Ancestral Trauma Healing


Hello folks,

So I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for this: earlier in the year it was revealed that about 18 or 19 generations back, on my mother's side, there was an event that caused ancestral trauma, and that is the extent of the knowledge I currently have available.

Does anyone have a spread that could help to either discover more information about the event or help figure out the means of healing the trauma, or both?

Much appreciated!


Oh, that sounds like something I could use, too. And I bet many others would be interested in something like that since probably most families have got some traumatic stuff if you go back far enough in history.
Why don't you try posting in THIS thread? Meanwhile, I'll go and see if we have anything useful in our Tarot Spreads Index for this purpose.


Thanks for referencing the make a spread thread, I'll put the idea out there.

I tried searching the index, but I didn't see anything that quite fit the need; granted, I didn't go through every single link.

Did you have any luck?


here is one that mightwork. it was designed by Barleywine and is post #55 here:

You may want to add a few specific questions - re-doing the spread--but this one looks pretty good for a start anyway. However, I guess there is no way to tell that you'd meet up with the problematic ancestor(s). *shrugs*

Then, here is a whole list of spreads to speak w/ancestors/the dead--maybe one of these would help?

and another list of spreads--maybe if you checked out ones on karma?