one point I spoke to my 'great grandfather', which was the page my mother found and got angry about - she ripped up all the pages and forbid me to ever do such a thing again (which is understandable, I know that all of this frightens her even still).

But I didn't stop - I just learnt to be sneaky about it. Whenever I had asked Lucy who she was exactly, her reply had always been 'I am you'. So, going with that knowledge, I decided that if she's 'me' in some ridiculous kind of logic I couldn't even understand... I could communicate with her internally instead of externally - which is precisely what I did, it became an almost telepathic connection where I could ask questions and still know her reply.

Aside from everything, you could still look back and say it was a young girl's desperation for a close friend through a hard time that made me 'imagine' Lucy up. Except for the fact that through Lucy, I could find out things prior to them actually happening. The best example I can think of is one time at school, internally/telepathically she told me that my cat had just been put down and to prepare for when I got home from school... my cat wasn't even ill, so there would be no reason to think this. But, of course, she was right.

Plus, only last year I went for a psychic reading to kill some time - and the woman picked up on Lucy, described her exactly as I had always imagined her and even got her name right. That is what made me look back and realise that, of course, Lucy had to be a spirit guide. Unfortunately I lost the intimate connection I had with her years ago, when it all began to frighten me and I shut it all out - but I still feel her around from time to time.

BUT - aside from that biography ;), the point I'm trying to make is that before I even knew of spirit guides - she would always tell me that she WAS 'me', and when I accepted this fact, I learnt how to speak to her internally instead of using the external output of a pen and paper.

One way of looking at it is this: inside your head there is a football stadium PACKED full of people. When you're positioned outside of it, all you can make out is a chorus of cheering and noise - picking out individual voices just doesn't prove easy. However, when you venture inside, take a seat and relax - you'll find 'hearing' is easier. Yes there's still the chorus of noise around you, but you can now pick out the individual voices directly surrounding you without having to strain too hard.

I just think that everything in this department is so much easier if we accept the majority of it takes place within us, because when we're searching for external signs we're on the outside looking in. My personal thoughts. :)



the point I'm trying to make is that before I even knew of spirit guides - she would always tell me that she WAS 'me'-Amy

I'm not trying to dispute anything you've written but I can't help but wonder if Lucy told you this (above) so as not to frighten you. My understanding of guides is that they won't come forward unless we specifically ask them to. In this case there was a real need to step forward.

Which now has me wondering if they will present themselves as being internal or external or anything else (if that's possible)....... in whatever way we see them..... in order for us to accept them.