an upside down minstrel ...


I need to know what does, or is there a card that is in a Tarot deck that depicts an upside down minstrel(muscian) with a guitar on his knee and one leg crosed over the other?
I have a painting over my bed that is this, but the muscian is upright.
I woke up this morning and apparently I had taken the painting off the wall during the night, in my sleep and had put it beside the bed, but upside down.

Later on I remembered that I had seen something like this during a Tarot reeding.

Could you please give me some interpretation.

Thank You.


It seems like you turned your musician into the hanged man. This could denote being submerged in subconscious dream states which I assume you were in when you turned it. You were basically re-arranging the picture to reflect your current state of consciousness. I cannot recall any tarot deck with a musician as hanged man, though. But if you are a musician that reinforces it being a reflection of you.


What Does the Hang Man mean in the Tarot deck?


Hi There!

Well, as for the meaning, IMHO, I take it to mean that maybe it is time for you to look at things from a different angle. Is there something in your life that you are being extremely stubborn about no matter what anyone else says to try and change your position? An arguement with someone you care about maybe? Think about it. If not, maybe you are feeling that your life is in a rut. Maybe it is time to shake things up a little bit. Granted, I am not the end all be all authority on Tarot, but when I get this card, these are the things I look for, and usually find, in my own life.

I have never seen a deck with the hanged man as a musician, but maybe it was the positioning of the musician that was important. (One leg crossed over the other) BTW, do you recall if you were dreaming and what your dream was about? There could be some clues there as well.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


it does sound like the hanged man dont know about the guitar though...

maybe you are trying to over-control things in your life, let the universe take over for a while, go with the flow so to speak


A musician with a guitar, hmm. Now if it was a flute, then I would have some ideas ;D


PS - brain storm - if the person designing the hanged man sees this, how about a picture based on Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull (rock group). In the 70s he usually wore tights and codpiece and stood with one foot resting on his knee. Just turn that upside down, and there's your hanged man!